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  1. Tuckles

    Internet Connection Sharing

    Hey guys, At work, I'm connected to the internet via Wired LAN so I want to share that with my other devices. I've set up the ad hoc network and got it running, but when I get to ICS, I encounter a bit of a problem. When setting my ICS to enabled, and letting my new ad hoc network share, I get...
  2. Tuckles

    Blade Symphony

    Blade Symphony is a 3rd person fast-paced dueling game by the team who made Dystopia, a HL2 mod. It's currently in Steam's Early Access program as an alpha product. The gameplay looks to be simple to learn, hard to master. Basically you attack using 3 stances (that you can chain together)...
  3. Tuckles


    Hey guys, I have a bit of cash lying around, and instead of spending it on the poor, the betterment of humanity, or you guys, I decided to spend it on overpriced gaming peripherals. Specifically, keyboards and mice. I'm looking at the SteelSeries Sensei right now. Anyone give it a try? How is...
  4. Tuckles

    Benedict XVI stepping down

    Surprised this wasn't brought up sooner. BBC Article Personally I find this fascinating. AFAIK this hasn't be done in recent history. My guess is John Paul II resurrected, and will be taking over again. Thoughts? Conspiracy theories? Anti-Catholic propaganda?
  5. Tuckles

    TaleWorlds Online Risk

    Hey guys, We skyping folks were talking about playing games together, and I suggested Risk. Since everybody else thought it was a pretty good idea, I went ahead and did some research. Let's play Risk! It's an online, browser-based Risk playing thing. Haven't tried it yet, but if you guys are...
  6. Tuckles

    Getting a new router

    Hey folks, We recently "upgraded" our ISP and figured it was high time we went about replacing our ever faithful 5+ year old Linksys Wireless G router. Currently, I'm looking at 2 models: 1) The Linksys E1200 2) The D-Link Dir-655 I'd appreciate if you all could give me your thoughts or...
  7. Tuckles


    Link By the Witcher guys.
  8. Tuckles

    Java issue with videocard

    My videocard is an ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5680 updated through Windows Automatic Update. Any time I run a java game (minecraft or project zomboid), I get this error:
  9. Tuckles

    War for Spratly

    Most of you probably don't know about the little group of island situated in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands. It's a little piece of contested territory between China and a few South East Asian countries (the Philippines and Vietnam being the biggest contenders). Anyway, the...
  10. Tuckles


    Dishonored's a new game published by Bethesda Softworks (for the one person who doesn't know, they publish the Elder Scrolls series) It's set to be released this year. It's a first person stealth game a la the Thief series. Trailer here: http://kotaku.com/dishonored/ Don't know much about it...
  11. Tuckles

    Sound troubles

    I recently updated my Realtek Sound Card thingy's drivers (to play Bioshock). Now, after the update, for some reason, I still get (really faint) sound coming out of my speakers even though I have my headset connected. I also get sound on my headset (not muffled at all). I used my google-fu, but...
  12. Tuckles

    Happy New Year!

    It's 2012 here, so thread. You can post your resolutions here, or maybe pictures of your junk or something. :U
  13. Tuckles

    Setting up a Forum

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a new forum/website for my guild (just to post guild loot drops, etc) I was thinking of setting up a barebones website and using phpBB to set up the forum instead of using one of those invisionfree things. Is the complication to flexibility ratio worth it? How would I...
  14. Tuckles

    What are you playing right now?

    I think it's been done before, but a cursory search shows me that it's lost in the annals of time. Basically, this thread is like the "What are you listening to/reading right now?" threads in the Arts subforum, except its for games (be it of the digital or analogue (but not sporty) kind). I...
  15. Tuckles

    MLG and other pro-gaming circuits

    Anyone watch? :D MLG Columbus is happening right now [June 5, 2011]. MLG MLG Red Tasteless MLG Blue Day9
  16. Tuckles

    Radeon Grey Screen

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem recently. After I updated both Windows 7 and my ATI drivers, my videocard's been crashing and causing this stupid "Grey screen" which is a bunch of vertical grey bars displaying on my screen. I'm running an ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 and Win 7 64-bit with...
  17. Tuckles

    Nexus Puzzles

    Google's hosting some kind of contest on their Google Nexus S Twitter page. Puzzles are as follows [will probably update as they are released]: Puzzle 1: 3154, 75757, 854, 2737, 37553, 15059, 6278, 4085, 3634, 2414, 46483 I'm personally ineligible to win (not a legal resident of the UK, and I...
  18. Tuckles

    Looking for a game?

    This kind of thread keeps dying, I hope this one stays alive. So this thread is for those times where you remember this old game you used to play, but can't remember its name, exactly or when you've recently got into a certain game and want more like it. I'm currently experiencing the latter...
  19. Tuckles

    Carmen Sandiego

    Did anyone else play this series of games as younglings? I had a ****ing blast with the 1996 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Now if someone could point me to the right direction in reacquiring a copy...
  20. Tuckles

    Fairy Tales and Folklore

    Hey guys. I've recently taken an interest in Slavic folk tales (Baba Yaga, Price Ivan, Old Man Winter and the like) thanks to the book "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card, but I can't find a good (cheap) book about them (akin to "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton for Greek and Norse myth). Anyway...
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