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  1. Fujiwara

    B Tutorial Module System MBScript and Bitfields

    Bitfields are a convenient way to pass around pieces of ON/OFF flag data. A bit field is simply a string of 1s and 0s that represent different flags being on or off, expressed as an integer. M&B make heavy use of them for any of the flags, as anyone who has poked around the in header files can...
  2. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.6.6 for M&B 1.01x

    A new version is available! Get it here: http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html Several of the obvious bugs (sounds, music, missing hair, etc) have been addressed.
  3. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran for M&B 1.01x

    Everyone's favorite Japanese mod is back! Get it now! http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html
  4. Fujiwara

    I got demoted?!??

    So, I realize I've been gone a WHILE (RL, couldn't be helped), but I've been demoted? Why for?
  5. Fujiwara

    How to ask questions

    Being a senior, experienced modder, it's important for the new modders to understand why we get bent out of shape when someone asks, "I have this great idea!!! Someone build a mod for me," and it falls on the older modders to educate the n00bs, beyond the well-deserved flamage. How to ask...
  6. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.6.5 for M&B .90x

    Onin no Ran 0.6.5 for M&B .903 is now available! Get it here: http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=7&lid=499 Chock full of Feudal Japan goodness!!!
  7. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran v0.6.4 for M&B .903

    Everyone's favorite Japanese mod has been updated again! Get it here! http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html NOTE: This will NOT work for M&B .95x. So don't ask.
  8. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.6.2 for M&B v.903

    http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html Get it today and channel your inner samurai!
  9. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.6.1 for M&B v.903

    http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/board,42.0.html Merry Christmas, everyone!
  10. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.6.0 for M&B v.901

    Get it now!!! http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=7&lid=499 Patch for the wonky module.ini file: http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=6&lid=605
  11. Fujiwara

    Assertion: rglStream error on Load Setting Data

    If someone in the know could give me a hand with this, since the Onin no Ran code worked great for v.894, and is now broken for v.901. It happens just as the Loading Setting Data... screen comes up.
  12. Fujiwara

    Rigging Tool: fragMOTION

    http://www.fragmosoft.com This tool focuses on rigging and animation. Very easy to use. The download is free, but it's annoyware. Fee is $20 US.
  13. Fujiwara

    Modders: Map boundary issues?

    Have any of the other mods with custom maps had issues with wrong boundaries in v.89x? I've got my map_min_x, etc variables set in module.ini, but for some reason the game defaults to the Native settings of +/-70 in both axes. Thanks!
  14. Fujiwara

    brflib still available?

    Is brflib still available? I'd like to do a native Python version, but none of the links seem to work. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  15. Fujiwara

    v.89x Map size bug

    There seems to now be a hard upper limit of ~50,000 vertices on custom maps, such that maps that worked for previous versions (v.80x and prior) are now broken. Is this a bug? A Misfeature? Any plans to change it back?
  16. Fujiwara

    M&B .890 Credits Mod

    I realize I shouldn't do this, but poking around in the strings.txt file, I discovered I can add myself to the credits. Of course, it would only be on my installation...
  17. Fujiwara

    (.890) Mesh error: Cannot find interior_castle_mesh_b

    I captured one of the Nord castles (the most eastern one, I can't recall the name). On entering the lord's hall, I got a CTD with the error "can't find interior_castle_mesh_b"
  18. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran 0.5.4

    Onin no Ran 0.5.4 The latest release of everyone's favorite Japanese mod is now available over at MBX! Try it today!
  19. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran v0.5.3

    Onin no Ran v0.5.3 The latest version of everyone's favorite Japanese mod is now available. Get your copy TODAY!!!
  20. Fujiwara

    Onin no Ran v0.5.0

    v0.5.0 of Onin no Ran is now available at MBX Get it here!
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