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  1. stefan_andrei_28

    In Progress Ultimate leader perk I & II not functioning after creating a kigdom

    The 'Ultimate Leader II' perk bonus to party size limit dissapears after creating a kingdom and receiving the bonus to party size limit from being 'Faction Leader'. Also the 'Ultimate Leader I' perk bonus to how many partie your clan can have on the map disappears as well. I assume this bug can...
  2. stefan_andrei_28

    Need More Info Can't create my own kingdowm

    I can't continue the main quest and create my own kingdom after assembling the dragon banner. I wanted to create a non imperrial kingdom and I bought the town Revyl, using the perk 'Everything has a price',to serve as the starting kingdom settlement. But now if I go talk Arzagos to talk to try...
  3. stefan_andrei_28

    Resolved Lord's Hall minigame glitch

    When you ask people in the Lord's Hall to play a minigame with you, the pieces on your side of the table are not shown. It's not like your pieces are invisible, they are not there. Therefore you can't play in lord's hall.
  4. stefan_andrei_28

    In Progress NPC Glitching Through Throne

    I went to my town keep and inside my wife, from my party, was sitting in the throne. Problem is that she is sitting in a position that is lower then the throane height and therefore she glitches through the throne. Here is a screeshot:
  5. stefan_andrei_28

    Resolved Floting torches in dungeon in Revyl

    In Revyl, in the lowest part of the dungeon, I've found a missing wall with 2 toches and a broom floating in tin air with no regards to gravity rules. The textures for the door's pillars and upper sill are also missing. Here is a screenshot:
  6. stefan_andrei_28

    Shield Size display on UI

    Greeting! I want to ask developers to add to the UI a feature showing the size of shields, how large they are vertically and horizontally, just like it was in warband. Thank you, have a nice day. :smile:
  7. stefan_andrei_28

    Companions attribute balancing

    Greeting developers! In my travels in Calradia, I've found companions with skills over 100 but low governing attribute for that specific skill. I would like to see companions that have over 100 skills to have at least 3 or 4 in the attribute that governs that skills. I know that companions are...
  8. stefan_andrei_28

    Add companion attributes to the encyclopedia

    Greetings Developers! I would like to suggest a new feature to be added in Bannerlord. The encyclopedia is a good way to help players to choose what companions they want to go and search for. Listing the companions best skills in the encyclopedia is avery usefull thing to have. But I myself...
  9. stefan_andrei_28

    Resolved Blacksmith Perks switch bug

    Okay so I went to the smithy and I proceded to refine some materials. I selected a character with Efficient Charcoal Maker and I refined 2 hardwoon into 3 charcoal. Then I kept that refine material selection from before and switched to a character with Efficient Iron Maker perk. Now without...
  10. stefan_andrei_28

    Resolved Crash when talking to companion in town, after defeating thugs

    I went to a town center and talked to my companion that was near me. I told him to gather all my companions and find me. Ikilled the thugs in the backstreet and then I confrunted their leader and won the fight. Now when I enter that same exact town, if I talk to the companion the game crashes...
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