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    Option to have standardized armour/equipment in tournaments?

    I was quite surprised to join a tournament and see that while weapons and shields were standardized, armour was certainly not! I was facing off in cloth armour against an Imperial Cataphract and lost. Hoping that the devs could see this and change it in the future so that tournaments will be...
  2. zoo

    POP AAR- Bhi'tan, of the Duru'que tribe.

  3. zoo

    Size of mod

    I'm just wondering how many GB this mod is since I want to see if I should download it in one drive or the other.
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    INTRODUCTION Created by Mat Berserker, Festung Breslau is currently the only WW2 mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. Though development ended in 2012, the mod is still available for use and for servers to be hosted (though the exact location of the files is unknown). The mod includes a large amount...
  5. zoo

    Just a few quick questions

    Is it possible to combine the new HUD with other mods? How does the HUD look like on a horse? Is it allowed to combine the HUD with other mods/Native?
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    Congratulations on the sub-forum!

    Mod looks nice, I'll be trying it out :D
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    Formations not working?

    So in the POP game options it says battle formations on, but when I press 1, there's only the default 3 choices instead of the extra formation choice, which you can change (ranks, shieldwall, wedge) when I get my guys to charge, the screen thing says Ranks dissassembled or something like that...
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    Patch download link is not working

    I went to go get the patch and pressed the download link but it said the owner has set this download to hidden or something like that
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    No Prisoner Management?

    Are there no prisoners in the mod? (may be historically accurate, I guess.)
  11. zoo

    New mirror for whoever wants it

    Yeah, although this mod is dead...
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    I get Error Code 60

    Whenever I try to play Warband, any module, this comes up: Audio System was not initialized correctly. Error Code: 60. I press okay, then when it gets to "loading setting data" Warband stops responding and crashes. I've managed to play fine without audio, but it's really not the same. I've...
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    Download link?

    All the d/l links for this mod aren't working for me.  :roll:
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    RIP WW2 China Battlefield

  15. zoo

    Warband not starting up at all.

  16. zoo

    [EDIT]How do I change my formation permanently?

    Cause my Cav always just make a wedge and when I do "No Formation", it says can't quick save during battle or something, please help! EDIT: I can't control my cav, those dumbasses just keep on holding even though I said to charge! This is very frustrating, I do have SVN version.
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    [QUESTION] What does SVN version change from normal version?

    Well, you read the title.
  18. zoo

    Trouble with mainline quest

    I've been playing this for a few days now, and it's great, but I'm having trouble with the so called "hole" in Shapeshte village, (might be different if you were in a different tavern) So, if someone could screenie or guide me along, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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