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  1. VersusXY

    Pop-up Prisoner Screen; Suggestion about prisoners.

    You won a 1500-1500 battle, after this battle, game gives you 4 enemy lords/ladys to capture. Enemy lords are loading, map icons and city names popping to screen (which shouldn't happen, causes the game to freeze and rises memory usage), game freezes, memory usage goes up to maximum when this...
  2. VersusXY

    Khuzait still snowballs

    Khuzaits are to OP and you guys need to embrace it. They are nomads and their fight tactics are different than empire or sturgia. They have Cavalry and Horse Archer units most which makes them OP + cultural map speed bonus + cavalry&horse archer map speed bonus. They putting all other factions to trash bin easly. But, I'm not sure about sieges tho. Khuzait should not be that OP in sieges. Like Khegits in Warband, Khergits was too op on field but not that great at siege. I think this siege/field balance can stop them doing snowballing.
  3. VersusXY

    Resolved Memory out of Space / No Looters, only Mountain Bandits

    The second problem is, i got now the second time a crash in the end of the battle and in the end of a won tournament, that shows me i am out of Memory space.
    my browser shuts down, game crashed, but not in my tabs in the task manager and still running in steam. so i have to log in to steam again and then i can start the game.
    I'm having same issue and I created 2 different topics about this here. They said they are fixing it but at 1.5.8 problem is still here.. My browser,Steam, Pc itself all of them freezes and sometimes I am force restarting pc. I checked my memory usage while playing, game uses 15.5 GB Ram and I only have 16 gb. Game kills my pc
  4. VersusXY

    Be a soldier: a new mode taleworld never has

    It's a bad idea anyway and I hope people stop liking Freelancer (:iamamoron:) and take command responsibility. This is not a FPS, go play multiplayer if you want to be a stupid bannergrunt.
    There are lot of people asking for this feature. Including myself. If you don't like it, go be a lord and take charge. Maybe I just want to be soldier. Maybe I'm bored to take charge. Why do you care?
  5. VersusXY

    In Progress Crash on taking lords as prisoners. 1.5.7

    This has happened to me since the recent update 1.5.7
    It`s exactly as VersusXY has described, when i get to the lords after a battle it appears as though i can see the map and after battle report as the lords images are being loaded, its pretty hit and miss if its going to crash, i would say its happening for me 1 in every 25 battles and in most cases it just tells me the game has run in to an error but in more severe cases my screen flashes green then black and locks up forcing me to hard reset my pc.
    It`s definitely got something to do with loading the lords.
    Found this thread while looking for solutions online and as its fairly recent i thought id leave it here, hopefully it can be looked in to.
    This short revealing map and icons and also npc himself causing memory to full. This crashes happening because of lack of memory. I checked memory usage of this game and it's using 15gb ram which I only have 16 Gb memory. So it's causing game to explode. They told they going go fix it but in new beta 1.5.8 it's still happening.
  6. VersusXY

    Resolved When an Enemy lord dies during battle, you are getting relation penalty with several clans.

    I was at battle with Aserai and their lord Tais died during the battle. I didn't kill him or I didn't execute him after battle but I got relations penalty with 4 clans, including Rhaegea's clan Pethros. (which I'm her vassal) I mean people dies in wars, it isn't my problem if he is an idiot and...
  7. VersusXY

    Resolved 1.5.7 Calradia has been at peace for years now

    Yeah the own kingdom thingy needs some serious work, right now it's not viable to start your own. When I did I was at war with the Aserai, because that's where I came from and I took my fiefs. Of course I wasn't strong enough for them, so I had to peace out paying a lot of tribute. Then I went ahead and told the dude that I formed my own kingdom, which made me someone the other kingdoms could declare war on. Which they did. Every single one of them. Had to peace out Vlandia with 5k a day because they were going to roflstomp me. When I was 100k in debt, I decided to quit. Much more viable to just ignore that quest line.
    I read several people complaining about this. This isn't a issue where just happens you talk with Argazos and build your kingdom. This happens in every situation. Build your kingdom at clan screen, talk Aragzasos or Istiana or be in a kingdom and be choosen as ruler. If you're ruling any faction whatever it is doesn't matter, they are declaring war. Game is trying to destroy player clearly. In my game, lords selected me as their ruler. To rule Vlandia. I was at war with 6 factions and I'm not playing that save game anymore. I just created a new campaign and killing bandits, making money :grin: Hours of my life is in a trash bin because of this wars.
  8. VersusXY

    Need More Info City and Castle food problem, garrisons defecting bc of it, all citys loyalty is getting lower too quick.

