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  1. Baronsworth

    Radial menu only to issue orders?

    This is the worst update ever guys, literally ruined the game for me. I understand you want to appeal to gamepad players and I agree, I think its a great idea, but you should give us the option to switch between the old command menu and this new command wheel one. Please do it ASAP.
  2. Baronsworth

    Vote Kick Option plz

    Can we get a vote kick option for multiplayer matches? It would be cool if we can kick toxic/non-cooperative players that ruin matches for us from the team.
  3. Baronsworth

    Reporting Vedmak for glitching

    He is going inside the wall behind B, glitching into the wall, in the map that is a city with the statue of a chariot (don't know the name) way in the back near the church like structure. Don't know where to report
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