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  1. Horatius

    TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    There is a spectator mode for custom servers, not for skirm and afaik they are working on it but it was never in the patchnotes.
  2. Horatius

    Do developers change the game based on our feedback? Should we have the power to vote on changes?

    I can give you infinite examples of how TW ''just knowing'' what we want is not enough. Knowledge isn't power. Applied knowledge is power. And the fact is that TaleWorlds are not applying the knowledge they gain from the forums in the sense of community feedback. Most feedback is discarded or disregarded entirely.
    Not enough for who? Make peace with it lol, this is all you are going to get. A small dev team who have a general knowledge of what the player base wants.

    Do the devs want to make a good game? If you assume they are passionate about their product then yes.
    Does TW want to make a good game? No, they want to make money. They think that the current strategy is the best way to make money, so it is enough for TW to do it like this. Make peace with it and stop crying.
  3. Horatius

    Do developers change the game based on our feedback? Should we have the power to vote on changes?

    Maybe linux isn't the best example here, but programming languages are. Usually they have huge open discussions on their forums where people come up with their suggestions that are then discussed by users with different levels and tasks, and than they make core changes (not just extended libraries which could be compared to bl mods), based on that community feedback and proposed solutions. That's how I see development in bl should work, mainly because their designers are not competent enough to make good balance patches. It's not their fault that they have no time to actually play the game, but they have a lot of competent players with thousands of hours played.

    For each patch we predicted all balance issues just by reading patchnotes when changes were not even implemented, and each time it turned out that we were right. I don't get it why they make obvious (from experienced player perspective) mistakes over and over again and don't want to change their approach of making balance patches.

    Do you know how slowly programming languages are developed? Also, they are developed with an infinite amount of money behind them or in people's free time.

    TW is a business wanting to earn money. They know what we want as they read these forums, that's all that is needed.
    We have a platform to out our opinions and they read them from time to time. I think the MP team is very small and inefficiënt but apparently, TW thinks this is the best way to make money.

    They have a general overview of our opinion and needs, it is their choice to act on it or not.
    Polls and more discussion will just be a waste of the little dev time they have, polls should only be done for further clarification but are often too simple.
  4. Horatius

    Do developers change the game based on our feedback? Should we have the power to vote on changes?

    For the love of God no, community-driven projects are basically always a disaster and not how you should run your business.

    I really hope you never start a business if you think this is a good idea. Talewords software management seems to be the biggest dumpster fire I have ever seen but you want to make it a nuclear one.

    The only thing that would be possible is doing a community poll where they get a feel for what is wanted the most at this point in time. They already have this feeling so it would be rather useless.
  5. Horatius

    In Progress Cannot use ranged weapon after switching.

    @MArdA TaleWorlds this is not on the issue list yet and still very much present.
  6. Horatius

    cancel the tournament in 1 week

    We're not arranging any matches until this is fixed. I'm not gonna tell my members to cancel their weekend plans on the off-chance that we dont crash for an hour before saying screw it and waiting another week.
    Well that's why we forfeited, telling people to come online and then try to play a match while continuous crashes is just xxx to do.
    How can an update **** a 50 euro costing game for 4 weeks?
  7. Horatius

    refund plz

    "I went over the max amount of play time to get a refund but I still want a refund!!!!"
  8. Horatius

    Banned? Again? Noice

    Just be a good boy until custom servers are the standard and there are fewer risks to insulting people, Turks or saying gamer words.
  9. Horatius

    Heavy armor should deflect arrows

    Yes let's make archery an RNG game that will improve gameplay!
  10. Horatius


    WMorton: "WEEEEE I LAG"

    TW: "We are working on it, sorry for the inconvenience"

    WMorton: "rESTaRt YOuR sERveRs"
  11. Horatius

    [BEAST#4] Suggestions

    From MardA today:
    It might not be related to 6v6 party but just a random crash on loading the maps. But the good news is we were able to reproduce it and the fix is on its way.

    So there is hope (a teeny tiny bit that is fleeting).
  12. Horatius

    So I played MP again... we need friendly fire

    Friendly fire was a thing like a month ago but caused crashes. So you can probably expect it to be back by 2022.
  13. Horatius

    Disable Bell sound options

    Duelling under this ****ing bell gives me nightmares.

    Me: has tense duel

    Who tf asked for this? Part of the game is paying attention to the morale, no one asked to be slapped by your DING DONG.
  14. Horatius

    SOUND BUG - Please Read!

    @Callum you removed the earrape warning for a warning about crashing servers but somehow I'm sitting here with bleeding eardrums again FFS.
  15. Horatius

    Javelin Exploit

    I am sure that can be changed.

    I don't understand your point.
    How is the incentive to throw making it less dangerous?
    Currently there is a risk if you throw then they can throw it back so the incentive is lower, if you don't hit you basically give them a throwing weapon.

    If they are heavy inf or knuzait you don't have a quiver and cannot get one meaning that the risk of throwing is lowered as they can't throw it back at you.
  16. Horatius

    Javelin Exploit


    That's an insensive to play Skirmisher .That way they stand out. And it also encourages what most of the infantry players want: Melee combat.

    Also you could pick up a quiver if you kill somebody while he has javelins selected.
    Problem is if you die and have an empty quiver you don't drop it, also this makes throwing way less "dangerous" as you know if your opponent can or cannot pick it up. If they cannot pick it up the incentive to throw is bigger as they can't throw it at you anyways.

    Knuzait for example never gets quivers.
  17. Horatius

    Javelin Exploit

    This has always been the case even in warband if you do it properly? I have done this with bolts many times, one person takes a shield and gives it to the cav while the other xbow takes strong bolts and gives them to the other xbow. The only difference with warband is that it is actually harder in warband as you need a full inventory to do this.

    You can see that this is intended behaviour by looking at archers, you can fill your stronger arrows with weaker arrows you find on the ground.

    I prefer the system of Warband as that actually feels a bit more polished, only if you have a full inventory you fill-up the stack of whatever you have if your inventory is not full you just take it on as an extra item.

    Fixing this would be a royal pain in the ass because that would mean that picking up javelins becomes really ****ing annoying.
    For example, if you have a spear, shield, sword and 1 light javelin this means that you cannot pick up a random javelin that is not a light javelin as it won't merge into your stack.

    It has always been like this in M&B games, Bannerlord just has an even more lenient approach to it. Also, I'm fairly sure that this is in the base game so don't know if they can even fix it in MP without fixing it in SP which might not be desired.
  18. Horatius

    Organize a mapping contest?

    Can there maybe be a mapping contest for all the modes? The winners get a badge (and maybe an extra bannerlord key, money might be an issue). You have mapping tools and an amazing modding community, the amount of maps created for Warband is rather insane. Paying a developer to actually make...
  19. Horatius

    Most important feature of new duel mode

    iirc I heard that this is planned to be implemented but first 1v1 was released as that is the basis. Also would love to be able to have different classes duel against each other (so 2 inf and 1 archer against 1-1-1) would be amazing. Barely see a reason to play random skirm games then though :grin:
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