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  1. Herofellas

    Bannerlord Photography

    Taking a break in the middle of a siege




  2. Herofellas

    Barter Offer Accepted

    I did not engage barter with anyone ( i m the ruler clan) i think my clan members are doing barter with other nobles and i saw i just got a castle from it and it makes me think if they are going to make a bad deal and sell any of our towns/castles?
  3. Herofellas

    Arrow realism

    Difference between arrow and bullet is speed. With medieval bows 70m/s is close to max speed for arrows while rifle bullet travels ~1000m/s. That speed difference is huge and that is why even early firearms could penetrate armors that bows couldn't. Bows doesn't work against plate. Never worked in history and shouldn't work in game.
    First of all there are no plate armors in the game second I have seen an arrow penetrate a hard surface like it's going in a block of butter, surely it was way more faster than 70m/s )))
  4. Herofellas

    Arrow realism

    If you make a good search on this you will see arrows has the same effects as a bullet so nothing stops it only the very high-density objects such as sandbags.
  5. Herofellas

    Game crash while choosing an heir.

    It's probably not a fully finished or missed part of the game in a couple of weeks all these will be in-game fully
  6. Herofellas

    This is awesome

    I was cutting looters 2 by 2 with my 2H axe and they were screaming "you are too strong" and something like "God help us aghhh" this is ****ing awesome <3
  7. Herofellas

    Immersive Things that i think would be good for the game

    -Aserai&Khuzait should make this Islamic/Arab War scream i can't give a better example than "lululululu" i hope you know what i mean
    Khuzait are muslim??
  8. Herofellas

    [Question / Request] Addition of a roadmap

    I would love to see a roadmap as well
  9. Herofellas

    Hastati Units

    That would be great, i wanna join Skolderbrotva in one of my next playthrough.
    I remember that they decided to add players being able to join to minor factions so it will be in the full game most probably
  10. Herofellas

    Hastati Units

    Yeah, i know, but is there any easier way?
    Not really. Next updates we might be able to join minor factions and recruit their troops
  11. Herofellas

    Hastati Units

    Hey everyone, i just discovered that there is the old roman units in the game, however i can't find the recruits anywhere. Do i need to improve the character skills first?
    Thank you!
    You can wound them in battle and then take their men as slaves, then recruit them.
  12. Herofellas

    Becoming the King/Emperor of a faction

    Let me see.

    Archers wont shoot further than 25-30 meters
    Sieges dont work
    AI wont replenish soldiers after 10 hours ingame due to no money
    AI don't replenish food
    Your army wages don't get paid even though u have enough money to pay the whole army for the next year
    workshop dont work as intended
    economy doesnt work as intended
    during sieges armies just start hitting random walls and doors,, some enemies can teleport themselves through walls
    voting isn't working as intended
    giving fiefs don't work
    instant defections of AI lords
    Kings declare wars with everybody even while losing current wars very hard
    Simple quest don't work or are impossible to finish
    Leveling doesn't work
    Companion levels and quest dont work
    peace making dont work

    I can go on for ages...

    You really think becoming an emperor of a current faction will work?
    Only 1 crush at a castle siege happen to me otherwise I have never headed an issue with a single thing you wrote here everything is working very fine and I have +30 hours already
  13. Herofellas

    Castle Notables?

    Castles are pretty disappointing and feel like Warband.

    To keep it simple, I think castles should have Notables, who, instead of being landowners, merchants and the like are Captains, Sergeants who will have access to more elite troops. AFAIK the noble troop line is random for which Notables get access to, so instead, maybe they should be linked to castles.

    Castle 'Notables' would have quests could be more military-based, such as troop patrols, or garrison training, and in turn, these Notables would have access to higher-tier troops upon the get-go.

    Of course, balancing needs to be kept in mind, but I think making castles more than just the fortresses they are could do the game good.
    Great idea. I want to see this too
  14. Herofellas


    Diriliş ertuğrulcu tayfa zırladığı için koydular zaten.
  15. Herofellas


    BOLT u CİVATA diye çeviren botunuza teşekkürler iyiki ingilizce oynuyorum türk yayıncıları izlerken kahroluyorum neden eklediniz bu türkçe dil seçeneğini...
  16. Herofellas

    So Let's make a list of what features are missing from this "early access"

    Some of the features you wrote here "no" exist...
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