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  1. KaneMaB

    Current battle player ratings

    Current battle player ratings Infantry Arni 100 Gibby 98 Charlini 96 Habimana 96 Brian 95 Error 94 Fietta 93 Thorr 93 Darklight 93 Bloody Death 93 Tomayus 91 Vernon 90 Dr Doener 90 Lapache 90 Eder 90 Motthe 88 Mynes 87 Janczar 87 Bullez 87 Spada 87 Caius 85...
  2. KaneMaB

    [WNL7] Team Statistics

    Team Statistics This is the WNL7 Team statistics thread. Here you will find the statistics for every player in every team that participated in WNL7. This is my first time making such a thread so please bear with me. If you find any mistakes, feel free to point them out to me on steam or pm me...
  3. KaneMaB


    Recently I bought new pc parts and put 2 parts of my old pc (an SSD and a normal Harddrive) into this new pc, which already had its own SSD and Harddrive. But eventhought my new specs are much better, my warband has these little freezeframes, and I am unsure how to fix them. here is a little...
  4. KaneMaB

    NC2018 Belgium & The Netherlands

    Belgium & Netherlands: The year of the lowlands   Jaja, we zijn na vele discussies toch weer toegelaten als BeNe. Hier ff een thread waar je motivatie kan opdoen, elkaar kan uitschelden, discussies aangaan, vragen stellen, etc etc. Contact informatie Kapitein BeNe_Kane   Kane   Kane...
  5. KaneMaB

    Warband Matchmaking Client 2.0.2 (WBMM)

    Competitive Warband Matchmaking Warband matchmaking is a system developed which allows a style of practice that is closer to the format which players experience in tournament matches. It is very easy for new players to pick up and only requires basic understanding of the game...
  6. KaneMaB

    Kane's scramble team.

    Hello lads, could y'all please add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KaneMB/
  7. KaneMaB

    NC 18 Belgium & The Netherlands?

    Hallo gasten, de tijd van NC zit er weer aan te komen. Er is nog geen spraken van een host of weet ik veel wat, maar ik dacht dat het goed zou zijn als we alvast wat mensen die mee willen doen verzamelen. Dit is geen official thread van het BeNe team maar ik wilde zelf al een beetje kijken hoe...
  8. KaneMaB

    Kane Points

    Kane Points So after all the lists being made i thought i can't miss out on this saltmine. So after some rating and talking to other players here it is... Kanepoints *I did not rate myself for the salty people out there* Cavalry Infantry [left] Archery [left] Javelin Throwers [left]
  9. KaneMaB

    Tony's Tanks - TT

    I decided to recreate the clan tread because it seems Blacktide has gone inactive. This is my first time creating a clan thread and i am very bad at it so sorry if it ain't as you like. It will be changed overtime and will look way better. Recruitment If you want to join TT you have to add...
  10. KaneMaB

    Thanks voor de top nc jongens!

    Mooie speech ceasar, dit jaar begon ik helemaal nieuw, ik kende niemand en het was best scary op het begin. Jij was onze captain voor zover ik wist ( ik weet nu wel beter NOOB ) gedurende de nc veranderde dit maar je was altijd nog main cav en we werden toch wel bro's! Ik heb het hele bene team...
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