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  1. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    Noobs Cavalry Race 2
  2. Doctor_Noob

    Server Locations in North and South America

    The North American server is on the East Coast i'm pretty sure can you please move to the midwest ? so us people on the West Coast can have 70ish ping. We also need servers in Brazil atm the South Americans have no servers they can play on when they deserve servers all they need is like a...
  3. Doctor_Noob

    Resolved Warband syncs for about 5 seconds and stops

    Problem: I can't start the game (Warband). When pressing play it syncs for 5 seconds then stops and nothing happens during that time. Things I've tried: - Checking file integrity - Reinstalling - Turning off antivirus and reinstalling - Restarting Steam/Computer - Launching Steam as admin...
  4. Doctor_Noob

    Need More Info Massive frames drop and other problems with the 1.3 update

    OK Problems for the multiplayer 1.3 update Massive FPS problems, I did't see my fps go from 120(what I have it set to as max) to 40 about seconds and seeing it raise and and drop rapidly. New V Senc option for capping your FPS in menus and loading screens, (atleast for me and some of my friends)...
  5. Doctor_Noob

    Horses not stopping

    Something should stop horses in multiplayer other than them running into a wall, if I stab a horse with a spear it does 150 damage and the horse just keeps on moving I think that horses should slow down if they get stabbed for a certain amount of damage, and if they do please lower it because at...
  6. Doctor_Noob


    The multiplayer combat is boring because it just becomes a shield battle, you can't get to there sides and you can't stun them, Kicking and Shield Bashing are useless I get shield bashed I have more then enough time to recover from the stun and to block the opponents attack, I haven't been...
  7. Doctor_Noob

    Need More Info Still getting those frames drops

    I posted about this in the beta fourm But specs 1070ti 16gb of ram I7 8th gen I have the settings on low, most things turned off, I check everyone has told me to, i'm still experincing really bad fps drops in mutipalyer
  8. Doctor_Noob

    A list of things they need to add to mutiplayer

    Hi this is a list of things to add to multiplayer, if you want to add to this list please, make a suggestion in the comments and your reasoning for why it should be added, well here is the list, 1. Custom Names for multiplayer more towards how the warband system was where you could have custom...
  9. Doctor_Noob

    Bannerlord gamemode ideas

    we should throw some ideas for bannerlord rps in here or events
  10. Doctor_Noob

    Mutiplayer servers and why taleworlds is ****ing us over

    I been playing this game since 2016, alot of you been playing longer, but in my years the servers never been this ****ed, even when the game had a **** ton more people playing multiplayer not this many problems, I heard from some people I think that taleworlds downgraded the servers, why...
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