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  1. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    While discord may be the more preferred method of submitting feedback and suggestions, it's format is ill suited to the task so I'm dropping it here.

    This mod needs to shift away from being a native warband module with a Warhammer face lift. The biggest thing that needs an overhaul in my opinion is troop recruitment and progression, it's impossible to get the Warhammer experience within the standard warband model.

    Secondly I strongly encourage taking inspiration from the last days mod in several key areas. First certain units only being recruitable from specific locations. Second the ability to permanently destroy settlements though I'd add that faction leaders should be able to build new settlements on the razed plot though it should take months. Third the possibility for Lords to permanently die. Fourth the battle maps which are significantly larger and feel like real places because the terrain is generally flatter and transitions well into hills and valleys.

    The strength of TLD is that it is an actual campaign the player can help to win or lose. That is something that is a core Warhammer experience and should be seriously considered with an eye towards TLD for inspiration.

    As for troop progression, recruitment, and balance... Well right now these things are terrible because of the attempt to place them within the native warband system and the apparent goal of including every possible permutation of unit present in tabletop.

    Hopefully this is something you are open to addressing. I suggest completely abandoning native recruitment, troop trees, individual soldier leveling, and companions then building systems more in line with WFB tabletop to replace them.

    Here's how I'd go about it. Party size is reduced to half of your leadership skill plus a base value of 1, +1 more for mercenary, +1 more for Lord, +1 more for faction leader. So party size is literally 1(minimum)-9(maximum).

    Instead of companions the player finds unit leaders to fill out their party. These are men and women who when hired as companions bring a unit of troops into battle with them.

    Troops are tooled to specific roles and no longer level up, instead their unit leader levels up and has skills which increase how fast they can replenish casualties. An empire spearmen troop leader may always bring say 20 spearmen, whereas a chaos champion leader may only bring 5 champions. This system allows for the replication of something like the point system in tabletop.

    This removes the need to grind high tier units and instead makes the player consider the cost and use of each unit type, the strength and weaknesses, and overall army composition. Wanna play horde? You got it! Wanna be a small elite force? You got that too!

    Next I'd make tactics a head to head stat. If you engage an enemy Lord with 5 tactics and you have 6, the difference of 1 is then subtracted from his party, so his bottom unit leader will not be available to assist in that battle. No one should be reduced below 3 unit leaders or to say it another way 3 squads. When multiple Lords are fighting their tactics are added together with their allies to determine the outcome, but whoever has the lowest tactics score individually is the one whose units are denied the field down to the minimum 3 then it continues on down the line.

    Severely wounded squad leaders who cannot participate in a fight cannot field their troops.

    Hopefully I've provided enough detail for people to see the potential of this design, I think for anyone familiar the tabletop experience it is very obvious.

    I know a tremendous amount of time and effort has already gone into this modification, and I don't know how much longer the team wants to continue developing it, but if the idea is to keep it going I hope you will adopt these suggestions.

  2. Mount&Musket: Suggestions

    Leberecht Reinhold said:
    Do you really think MB is broken? Care to explain? I mean, its not perfect but thats far from broken....

    And I think a Sword is much better than a Bayonet. Once the bayonet has charged, if hes stuck in a long duel, he is doomed. Just as it should be. The bayonet do crazyomgnuclear damage when you are charging because of the speed bonus on a thrust with a polearm. After that, a facehug will make it do funny damage, and it can be outspammed with a sword. Not to mention the side-attacks work well with those dodgers...
    And yes, you see more bayonets winning the day than swords. BTW, how many bayonets are per sword? 10? 20?  :wink:

    The MB melee system is terrible in multiplayer because all melee devolves into idiotic circle strafing zerg fests where organization goes out the window. The fact that you can move left and right and back all while attacking is ridiculous for any game trying to capture a semblance of reality.

    The charge does tremendous damage, as it should. Even in close range I rarely need more than one or two stabs with it. And yes the saber can "outspam" the bayo, but the bayo can easily stay out of range. And the side attacks really don't do much of anything in regards to the circle strafing.

