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  1. Odin boarhelm

    Holy hell Companions are expensive

    Having a decent time with the game so far, but 800-1200 Denars for one companion?? Sure you had to pay for some in Warband, but others were there for basically free for low levels. Little weird having them all cost so damn much in my opinion.
  2. Odin boarhelm

    OP Noregr

    Okay, I have to say, the Noregr units are WAY too strong. They need to be nerfed. That is all.
  3. Odin boarhelm

    Negative relation town penalty

    I think that this "worrisome!" thing is a bit broken, because it makes sneaking into an enemy fortress completely pointless, as you can do nothing once inside. This makes the "rescue imprisoned lord" quest impossible. please fix this.
  4. Odin boarhelm

    I have a HUGE game breaking bug

    OK, so normally I would post in the bug reporting HQ but I feel that this is something that deserves its own thread. OK, after I load my save, I start travelling, and when I do, the game plays fine for a few seconds before completely freezing. The music keeps playing but nothing happens. I have...
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