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  1. Horatius

    Organize a mapping contest?

    Can there maybe be a mapping contest for all the modes? The winners get a badge (and maybe an extra bannerlord key, money might be an issue). You have mapping tools and an amazing modding community, the amount of maps created for Warband is rather insane. Paying a developer to actually make...
  2. Horatius

    Need More Info Damage not reported in chat

    So this is a new bug I noticed since the last couple of patches. When your horse gets killed the damage that killed your horse is not reported in chat. I'm fairly sure this isn't the only case but cannot access the videos I have from this atm. It looks like your horse is killed by nothing as...
  3. Horatius

    Resolved Stand up when reloading crossbow

    You can reload a crossbow while crouching but when you are already crouched and reload then you stand up. You cannot keep crouching while reloading, I don't think this is inteded behaviour. I think the behaviour should be that you don't stand up if you are already crouched and reloading. Kind...
  4. Horatius

    Resolved Custom server search bar acts on navigation buttons.

    So if you want to search for servers in the search bar and you press 'e' you go to the next tab (so clan) same goes for 'q' you go to the armory. kind regards, Horatius
  5. Horatius

    Need More Info Shooting people behind you

    Doubt that this is intended behaviour
  6. Horatius

    TaleWorlds please fix your (bow) stats

    So bows just got way more complicated with the new patch, every bow has to have a distinct feeling. Sure, that is what happened and there are tons of other topics about it. My annoyance is with something different. I'm testing the new bows and combinations, Bannerlord has a nice UI which shows...
  7. Horatius

    Should be able to marry your child

    In the recent patchnotes they said its a bug that you are able to marry your childeren with the note: obviously not intended. IMO it should be allowed, its a sandbox game. Let us do whatever we want to do, that makes it fun. If someone wants an incestuous child, who is TW to stop them? Its a...
  8. Horatius

    Can TW give an explanation on spawns and flags?

    One of the interesting parts of skirmish is the flags, currently only a select amount of experienced players know how the flags work and TW players know it. It would improve the gameplay tactics if people know how the flags would exactly work to manipulate fights on certain places and have...
  9. Horatius

    In Progress Impossible xbow shot through teammate with weird enemy hitbox.

    I made a shot which I afterwards deemed impossible and recorded it, seems definitely impossible if you play it in slow-mo. I should have hit the friendly and even if the friendly wasn't there I shouldn't have hit the enemy: Plz take a look at it :smile:. Btw I have 3 ping gigabit, so it aint...
  10. Horatius

    In Progress Bad texture loading Echerion map

    Hey, 1 wall on the Echerion map has really bad texture loading, it started happening a while ago and thought it was well known but I'm not sure so here is a bug report.
  11. Horatius

    In Progress Port at Omor ****ty tree hitbox

    The tree on the map Port at Omer is completely dog**** to say it lightly, here is a vid showing it: plz fix, thx xd
  12. Horatius

    Resolved Server list UI issues on 1.5.4

    I just updated to 1.5.4 and the serverlist UI changed and not for the better and a bit bugged There is a lot of unused space on the left and the sort arrow is not in the correct place often. Here is a video showing it: I'm on 3440x1440 btw with 5700xt, I think it has to do with my resolution...
  13. Horatius

    Need More Info Cannot use ranged weapon after switching.

    This is actually a well-known bug which many many players have came across but was never reported it seems like. When you switch to a ranged weapon (of any sort) you can not use it from time to time which is really frustrating. I think it happens when you switch weapons and click on a precise...
  14. Horatius

    When is TW going to fix blatant cheating?

    As many of the regular people have probably noticed there are a couple of players who seem very small, these players are smaller than what is currently available. We as TCV have been reporting these players for the past few months now and no action has been taken. We see this as blatant...
  15. Horatius

    Banned for abusive chat

    Hello, I just got the message that I was banned for 7 days for abusive chat? I would love to see some evidence for what I have said, I'm one of the more active players and often report people for abusive chat. I have multiple clan wars lined up and have no clue why I was banned. @MArdA...
  16. Horatius

    Empire Courser is completely broken in TDM

    It is dreadful to play against the Empire in TDM because of the courser class, it is more than feasible to get more than 100 kills in TDM. I was just playing casually and got 80/15 with a 30-40 player lobby if I would try hard then a 100 kills is fairly easily achieved and I'm not even among...
  17. Horatius

    Gamescom event is poorly setup and feels half arsed.

    So TW introduced 6 badges for the Gamescom event. Let's first state that this event is to create an influx of players, at least that is what I think that this event is made for. So there are 6 badges: - Manhunter badge, also corona badge as it spreads like a disease. - Win 5 games badge - 4...
  18. Horatius

    Need More Info Skirmish multiplayer GPU related crash.

    Summary: Crash with an error message, screen just froze and went white. How to Reproduce: Was just playing the game in skirmish as rabble infantry on the sand map on flag B Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  19. Horatius

    Unresolved I wrote a Batchscript to not overwrite your autosaves.

    I was annoyed after crash 1001 that I couldn't revert further back because the auto_save has been overwritten. I made a hacky solution for this with a batch file that renames the auto_save file every minute to the current time. code: You can make your own batchfile with this or download the...
  20. Horatius

    Unresolved [Exploit][Bug]Infinite Troops, companions make troops out of thin air

    Hey, Companions make troops out of thin air, which may seem not like a big problem and handy if you were not able to steal them. You can easily disband them, make a new party with new magical troops, take them, disband them.......... Here is a video: Plz fix :)
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