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  1. HEAX

    Resolved after 09/04 update, black screen instead of main menu

    Summary:Can see the mouse cursor, can hear the main menu music, but its a black screen and when ı move my mouse nothing to click How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: nvidia Geforce 610M...
  2. HEAX

    Why nobles have high skill point in every weapon category?

    really why? ****ing bastards beating me in any region's arena.
  3. HEAX

    We think co-op campaign for bannerlord is possible. and should be made

    fell for the fake rumors, me and my cousin were so excited when we heard "co-op in bannerlord" thing. we've been playing mount&blade games since almost from the releases. we got really sad n disappointed bcoz of the fake rumors. but , since from the bannerlord release and 'till now ı've been...
  4. HEAX

    Need More Info Delay and Freeze when opening Menus (ınventory,clan etc.)

    Summary: delaying and freezes when opening menus (ınventory,clan etc.) How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Geforce 610M 2GB GPU Driver Version: Latest- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M 2.60GHz - 2 cores, 4 logical processors...
  5. HEAX

    Need More Info e1.5.9 Mem-leak causing bad performance and small freezes every second

    Summary: the mem-leak issue which I discovered and reported at e1.5.6 . havent solved, and issue still occurs in e1.5.9 version How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Geforce 610M GPU Driver Version: Latest- CPU: Intel(R)...
  6. HEAX

    Resolved losing influence after fighting against conspirator's caravan

    After I destroyed the conspirators caravan I realized my influence dropped from 194 to -88. I am sure it is because of conspirators. I have both screenshots and save files before I fight with them, and after destroying them. also I fight with that nightmare army and I couldnt even take them as...
  7. HEAX

    In Progress very low performance and So many small freezes

    this wasnt a thing when I play 1.5.5 . in 1.5.6 game freezes every a few seconds. and whether I lowering the resolution and graphic fps is still very low Specs: Windows 10 Geforce 610M 2GB İntel core i5-3230 2 cores 4 logical processors 8GB ram HDD
  8. HEAX

    In Progress Enemy faction keep giving you money for peace

    this thing going on since bannerlord released, I played e1.5.4 and saw it kinda balanced/fixed. but in e1.5.5 this happens: ( FTR my clan is 2 tier and I have no fiefs)
  9. HEAX

    Earnings Nerfed too hard?

    Back then, I remember almost every patch the workshop,caravan or settlement earnings was nerfed,it was necessary. Im currently playing 1.5.4 beta. and this nerfs gone too far, I cant properly make money without fighting with a faction. I literally had to siege 1 city then 2 castles just for...
  10. HEAX

    Troop name change's

    Why, Just why change the Troop names like Sturgian Shock Troop,Ulfhednar,berserker or Veteran Warrior, it is just nonsense and unnecessary much as my obsession with theese names..
  11. HEAX

    Resolved Crash during Battle loading screen

  12. HEAX

    Help me:Suggest me a version

    the current last version is e1.5.3.245057, which game freezes and crashes everytime.I was able to play older versions with no problem is now I need to know a version to play which doesnt have broken AI or ridiculous bugs like looter armies in mid or late game.Please tell me a good...
  13. HEAX

    Need More Info Crashes and Freezes

    There used to be less crashes since bannerlord released, I cant play the game even for a minute it usually crashes during battle loading screens, it didnt gave me any detail that I can share about. plus now there is freezes occurs after the battle or a random timing, ( game freezes for a few...
  14. HEAX

    Resolved GPU based crash

    told this issue before: this time game lets me play a bit;this time doesnt crashs instantly (like while game's opening) but sometimes when I enter a dialog:someone catches me or I go to talk them(bandits or lords havent tried on gang...
  15. HEAX

    Resolved Crash

    I played bannerlord 370 since it reelased on steam. I had to reset my computer (for suspecting harmfull softwares). I downloaded bannerlord again but it always gives this error and crashes: ERROR[d3d_device_context_-> Map at rglGPU_device::lock_lock_textureFailed!The GPU device instance has...
  16. HEAX

    Bannerlord çökme sorunu

    oyunu düşük çözünürlükde akıcı bir şekilde oynayabiliyorum.200 kişilik savaşlardada hiçbir sıkıntı yok.ama nasılsa 15 çapulcu yada 10 kişilik paralı asker grubuna saldırmaya çalışsam yükleme ekranında oyun çöküyor?normalde tam tersi olmasını beklerdim. Çözüm önerisi olan varmı?
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