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  1. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    I don't think you are supposed to be able to mod at this timeline of the game anyway. Dotpeek3 is not just practical. Really wait on modding tools before judging. I mean you are reverse-engineering DLLs then complain about modding practicability, and you are doing it on an early access game. Of course, it is unoptimized.
  2. BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    Hopefully this will be of use to somebody. I've played around, trying to find a way to add new options to conversations. However, I haven't had much luck. I did find this though, which to my understanding should add a new option to the conversation. However, game crashes with a null reference, which I wasn't able to solve yet. Any ideas?

                TextObject _test = new TextObject("test");
                Campaign.Current.ConversationManager.AddToCurrentOptions(_test, "followMe", true, _test);
    Do you have a stack trace? Also, the "skip dialogues" mod added menu options, you can decompile that to see how he did it.
  3. BL Coding Income

    If you're using net reflector, you can follow the reference tree so you can see what it's being used by. I'm sure there's something similar for whatever decompiler you use.
  4. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    Hey it wasn't even that hard in the end. This is all it took:
    Nice, thanks for replying back with your find!
  5. BL Coding Income

    Take a look at ClanFinanceModel, it has some overrideable methods like CalculateClanIncome() that will be at least a part of a mod that wants to change this.
  6. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    Aha, I take it from that there's a difference between invoking and injecting when it comes to code? I am pretty much ignorant of all that. I suppose I better learn, but I honestly don't know where to begin. Every resource I look at wants to start with 20 lessons of hello world and x + y, feels like I'd have to get most of the way through a CS career to answer the question, how do I invoke this method in my code to get it to load strings from my xmls when it initializes a new game.
    http://www.blackwasp.co.uk/ReflectionInvokeMethods.aspx that's a straightforward and uncomplicated tutorial on how to invoke methods in your own code. Invoking that method is only part of it though. As mentioned earlier, you'll need to patch other parts of the game, depending on where/what conditions you want that string to show up. It's not going to be very intuitive without some coding experience unfortunately. But I hope that whenever the dev tools come out it'll be easy for any and everyone to do.
  7. BL Coding Is hardcoded dialogue the expectation?

    You could invoke that method from your own code, and point it to your own .xml file.
  8. BL Coding Making a party follow players party

    On my phone right now, but the AI behavior is decided on every hourly tick, so you may need to look into that. Using a debugger is helpful for situations like this.
  9. BL Coding Trying to show messages for debugging, not sure my patched routine is being called

    Setting a breakpoint and use the VS debugger would be my suggestion. The game will completely pause until you click "Continue" in the IDE.

    See my post here if you're not sure how to set VS to debug the game: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...n-in-taleworlds-core-dll.406984/#post-9313888
  10. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    At least now we know the "Why" to the question to "Why is it taking over 8 years to make this game". C# coding.

    And to anyone thinking they are going to "debate" me on how easy it is to mod using C# nonsense. It took me less than 2 HOURS to figure out how to do core changes to a game in UDK with zero knowledge of Unreal's coding. I did some basic stat changes to some items to see if I could figure it out, got right the first time and on DAY 2, I designed a way to make a glowing effect appear on a sword I also designed. I do have graphics design experience, but it was still the FIRST TIME using the UDK engine for graphical work. AND THAT is the difference between a modern toolkit, and an antiquated one where you better damn well "learn to code" to do much of anything beyond the basics. This isnt 2005 anymore folks, we need a modern devkit. And dont even get me started on how vastly superior Zenimax's dev kits are for modding compared to anything you could hope to do with the Warband. Most of the total conversions for Skyrim and Oblivion were not done by professional coders.

    There is no "debate" here. We just plain need a proper modern devkit least we be stuck in the past again.

    And to anyone thinking they are going to "debate" me on how easy it is to mod using C# nonsense. It took me less than 2 HOURS to figure out how to do core changes to a game in UDK with zero knowledge of Unreal's coding.
    This is not a problem with the language of C#, it's a problem with there being no devtools for bannerlord at the moment. Because guess what? Even if we were using Perl,Python,Ruby,Javascript, etc. right now, we'd still need to hook into the game's internal code, and compile it to a .dll somehow, because there's simply no other way to make substantial mods right now.

