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  1. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Perks functioning when?

    I really want to play Bannerlord again but I have no reason to do so unless all the perks starts functioning.
    When will this happen, do we have any date/timeline?
    You can check this page for what works at the moment 😉
    Im using the Community Patch and it works for many perks.
  2. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Archers need a nerf.

    I think some players dont want to give up the comfort of shield wall + archers = Alexander the Great
  3. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Archers need a nerf.

    Battanian Fian Champions uses fast 2 handed weapons, they do nicely versus Cavalry.
  4. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

    “We are very close... Just, hopefully, maybe sometime next year.” -Armagn 2015
    I bought my PC around that time to play future games 😂 im not upgrading it before Bannerlord is finished and full of content.. but who knows till that time perhaps its the A.I. playing games with us.
  5. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Maybe try to make the game more of a challenge? recruit from your culture only.

    I've been doing my best to do this as Sturgia. I only recruit Sturgians, I only convert/recruit Sturgian prisoners.

    Though I do recruit Mameluke cavalry from the Noble's Son line because I have a Companion that's Aserai and I'm playing with him as the 13th Warrior with mostly all Sturgian Companions.
    The 13th warrior because they were only 13 guys, that would be some awesome play through. Probably not possible to find 12 Sturgian companions even with mod to hire them all.
  6. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    10 hours of killing Khuzait, are they too strong? (poll)

    Besides the whole horses > footman thing, this is what really annoys me: they spam armies like nothing!
    I dont have evidence, but I remember I ragequit a save because I was trying to take Epicrotea from them.
    At first Monchug came with an army of 1500, ok I said, I had a big army, so no problem. We defeated them, we captured them. Then, before the 2nd siege tower was ready, another 1500 army lead by Mesui was poking me. Fine! I can take them, we had massive casualties but somehow we manage to keep 400 or so mens. Now guess what, before we had the 3rd trebuchet ready, FREAKING MONCHUG AGAIN with another 1500 army!!
    All the captured lords escaped, recruited 100~ soldiers, took an airplane from the steppes to Epicrotea in less than a week.
    We got our butts handed to us, captured. We were travelling as prisioners to Diathma, and guess what!? We pass by Mesui with yet another 700 army.

    Still, as I said in another post, that was pre-1.4 (1.2 iirc). In 1.4.1 they are in line with other factions. I just wanted to vent a little.
    😂Same town different faction, the Sturgians kept coming back with one large army after the other, when the 4th army show up I just alt+f4.

    I mean, the studio that made this game is Turkish. Makes sense that they would "favor" the Khuzaits (nomad lineage and all that) in terms of faction balancing :wink:

    Granted, at least in Warband the Khergits were so bad at sieges that it kind of balanced out. The Khuzaits, however, have no such disadvantage...
    Did you not play Warband, the Khergits were a joke for a decade. Now they win and you make up conspiracy about the same guys 🙄
  7. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Maybe try to make the game more of a challenge? recruit from your culture only.

    What bothers me is the implementation, which we've had since Warband. The fact that I can be at war with a Lord, march into his territory and freely recruit native serfs and peasants (who would be under the strict jurisdiction of their Lord & Liege) makes little sense to me and is not very believable.
    It bothered me when some village elder would not let me hire, because he was the boss.. I can raze his village at any moment AND it would be historically correct. If they dont have a decent army or walls, they better give up some recruits :smile: even today bandits and rebels/paramilitary forces recruit inside what is hostile territory.
  8. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Maybe try to make the game more of a challenge? recruit from your culture only.

    Just in case anybody thinking along the lines of having an army that is easier to sort out.
  9. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Maybe try to make the game more of a challenge? recruit from your culture only.

    I played Peasants only back when they didn't have wages of 1 denar, and played bandits only.
  10. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Crush Through the Shield?

    Check combat log, if the hit is a crush through it will say so in a different color.

    Did you make the tallest character in game and which shield are you carrying?
  11. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    This man shares some of my thinking around the Sword and he explains it better than I could. But I can not find the exact video.
    I read mostly about ancient warfare but his videos are closer to the time period of Bannerlord.
  12. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Looter equipment and mechanics

    In Warband there was a big mod, in which all bandit types had one famous hero and sometimes you would see him with several smaller groups attached, much like we have field armies for lords. Was pretty fun and interesting, if you attacked the forest ranger hero when he had 200 men, "arrows would block out the sun". Something you would never see when fighting lords, since they had combined arms of infantry-archers-cavalry.
  13. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Taleworlds, please fix the loot!

    The prefixes ruined any fun of sorting loot, with the already crappy inventory panel. I just look at the top 10 expensive items and then sell the rest. Zero fun from loot.

    The stuff available in shops are now tied to your clan level, irc
  14. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    According to this no.

    This seem to work for shield, if arrows are a pain, Level 125 Arrow Catcher
  15. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    Here is another video with one cut called "the eunuch cut"

    I think people did fence from time to time, their equipment suggest so, but could possibly quickly forget/lose much of it in times of peace. We have seen this in the last 100+ years, where even lessons from the world wars have been forgotten. And this in a time where everything was usually written down.
  16. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    I picked this video because it looks a bit like we already fight in Bannerlord. They just need to let our guy move a bit faster from the start with the possibility to lunge forward and backward and sideways.

    The A.I. controlled soldiers often do a move, where they have the weapon at ready and then slide forward during the hit covering more ground WITHOUT taking a step and hit the target. Can be confusing to see as his outside of range when he starts the swing but still manages to hit because of the slide, sometimes I think he cheats and slides what would be two steps forward.
  17. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Large battles and spawn in points

    Soldiers need to spawn outside of the map, we had wagon forts in Fire & Sword and that didn't work any better than the current system.
  18. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    In Progress Battles Near Villages: Troops spawn right by enemy

    How is this huge annoyance not fixed yet?! Jeez, entry points connected to units other than infantry, archers and cavalry! I have to consciously veer off pursuit of any party I am trying to engage until they get well clear of any villages atm. It's a huge pain in the ***!
    If you are using keys 5-8, they will also spawn in middle of hideouts
  19. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    A YouTube video explaining some differences. I thought it could be fun to see it in Bannerlord. For starter perhaps only in the Tournament scene to see if its balanced.
  20. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Companions not using Javelins

    Did you check the F4 "Hold Fire" its standard inside hideouts.
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