    At 1.5.8, Citys and castles has food problem. I take look between 10-15 citys (most of them are not mine or not belongs to kingdom I'm in) and all of those that I look have -150 -133 -200 food, militia growing like a snowball, lotaly is melting away. I didn't encounter any revolts but I have a...
  9. VersusXY

    Resolved At war against 5 factions with 0% support to make peace

    In mine, Sturgia and Battania are tiny but they burning my villages :grin: it's not cool
  10. VersusXY

    Resolved 1.5.7 Calradia has been at peace for years now

    After the latest beta branch update, nobody in my kingdom, the Khuzaits, wants to go to war. Same for every other faction. Nobody goes to war. Against every faction, even those that are only half our strength, I have 0% support to declare war. Before the latest update everything worked fine.
    Don't bored to be at peace. Because 1 year later all kingdoms will declare war to you and your kingdom will be destroyed. Your issue happened to me too. I was sitting and waiting but first, 3 factions declared war and than the others. I'm now watching my kingdom to got destroyed in a city.
  11. VersusXY

    Resolved At war against 5 factions with 0% support to make peace

    I have been informed that there will be some improvements on this issue with the upcoming versions. Sorry for inconvenience!
    It get even crazyier at 1.5.8. I was at war with 4 kingdoms at version 1.5.7 and it's now 6 kingdoms. I'm just sitting one of my city's and watching my kingdom to be destroyed.
  12. VersusXY

    Need More Info Lords trying to reinforce new conquered castle's garrison but they can't

    My lords took a castle, they are trying to put garrison in but they can't and they are keep going in/out endlessly. I will put my men to garrison to solve this issue, but it needs to be fixed. I don't know if this is a issue about a spesific castle, but castle's name is Tubilis. If this isn't a...
  13. VersusXY

    Need More Info Oyundaki savaş kazanma ve haraç hesaplamasındaki saçmalık/Spawn/Barıştan hemen sonra savaş ilan edilmesi/Tüm krallıkların aynı anda sana saldırması.

    Hocam ram dışındaki sorunları ana başlık altında paylasirsaniz orada daha görülebilir olur.
    Valla konuyu açtım o kadar yazdım aşağı not da düştüm. Yanlış yerdeyse taşınabilir. Tekrardan konu açamayacağım. Hatta isterlerse silebilirlerde amacım geliştiricilere bu sorunların iletilmesi
  14. VersusXY

    Need More Info Oyundaki savaş kazanma ve haraç hesaplamasındaki saçmalık/Spawn/Barıştan hemen sonra savaş ilan edilmesi/Tüm krallıkların aynı anda sana saldırması.

    Bunu İngilizce forum'a da konu açtım, orada kimsenin umurunda olmadı, buraya da açıyorum. Vlandiya'nın hükümdarıyım. Aserayı resmen paçavraya çevirdik. Bize üstünlük konusunda tek yakın oldukları nokta köy yağmalamak, o da yakın oldukları diyorum çünkü eşit miktarda köy yağması yapmışız. Onun...
  15. VersusXY

    In Progress Bannerlord eats my memory and game crashes because of it.

    its my issue now too. they said they are working on it but idk when this will be implemented.

    Previous versions of the game was fine, sure, there was always a problem with memory but I didn't see that much usage in my life, in any game ever.. This game's optimization is too bad unfortunately.
  16. VersusXY

    Wrong calculation of Win/Lost wars and crazy war declarations after you selected as ruler.

    I'm ruler of Vlandia, Vlandia's power is 22000 currently. I'm in war with N Empire, W Empire, Aserai, Khuzait, Battania and Sturgia. As you can see, almost all kingdoms and they all declared war to me at the exact same time (This has to be fixed, how can a kingdom even with 22000+ power make war...
  17. VersusXY

    Resolved Bug - My Game Is Letting Me Get Infinite Money

    I went to ransom my prisoners and it's letting me ransom them an infinite amount of times - currently swimming in 1million denars, but stopped because i got tired of clicking the button to ransom.

    I uploaded the video to reddit - I can post in here or send it via email but I don't see an option to upload videos/photos in the forums?

    Bug - Infinite Ransom - Infinite Money
    I once sold Raganvad and this happened. I gained 3m gold thanks to him. Game version 1.5.7
  18. VersusXY

    In Progress Bannerlord eats my memory and game crashes because of it.

    My game was keep crashing and I wasn't able to play 1 hour straight.. I'm using opera browser to open musics while I am playing. One of the crashes, opera crashed too, I was like "what the hell, why did Opera crashed?". Opera Browser's answer was: "NOT ENAOUGH MEMORY" after that I shocked and...
  19. VersusXY

    I love Bannerlord, but... (always a but)

    I think everysingle dialoge and line should have voice. Especially our own characters. And there gotta be option to Open/Close our characters voice for the players that don't wants to play with voice.But bandits, they should have their old voice lines back from Warband. It makes me happy to hear them :grin:
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