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  1. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    One year later...

    Well, it's been one year since early access opened and I gave my initial impression; lets review the state as it exists now. This will largely be a subjective take as there are plenty of great objective criticisms regarding specific details that I'm not going to rehash. Since purchasing the...
  2. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    How Bannerlord could be

    I decided to modify some images to give visual representation to how certain things could be. Obviously the prices/icons and everything are just spur of the moment with little thought to exact tuning/balancing/etc. This is only for visual representation of how it 'could' be. Key features...
  3. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Resolved M&B drastically increasing fan-curve speed?

    OS: Win10 GPU: EVGA RTX 2080Ti CPU: Intel I7-6700K CPU cooling: WaterCooled Corsair H110i RAM: Corsair 16 GB in 2x8 dual channel Motherboard: Z170A Krait Gaming Installed on Intel NVMe SSD Details: This is the only game that this problem occurs in. After about 5-10 minutes of game-time in Mount...
  4. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    The M&B MP 'feel' from a veteran

    Hey everyone, just another long time M&B vet here sharing their unwanted opinions around. I wanted to share some of my perspectives regarding why I am concerned about the future of MP judging from its current state. I feel as though with this new installation, Taleworlds has forsaken some of...
  5. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    The Brazilian Jiujitsu thread. For all things jitsu

    Honestly curious how much of a following in jiujitsu this online forum has.  I'll make a roaster of practitioners in this thread if it gets popular along with their respective ranks, gi, nogi and more maybe.  For confirmation and addition to the roaster you have to have a picture with you...
  6. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Post your photoshop works.

    I guess I'll start it off with one I made of my friend and I for the lols.  (I'm on the right)
  7. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    What ever happened to greater than less than?

    I'm genuinely curious, I remember back in early beta that it used to be functional and you could make appropriate angry faces >: ( Was there any information ever released as to why they removed it, if so share because I miss the little guy.
  8. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    MB II Banner Lord suggestions

    Improved bot AI: While I'm sure this is an obvious point and has always been an ongoing concern, I'd like to see more realistic reactions.  In real war it wasn't just a "RAHHHG ATTACK BLITZKREIG!" It actually was more like pulses of aggression where you back off, then attack again and repeat. ...
  9. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    In Response to "Current Situation"

    I feel this needs a thread of it's own so more people can see the context of what I'm going to state. Lets start off with the fun topic: Balance   There is a lot of talk about the balance of warband between its classes, factions, weapons, style, animations, etc.  I'm just going to say it...
  10. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Don't bother reading.

    Removed for my own reasons.
  11. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Zomgz ughz 2hz tooz [email protected]!

    Are the 2 handed weapons faster than 1 handed weapons?  Plain and simply... No.  What I know about math is that the further an arc is away from a pivot point, the faster the arc speed will become.  The pivot point being your hands, and the arc point being the tip of a weapon.  Thus stating that...
  12. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Jesse's misc. Practice Mod server v.02.

    I will be making 2 mods for my server, both of them will require you to download. Practice mod v.02: -  Not done yet. Changes: Made for MB version .720, map changes, item changes, bug fixes. Practice mod v.01: - Changes: Made for MB version .711...
  13. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    [Traveling bug]

    While auto traveling to sargoth you get stuck on a map hill
  14. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Events that have happened over the past 100 years and 2012 talk

    Events that have happened over the past 100 years and 2012 talk.
  15. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Major changes idea.

    This is related to Styo's post about previous versions of warband being better than newer ones.  This is a rather long post so either read it all or don't read it at all, don't read half of it because you read something you don't like and want to flame me.  What I propose changes almost every...
  16. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Good Midieval Movies?

    Everyone knows about Brave heart, troy, lord of the rings, and 300, any others that are good you guys know about? Any show that involves sword fighting etc.  :roll:
  17. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    New question from yours truely

    I need to make the factions of Olo, nK, and Hobos be allies (not at war with eachother and never will be) and the factions of Caps lock hobodemon and bolo allied to eachother. How would I do this?
  18. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    I am in a bit of a conundrum

    I am in a bit of a conundrum... I am too poor to buy photoshop which has a .dds converter pack There is no .dds conversion with GIMP The DDS converter does not work with windows vista... Help please, I need to continue my work on the Hobo mod Archevious and I are making.
  19. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    [Bug?] Kicking

    Kicking bots doesn't push them backwords so essentially you can just keep kicking over and over till he dies in like 6 kicks.
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