    You have a point about bayonets outnumbering swords, but I am not talking about how many kill icons I see with the bayonet. I am talking about how many sword on bayo duels I have witnessed where the guy with the bayonet wins via the circle, stab, repeat method. Often times against more than one attacker.

    But all of this really is not what my major complaint was. I simply feel that splitting someones skull with ANY weapon should be the end of it.

    Also remove the hair from the damn hats lol. It is so ridiculous.
  3. Mount&Musket: Suggestions

    GerDeathstar said:
    PsychoThruster said:
    Also the officer's saber seems underpowered. Today was my first day playing and on two separate occasions I was able to flank and enemy position unnoticed. I came right up behind an enemy and delivered a chop to the back of his head only for him to turn around and stab me, killing me instantly with the bayonet. Not quite right imo.

    If you think bayos are absolutely superior to swords I challenge you to a duel, bayo vs sword. I'm pretty sure you'll be convinced otherwise after that.

    As it is, bayonets are very easy to block, but should you not be able to do that you should be punished - this punishment comes in form of devastating damage delivered by that weapon. The inability to perform sideswings with it is balanced out with the range and damage advantage it has.

    Your point is moot, I don't care about the advantages and disadvantages in a head on "duel". I think that the hit box for the head should apply to melee as well. If can flank and enemy and deliver a chop to his skull I shouldn't have to take it past that regardless of what weapon I am wielding.

    It is also worth noting that even when engaged in a duel, blocking is a rare occurrence. Instead players typically try to circle strafe and side chop/stab/bash each other. I have seen far more bayos win the day than sabers too. Maybe these people aren't experts at the game, but they are the majority. Now in a duel between two players who are very familiar with the intricacies of the mount and blade melee system(as broken as it is in multiplayer) and are able to duel without interference from other players...Then yes, the saber probably is much more proficient. However this is not a game about Napoleonic dueling between an officer and a ranker. This is a game about Napoleonic warfare, and under that pretense the saber, perhaps even the entire melee system is insufficient.

  4. 1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    I have spoken with trethmeier through private messages about my joining, and he has asked me to post here to make it official. I look forward to working with and growing with this regiment.

    Information that may be useful for who's command I am placed under: I work most weekdays, some late hours are doable. Most weekends are free. I am on Eastern Standard time which I believe is UTC-4.

    I plan to have Team Speak operational sometime this weekend. My headset is broken, but I doubt it will be an issue if a recruit cannot speak.

    Anyway, looking forward to this.

  5. Mount&Musket: Suggestions

    Remove the hair from the hats and let the player's pre-selected hair stay in its place. Kinda annoying seeing people with blond hair and red goatees.

    Also the officer's saber seems underpowered. Today was my first day playing and on two separate occasions I was able to flank and enemy position unnoticed. I came right up behind an enemy and delivered a chop to the back of his head only for him to turn around and stab me, killing me instantly with the bayonet. Not quite right imo.
  6. Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Looking for a regiment, new to the game but decent at infantry and willing to learn any position. I'd like to be part of a well established regiment with a large number of members who value tactics and strategy. I am on Eastern Standard Time(UTC-04). Please PM if you are interested in having me as a recruit.
  7. Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    I should first state that I have no experience or ability in regards to modding. This is merely an idea for those that do have such skills and would be interested in such a project.

    My idea in a nutshell is a gladiator game, historically accurate, and would feature the finest of arena combat in Rome. The player would take on the role of a slave who is trained to be a gladiator and forced to fight for the amusement of the mob. There is plenty of both single player and multiplayer potential for such a project, and either direction would be very rewarding in my opinion.

    Regardless the fundamentals would be as follows: Atmosphere, Depth, Immersion, Intense combat.

    I feel many of Warband's existing systems would have to be heavily modded in order to truly captivate on this idea, but from other work I have seen it seems possible. 

    I have many detailed ideas on how I feel the intricacies of the game should work, however this is not the place for that. If there is a mod team out there interested in this project please let me know. We can run through my ideas and plan out exactly what the mod would entail.

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