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  1. How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    Still playing it man! Brytenwalda is THE best mod for warband in my opinion.
  2. Sea Combat Still Broken

    Is this ever going to be fixed? I just put the game down because of the bull crap that happens constantly at sea. I'm the Danish king, I'm invading Friesland with my army and 4 large vassals. I engage an enemy lord at sea, and initially it tells me that all of my vassals will join me in the...
  3. 63e NA Siege Server

    nevermind, it wasn't a perma ban. See you in an hour.
  4. 63e NA Siege Server

    I was singled out unfairly, like half the server was spamming votes
  5. 63e NA Siege Server

    yooooooooo, can I get unbanned please? A guy started a vote about politics and I cast my vote a couple of times, and then got banned for trolling. there was no admin, it was just a bunch of tightwads. My friends on the server said the admin chewed them out for it.
    My steam name is Tripnip14, in game name is Bear_Feces.
    I like yall alot, it's fun, and I'm sure the people who run the server are very attractive.
  6. Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition - Open Beta (Steam) - Update Patch 22/07/15

    Why is there still so little variety in the weapons armor available to buy? It's hard to believe that out of an entire major city, with the dozens of weapon makers and armorers that would live there, that there many times isn't a single sword or suit of mail for sale?
    I know that cities back then weren't huge, but there would have had to have been a decent number of craftsmen making stuff other than farming tools and spears. I would say to make high tier products like mail and swords available in reasonable numbers (after all, there were only so many lords and retainers who could afford such products) but give them extremely high prices to induce the rarity of such products during this time period.
    Once again, I know that these products would be rare, but they shouldn't be completely or almost completely absent from the marketplace.
  7. Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition - Open Beta (Steam) - Update Patch 22/07/15

    Can we get the remove injuries option again? I keep getting knocked in the head, and have no idea how to fix it (it says go see healer in a larger town, that gets me nowhere).
  8. Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition - Open Beta (Steam) - Update Patch 22/07/15

    2 weeks??? :'( I leave for Fort Knox for training in 2 weeks :sad:
  9. Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition (Lastest features added, page 1) - 31/05/2015

    Will there be a freelancer feature? That addition adds so much depth and roleplay to the game.
  10. ~[FH]~ZOMBIES server

    yooooo, is there a way to get allowed back into the server? some jerk admin banned me, didn't give a warning or anything. Just banned me for saying one word, when the entire server was full of guys saying "politically incorrect" things. Like I said, no warning or anything, just instant ban.
  11. FI2 v0121 Full Version Released! *Rename mod folder 'FI2 v0120' to 'FI2 v0121'*

    anyone else having trouble installing? when I move the file to my modules folder, I always have the same error,

    Bad block: "FI2 v0120\Sounds\uruk_hit_07.wav"
    File fails CRC check: "C:\Users\Elindel\AppData\Local\Temp\FI2 v0120\Sounds\uruk_hit_07.wav"
    causes game to crash upon loading.
  12. Viking Conquest Update 1.04 (released)

    Freelancer mod???
  13. Viking Conquest Update 1.03 (released)

    Any news on 1.04?  :eek:
  14. Viking Conquest Update 1.03 (released)

    Seriously, how do we not have 2 handed axes?!?!?! Brytenwalda had it, and historically they were common in this period. It can't be THAT hard to put them in, and it ruins the immersion, and they should have been there since the release.
  15. Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    I was in the 1.02 Beta, now that the full patch has been released, I have a CTD every time I try to load up my campaign save. Everything else works fine. Any suggestions?
  16. Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    try to enter the password for the beta again

    Thanks, that did the trick!
  17. Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    For some reason the beta is gone from my steam account. I go to properties, and click on the Beta tab, but now it's gone. This happened randomly, and now the game has reverted to 1.01. I can still play multiplayer, but the game crashes whenever I try to load up my single player game. Any way to fix this, or will I just have to wait until they release an official 1.02 patch?

    Very nice work man!!!
  19. General suggestions - 1.00+

    Get rid of the deal where if a lord leaves a kingdom he takes his fiefs with him. I was playing as the Teutons and one of our lords switched to an Italian state and I lost several villages. It doesn't seem very accurate that a lord could break his oath AND be allowed to take the land he had been granted. Several instances of this ruined my game.
    And missile weapons are overpowered. It's like marine snipers are hitting me with modern rifles rather than peasant archers hitting me with crappy bows. My heavy armor should negate alot of the damage, but right now I fear archers more than any senior knight.

    Great mod other than these 2 things. Keep up the great work!!!
  20. Regional Manor - a guide for peasant on how things work

    Spitfire84 said:
    Oh also, the Fruit Tree farmer isn't wearing a shirt or anything, just bare-chested to the cold, could you give the poor guy at least a shirt?  :razz:
    Modify message

    just give him some vodka, he'll be fine.
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