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  1. fede.caprari

    OSP Musket Era 3D Art British Royal Navy Admiral uniform

    Hello again!  :D Remember Commodore Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean?  well, here's my 3d version: In my Steam caps you have more screenshots: Hope you like it, and constructive criticism is always...
  2. fede.caprari

    OSP Musket Era 3D Art French Revolutionary Soldier Re-worked (updated)

    (UPDATED) Hello bredas, after I got some time I decided to improve my french revolutionary soldier uniform, here you go!  :mrgreen: The sword is not included I gave default shaders to the materials, if it doesn't look good just change it :) Screenshots [/spoiler] Based in...
  3. fede.caprari

    OSP Musket Era 3D Art French Revolutionary Soldier Uniform

    Hey guys! See this pic? Do you want to play AC Unity but you dont have a GTX 680 like me? Well, at least you will be able to see french revolutionary soldiers in warband! *Screenshots* [/spoiler]...
  4. fede.caprari

    LSP Modern 3D Art Soviet Officer Uniform

    Hey guys, do you know the Metro Last Light cinematic trailer? Well, I've done the Soviet Officer Uniform!  :mrgreen: Check out some screenshots: (yes, the boots are from NW, but they're included) Moderation: This is a Limited Source Pack due to the boots being from NW, and therefore...
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