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  1. Heskeytime

    Stamina, exhaustion and walk mode

    I havent seen a thread on this already, my apologies if i've missed one. Basically, i like the stamina system in singleplayer with heavier armour, but i find that of course you're at maximum exhaustion long before you meet the enemy in most battles unless you camp. This is problematic in sieges...
  2. Heskeytime

    Balance this **** please

    Today i noticed a player called TercioEspenios_Henry using a pike, his overhead thrust was causing crushthrough on every hit regardless of the target. Now i dont know if he was hacking or if this actually a feature, but i saw him crush through Steel shields, and my build at the time was 30 Str...
  3. Heskeytime

    Ban Dominic

    Basically at around 21:50 UK time in EU1 (and in a long time running up to it) this player would spawn with a grenade and kill his own team, he did it every round for an extended period and then hunted his teammates in melee. Without the option to poll him we were stuck with him, I believe a...
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