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  1. Dejan

    Captain Cliffs of Akkalat

    Please leave all map-related feedback for Cliffs of Akkalat in this thread.
  2. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Main e1.5.9 Latest Changes: Singleplayer Crashes Fixed a crash that occurred due to following parties with no members after defeating an army. Previous Beta Hotfixes: 06/04/21 Singleplayer Fixes Fixed Sturgian speed bonus while on snow getting calculated incorrectly. Fixed a save-load...
  3. Dejan

    Scene Design Contest Pack

    Scene Design Contest Pack Greetings modders! In this thread you will be able to find all the submissions from the scene design contest. They are all open source, you can find more details about the license here. BeefBacon Craglowe Yurek Meteora_Terra Methking Kingstranding...
  4. Dejan

    Siege Domogtul Castle

    Please leave all map-related feedback for Domogtul Castle in this thread.
  5. Dejan

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    Please leave all map-related feedback for Ayzar Stronghold in this thread.
  6. Dejan

    Forum Upgrade 21/01/2021

    Greetings forumites! We've updated the XenForo forum software to the latest 2.2 version. What does this change bring? Here's a quick rundown. Username changes will from now on require approval. The text editor has received an overhaul alongside its preview feature. The update brings along new...
  7. Dejan

    Patch Notes e.1.5.5

    Main e1.5.5 Latest Changes: Xauna, Nord Town and Castle of fen Altai multiplayer scenes have been changed to their winter versions. Fixed a bug that caused the “Art of the Trade” quest dialogue to override other quests’ dialogue. Fixed a bug that caused eliminated clans to retain settlement...
  8. Dejan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Beta e1.5.6 Singleplayer Crashes Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on a militia or caravan's portrait in the settlement overlay menu. Fixed a crash that occurred while unlocking perks. Fixed a crash that occurred when the main hero spoke with a disbanding party. Fixed a crash that...
  9. Dejan

    Code of Conduct

    Behaviour Guidelines Our community is composed of players from all around the world, with different backgrounds, living in different environments. If we wish to play the game in a manner that is fun and not toxic to yourself or the fellow players around you, we all have to contribute our part...
  10. Dejan

    Scene Design Contest

    Theme: Singleplayer Village Scenes Contest Information Theme: Singleplayer Village Scenes Module: Native with no modifications Submission End Date: 26th February 2021, 23:59 UTC+3 Rules You may only submit your work during the submission time period specified above. You may only submit your...
  11. Dejan

    Terms and Conditions for the Creation of Mods and the Licensing of Mod Tools

    Hello, modders! By downloading and using our official modding tools, you also agree to follow our terms and conditions for the creation of mods and the licensing of mod tools that shows up upon choosing to download them. The statement can also be found here...
  12. Dejan

    This Board is for Suggestions & Discussions

    Hello, modders! We've established this board so that we can interact with you if you have any suggestions in regards to our official modding tools. Feel free to use it for discussion around modding tools as well. If you have questions on how to use the mod tools then please head over to the...
  13. Dejan

    Official Modding Tools

    Greetings modders! Currently, you will need to own the game on Steam in order to access the tools. To download them, you should head to your Library page and select TOOLS from the list filter. You can then search for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Modding Kit and proceed to download the tools...
  14. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.2

    Main e1.5.2 Latest Changes: Fixed an issue with death cam in battles. Previous Beta Hotfixes: 25/09/20 Fixed a problem with animation sampling. Fixed a bug that caused the player to get captured, lose all troops and companions despite a successful battle. Both player and the bandit camp boss...
  15. Dejan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    Beta e1.5.3 Singleplayer Crashes Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a smithy in any town. Fixed a crash that occurred in the inventory while moving items with the drag function. Fixed a crash that occurred when players conquered one of the Scout Enemy Garrison Quest Settlements while...
  16. Dejan

    Get more involved!

    Greetings folks! Our forum exists for a number of reasons but we all share this platform and have built a sizable community on it over the years with new members joining us each and every day. We appreciate everyone that come to our forums, observe and participate in the discussions, provide...
  17. Dejan

    Official Modding Documentation

    Hello everyone! We're excited to be releasing the modding documentation alongside our in-house modding tools. Official M&B II: Bannerlord Modding Documentation We've added our official modding documentation to GitHub where anyone can contribute to it. We accept different contributions...
  18. Dejan

    Calendar Entry Requests

    Greetings folks! We're well aware that various events and tournaments contribute a great deal to our community. They've been embedded into the multiplayer side of our games since the start. We've implemented a calendar to our forums which gives further exposure to all kinds of community events...
  19. Dejan

    New rank images!

    Greetings community! We've updated and refreshed our existing rank images that have brilliantly served our community over the past years. I would like to once again extend our gratitude to the original creator, our Weaponsmith @Eogan and everyone else that contributed to the creation process...
  20. Dejan

    Where To Post Modding Questions & Mod Requests & Ideas

    This board is designed to host modding documentation, tutorials, tools, resources, code and kits. If you have a modding question, post it in the Modding Q&A board. If you have a mod request or a mod idea post it in the Hub.
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