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  1. NightHawkreal

    How about...

    One last big update? With a new faction (for example: Japan or something with muskets). I have a map sketch.
  2. NightHawkreal

    Mini Games

    How about porting board games to multiplayer? Observer players may find this useful. For example, in Full Invasion.
  3. NightHawkreal

    Several modes of use for weapons

    In Warband, it became possible to switch the weapon mode, for example, the throwing could be used in close combat. Can you make it possible to switch the mode several times? For example: one-handed, two-handed, throwing, then again one-handed and so on. This would be very useful for mods.
  4. NightHawkreal

    Again the double weapons

    Yes, yes, I know how you love it.  :) But I want to try to express their thoughts in detail. So everyone knows German rapier. This stylish and sometimes useful weapon, but it does have many disadvantages: poor cutting blows, inefficiency, if the enemy came close. Now the idea.  For example...
  5. NightHawkreal

    Your favorite map

    What and why. You can name a seleral. My: Castle on the hill - Number 1. Small, compact. But not easy. There are dangerous areas. Many local weapons. Swamp I like swamps,  :) besides there is possible stealth. Abbey Spacious, but not open. Many detours.
  6. NightHawkreal

    The problem with medics

    I think many in this module had to slowly bleed to death when a medic was not there, or he just could not help you. Therefore, I once again ask all owners of servers activate friendly fire. Firstly, it still does not help against idiots with grenades, and secondly - the medic must "hurt"...
  7. NightHawkreal


    Sorry for my engish Grenades are needed for a fight with campers, that they were not used in infighting, detonation of grenade must be "slow". A grenade falls, lies a few seconds, smokes, sparkles, hisses, and then bursts, thus, soldiers will have possibility to escape, but they will have to...
  8. NightHawkreal

    Not to move! City guard!

    We with my comrade present you next development. For this time is a script for a city guard, allowing it really to arrest criminals. In fact, this script allows to create the special weapon - club, if to strike character which is strongly injured it, he automatically carried in the set place (...
  9. NightHawkreal

    Script for falling of all equipment at death

    My comrade wrote on my request a script due to which a hero drops objects from all 4 slots at death. I want to offer to a script the authors of mode, if needed. It can be useful to my mind, for example for robbers.
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