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  1. aG3NTo

    Resolved 1.5.6 Rebel Factions cannot be convinced to join player kingdom

    Right what the caption says. You cannot "convince" Rebel Factions to join your Kingdom. They all consider themselves Rulers of their own Kingdom, with Tittles like "Emperor" etc. Its funny BUT other Kingdoms can talk them into joining their respective Kingdom. Maybe it is not intended, but it...
  2. aG3NTo

    Resolved Beta 1.5.5 Faction Leader grants you all fiefs that have been conquered

    So i recently noticed, that the faction leader Unqid gives me just all fiefs, unless another clan has 0 fiefs. The mechanic used to be different, it was balanced out, or i had to use a lot of influence to get the Leader (that does not even like me very much with -10 relation) to grant me another...
  3. aG3NTo

    Resolved Beta 1.5.5 Cannot take fiefs with you when you tell a lord to release you of your duty

    I do not know in which recent patch this got changed or if it is a bug. You have no longer the option if you are a vassal of a kingdom and ask your faction leader to be released from your duty, to take either the fiefs with you (and start a war immediatly and piss them off) or to just revoke...
  4. aG3NTo

    Resolved Beta 1.5.5 Age and Birth are disabled by default applies to old Savegames

    Since the new Beta i tried to open an old save and experiment around. The save has more than 3000 days played. Now marriages start with NPCs, but now no new kids are being born, and worse: My own kids who are underage are stuck at 17. So my main character will not age, my kids wont grow and i...
  5. aG3NTo

    Resolved When the last living Lord of a Clan dies and he is in your Kingdom others will still want to give him fiefs

    Beta branch 1.5.2 Im at 3800 days, Lords have died and Clans died out, but my others Clans Lord want to give the Lord that has recently died still fiefs. I will provide as savegame.
  6. aG3NTo

    When my smith reached 275 skillpoints in smithing the perk transforms into "Siege Expert" and is no longer legendary smith for ALL my characters

    1.51 When my smith reached 275 skillpoints in smithing the perk transforms into "Siege Expert" and is no longer legendary smith for ALL my characters I will upload a save file where it happens.
  7. aG3NTo

    Resolved When one of your companions dies of natural causes and had a role in your party, the role cannot be assigned any more

    Version 1.5.1 Beta When one of your companions dies of natural causes and had a role in your party, the role cannot be assigned any more Same applies when you kick the companion out of the party. However you can rehire and then re assign, this does not work (obviously) when he dies of natural...
  8. aG3NTo

    Version 1.5.0 Notables die of natural causes at age 50+ but dont have a replacement

    With the implementation of dying of old mechanics now all my notables in the villages and cities die of old age, but dont get a replacement. They just despawn somehow after a while. Maybe some random villager should then replace the old guy with a fresh power level or something.... Also...
  9. aG3NTo

    Version 1.5.0 New Prosperity modifier unsolved issues on villages / towns break the prosperity mechanic

    In version 1.5.0 the new prosperity mechanics apply a negative modifier if there are unsolved issues in the villages or in the town, however, as only the player resolves these issues, every other town or village that the player does neglect, will soon have a prosperity of 0. That should not be...
  10. aG3NTo

    Resolved Version 1.5.0 Savegames are all reset ingame to Native/oldsavename and date from 01/01/01 00:00

    Version 1.5.0 all older savegames are renamed to Native/myname and put on the same date: 01/01/01 00:00 hot hot fix needed pls. otherwise great stuff!
  11. aG3NTo

    Khuzait Mounted Cavalry got wrong bows (at least in the encyclopedia loadout screen)

    Version 1.4.3 Beta Khuzait Keshig (Tier 5 unit 66 pierce dmg) and Khans Guard (62 pierce dmg tier 6 unit) Bows are probably switched up, at least in the encyclopedia. Aswell and more importantly the Tier 3 Khuzait Raider ( 66 pierce) has a better Bow than the Tier 4 Khuzait Horse Archer. (62...
  12. aG3NTo

    Resolved Cannot sell workshops 1.4.3 Beta - No eligible buyer found

    Like the title says, i have 3 workshops in 1.4.3 Beta, in my third playthrough. Also i loaded some older saves from older patches to see if it is something that got changed or is reliable on something. It seems when you load up an old save, you can sell the workshops like you used to be. Then...
  13. aG3NTo

    Patch Notes are not released with the news beta Game Download on steam

    Hi there i am not sure where to address this. I am super interested in the patch notes every time i see a download in Bannerlord, i will usually download the patch immediatly to contribute to testing everything. (I copy my current saves and start them in the new beta) HOWEVER: Every time you...
  14. aG3NTo

    Extending the Army Cohesion costs now more than 10 influence

    In my Savegame that i brought over from 1.40 my Army now sucks up more influence than i can ever produce, i have +33 influence a day and having 20 lords in my huge army costs about -21 cohesion a day. To raise the cohesion for 10 i now need 50+ influence and not 10 influence anymore. I had over...
  15. aG3NTo

    Need More Info Artisan Community Trade Skill Perk not working in new Beta Branch 1.41

    I created a new game to try out a neutral Playstyle, grinded Trade all the level up to 125 to get the daily renown perk for having workshops. Currently i own 3 workshops that produce profits, also have sold and bought a new one, i do not get any daily renown. Kind of wasted like 8 hours of...
  16. aG3NTo

    Resolved Wall section in Nevyansk Castle visually bugged

    Issue: In the Nevyansk Castle when you enter via Ladder on the left, then follow the Gangway towards the Main Gate you will see a walkable Roof, and when you go on the roof and look into the right corner, you can sometimes see an empty space and sometimes a wall, depending on which line of...
  17. aG3NTo

    Resolved Having more than 18 Lords in your Army breaks the UI and you cannot select the 19th Lord in army Menu

    How to reproduce: Lead an army and invite over 18 lords, this will make the UI go nuts.You cannot select the 19th lord to talk to him or dismiss him. The GUI of the Army Menu also breaks and is too small for the 19th lord. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Map UI Media (Screenshots &...
  18. aG3NTo

    Resolved Children which are over 18 are putting themselves automatically as Governor in fiefs (cannot override)

    Summary: It is the day 2371 , i have 9 children and they are grown up. The issue i want to report is, that whatever i do, i cannot set proper governors for my fiefs, because my children that i leave in towns will always put themselves as governor of a fief. I can adjust this in the Clan menu...
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