    You're comparing an SDK to a game engine. What we are doing right now as modders is essentially modifying the game engine directly. It's apples and oranges. If you wanted to modify Unreal's actual game engine,you would be using C++, the same way that we have to use C# at the moment for the same purpose.There IS NO toolkit/devkit/SDK for bannerlord as of present, so your comparisons between a "modern toolkit" and bannerlord modding is pointless at the foundation.

    I highly doubt we will need to use reflection and/or harmony just to make mods like this in the future, and that is what a lot of people are hung up on at the moment, and understandably so.

    Now, if/when TaleWorlds releases a modkit with documentation and an easy to use scripting language, then maybe you can draw comparisons. Until then, people need to understand that modding the game this early is simply going to me more involved than it will be when the game releases (hopefully). I hate the "it's early access!" excuse, but the fact of the matter is the developers simply haven't prioritized this right now.

    I hope you don't take this as an insult, since I'm only on the forum to help answer people's questions where I can, not pretend to be smarter than I am or some other bs. I agree that we don't need a bunch of elitists trying to withhold information just so they are some kind of gatekeeper. I think we agree on a lot, honestly.

    I just got to this post. I completely agree x1000
  11. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Just give me a . You are speaking chinese to me. I don't give a about memory, ram usage, vectorized instructions, 32 or 64 bit whatever, it being a compiler or whatever, being a tenth of a second faster for whatever, I just want to create a function that will use parameters, and call this function somewhere else and passing parameters to it, and returning one or more values. Now what's with these static and non static methods. Godammit all these are turning me crazy ! overly complex piece of langage.
    You would do well to go through free CS101 classes online, or even something from udemy on C#. All of the things that confuse you would be answered with a mere week of study. People here have been pretty patient with you imo, you should either put in a week of learning to mod this game, or wait for them to release a simple scripting system. Or just quit, if your will is this low.
  12. BL Coding Prisoner Recruitment Rate

    I said he can't change that in xml files... he will need to edit the dll files just as you explained in your post.
    Yes... What exactly is the argument here? I was agreeing with you lol.

    Edit: I understand. I was missing a comma, which makes a world of difference in this case. Anyway, I was crediting you for having already mentioned that, so no worries! Edited my post above.
  13. BL Coding Prisoner Recruitment Rate

    It can be done, just not in .xml, as Capalin already mentioned. You can find my explanation of the recruitment system workings here:https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...er-conformity-bar-bugged.401841/#post-9299751
  14. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    You can decompile them
    Don't worry any .net DLL is open source if you know the right tools 😅
    Yeah the fastest way for me to get up to speed was just decompiling popular mods. Most mods out now are very simple.
  15. BL Coding Preventing/Ignoring exceptions being thrown in TaleWorlds.Core.dll?

    Thanks, I really had the wrong working directory. It also works when you use the launcher as external program so you can select the mods you want to include in the test.
  16. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    I could use some clarification on #10:

    Does this mean that if I want to change a code that is in Native that I can't modify/add/remove it? This sounds like the death of Total Conversion mods.
    No, this is where you would use Reflection and/or Harmony. They probably won't publicize that method since it can cause headaches if multiple mods are patching methods in a way that clashes with other enabled mods.
  17. BL Coding Preventing/Ignoring exceptions being thrown in TaleWorlds.Core.dll?

    I've been using VS 2019 this whole time and haven't had any issues. Your problem is probably your debugger settings.

    I use this for "Start external program" in the Debug section of my project's properties:

    A:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\Bannerlord.exe

    and I use this for "Working Directory":

    A:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\

    Modify that to your actual game location. If you haven't done that, it's not gonna work.
  18. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    that's why your mods has to be open source
    Is this a Taleworlds rule that I missed?
  19. BL Coding Preventing/Ignoring exceptions being thrown in TaleWorlds.Core.dll?

    How are you going about attaching it? Also, do you have a stack trace?
  20. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    Decompiling mountains of C# is far from ideal, but I'm genuinely shocked that people think opcode written in python lists for a state machine written in python is a better approach
    They don't know any better. There's literally a guy saying he's never seen a statically typed language as a reason for C# being bad 😔
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