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  1. Aggrobiscuit

    Chest come back!! and My Master give me a Town!!

    I surely miss it...and I preferred the physical chest to the option in the menu.

    Me too. The menu is convenient, but why not have the chest too? Little things that let us take a break from the gameplay loop (menus and patrolling the world map), let us slow down and enjoy the art the devs have made, are always helpful for immersion in RPGs.
  2. Aggrobiscuit

    What is your dream-update list?

    Fix the Battanian castle freezing. (the non siege scene)
    More battle scenes for Aserai territory
    Sturgia and Northern Empire given a boost
    Allow us to ask nobles where other nobles are again.
    Warband courtship.
    Purpose to entering towns, and doing other things than constant patrolling.
  3. Aggrobiscuit

    Tournaments need diversification and purpose

    My beef with arenas is the Khergit one. The arena is small and spawns close together, you can often end up dying two seconds after spawning if you catch an arrow and javelin at the same time, or a jav to the head. Frustrating.

    While they are at it they should remove the spear and shield infantry combo too. I hate using a spear on foot so much that I no longer participate in Sturgian or Khuzait tournaments.



    Letting us pick our weapons would solve a lot of problems.
  4. Aggrobiscuit

    Castles should have zone of control?

    I like the idea, but implementing it now would mean a world map overhaul probably. There's already enough faction imbalance.
  5. Aggrobiscuit

    how to get bigger boob for female char?

    Completely agree, why is this forum so sensitive about a slightly morbid/suggestive question/feature? This is a war game where you can massacre thousands of presumably innocent recruits (including their screams and blood), but is asking for breast size slider really the limit?

    Neo puritanism. It's an ironic thing to see as the world becomes more degenerate with every passing day.
  6. Aggrobiscuit

    how to get bigger boob for female char?

    youre not wrong though, if i could lock up all the white christians in the world i would man. they are literally the devil

    Don't worry, there's this group that mass murders Christians every single easter. Racists like you will get your wish eventually.

    Good name by the way. Attacking someone knowing you will not be punished is pretty cowardly.
  7. Aggrobiscuit

    TW might want to change the wording of their Steam store page

    It's gonna be in development (EA) for longer than 1 year. I think we all know this now.

    Or maybe they'll just run the clock for a year and call it done. I can't imagine the game can change much in a year given the current pace, and a lot needs to change.
  8. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    Ah of course, totally forgot companion parties. That makes the most sense out of all army compositions to be honest. I'd rather have my companions in my army than a bunch of nobles that hate my guts or some mercenaries that couldn't care less.
  9. Aggrobiscuit

    Still can't swim

    Noone said it needs to be possible with armor though, it could be possible to swim in civil clothes or without clothes only.

    When you develop features that nobody will ever see or use, it's just a waste of time and manpower. It might satisfy someone's fixation, but that's all it will do.
  10. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    Totally agree on number 1. Make the ability to lead army tied to clan tier level rather than being in a faction.

    It's a nice idea, but who could you ask to join your army if not in a faction? Recruiting from major factions would bring up all kinds of problems, and you couldn't recruit mercenary factions either, because they don't spend any time as free agents, they immediately join a faction on leaving their last one.
  11. Aggrobiscuit

    Working past midnight

    If you are working past midnight it actually is voluntary work.

    Just being devil's advocate for a sec, but it's not technically voluntary if you're being paid for it. Also, this could be crunch so we have no idea if it's voluntary or not.

    That aside, I recognise it for what it is (hard work) and salute it.
  12. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    I'm not sure how you haven't seen it, but bandits of all types surrender all the goddamned time in unmodded game, to the point I have difficulty finding someone to fight and level my troops. No need for any perk either.

    I found that if you keep your party under 100 people, the surrender thing happens far less often. I think it happens a lot more after you outnumber them by 10:1, but troop tiers might play a part in the calculation too.
  13. Aggrobiscuit

    TaleWorlds Merchandise plox?

    I'll buy some merchandise after the game is finished maybe. For me, I'll buy some plastic junk to further support a really great game, but this one isn't even half finished yet so it's too soon to call it.

    And honestly, it might be a poor move to try and milk cash off this game right now, people may not appreciate it.
  14. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    YES! I've seen it happen but I didn't realize why! I though it was weird because shouldn't my moral go down when I bulk up on at ton of troops?

    The leadership exp is gained when you recruit the troops, you can donate them or let them go afterwards and recruit more.
  15. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    "Personal" is your morale boost, added by your Leadership skill. It will become around 50 somewhere near skill level 100-125. But you gotta get your Leadership that high first.

    Seems like a circular flaw. Raising leadership to get passive leadership gains. Surely the design isn't this silly? I felt this pain too, but it should be possible to get leadership high enough to be useful before dying of old age, maybe.
  16. Aggrobiscuit

    About Leadership skill

    After a certain point, morale will always be capped at 100 because of "personal", and the leadership gains become pretty steady without leading an army.

    Not exactly sure what personal is. Maybe a combination of charm and renown? I started letting lords go instead of executing, and my charm rose pretty well. After that, I started getting leadership gains just from playing.
  17. Aggrobiscuit


    What we've got now is a transaction like if we were buying a horse.

    The bribery slider is so sensitive, that I couldn't give my father-in-law the exact 10k he wanted. The closest I could get was 13k. So I made him throw in a couple horses and a cow to sweeten the deal. So your comment is fairly close to the mark there.
  18. Aggrobiscuit

    I have a stable Kingdom, lord not deserting :O

    Nice. Ecarand is kind of a b**** I remember he always votes for war when it's a really bad idea too. I wonder if noble's personality plays a part in this, and whether it might be a good idea to recruit cautious lords when forming your own kingdom, so going to war is mostly in the hands of the player.
  19. Aggrobiscuit

    Please, don't break what's working

    Agree with your comment about quests that give some negative and some positive relations. I can't speak for all gamers, but I feel like most of us are ignoring those quests because losing relation when you're at 0 will permanently screw you out of getting quests from that NPC.

    It should be possible through doing the quest properly to end with a solution that makes everyone happy. Especially if your character has high charm skill, i mean that's what it's there for right?
  20. Aggrobiscuit

    Noble long bow not spawning in my game?

    Could it be the economy? I read somewhere that a city needs a good economy and the right workshop (in this case woodwork) to produce relevant high end gear. Pretty much every city is doing poorly now, this could be preventing the good weapons from spawning.

    Sidenote: I'm wondering if the economy nerf is to try and counter prosperity and starvation in cities.
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