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  1. PaTi6op

    In Progress Grown up lords without armor

    This is not really a mistake, most likely just a flaw. I just wanted to highlight this problem. The thing is that some of the new matured lords appear in ordinary clothes, without armor and often even without weapons. Therefore, they become easy targets for anyone else. If you play with deaths...
  2. PaTi6op

    Need More Info Bug when looting an enemy village

    When raiding a village, after about a few seconds, a message appears that our faction is signing a peace treaty and the looting stops, but in fact there was no peace. You have to make a "raid" again and again catch this message and until the village is completely exhausted.
  3. PaTi6op

    Endless Wars in 1.5.7 How to make a faction make peace with everyone?

    Tell me, is there any trick that will help you avoid endless wars in 1.5.7.? I play the role of a vassal, without executions, without recruiting lords for Sturgia, only with factional troops. Honestly, I'm already tired of fighting everyone. If at first there was only one war, now there are as...
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