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  1. crodio

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    THey could be in a tetrahedron. people live in 3D space. pitagoras didnt even was real smh
  2. crodio

    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    you can either vote for the fascist or for the insane Catholic pedo. this is going to be fun
  3. crodio

    What is thy favorite fruit?

  4. crodio

    Can my brother impregnate Me?

    as always i support incest
  5. crodio

    Matchmaking servers for SA region

    South America is probably doing alright, there must be a server in Texas or Louisiana. I don't get why y'all complaining
  6. crodio

    bien sur

    bien sur
  7. crodio

    c'est le Poisson qui vole, l'homme chiant

    c'est le Poisson qui vole, l'homme chiant
  8. crodio

    Your birthday :D

    welcome back btw!
  9. crodio

    The European Union. Everyone keep calm. Be civil.

    The EU is simply trash. Its' monetary system is built to benefit the central countries (aka germany) and to screw over the marginal ones (aka greece, spain).
  10. crodio

    Your birthday :D

    yesterday was my birthday🧚‍♀️
  11. crodio

    nice, keep up

    nice, keep up
  12. crodio

    corona? :(

    i love that tv and radio sports shows didn't stop here, they just moved to speaking about culonavirus all day
  13. crodio

    Post Difficult Questions Here

    whenever bourgeois politicians speak, they lie, even when they say the truth
  14. crodio

    Who ist Artimenner and why he has my account?

    how come jacob isnt lady Hindal. you had one job.
  15. crodio

    Dumb Ethnography Megathread

    I agree.
  16. crodio

    i am retarded

    i am retarded
  17. crodio


    if you can't imagine that then how did come up with that answer? how can you type somethig you havent imagined? i think you probaby can indeed imagine that if you aren't actually doing it right now. lier
  18. crodio

    Yarn of insignificant questions

    any of you know what is the new forum's equivalent of the old "unread replies to your posts" forum thingamabob?
  19. crodio

    Your birthday :D

    wiggum, every year that passes, 365 days elapse.
  20. crodio

    What's on your mind?

    hey arven does your family get government subsidies? I've read agricultural subsidies are pretty important in the us
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