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  1. JakobvanBicke

    What is the actual reason we can't get server files?

    Let me start off by saying: I'm well aware this topic has been talked about a lot already and everybody is waiting for the ability to host custom servers. On that note, what I actually want to know is, what's the actual reason we can't get the servers? Where is the problem? Maybe a MP Dev like...
  2. JakobvanBicke

    Beast #4 Sign up thread.

    Team Name: House-Hessian
    Team Tag: Hess
    Contact 1:
    hoonii (Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 2: Jakob (Taleworlds & Steam)


  3. JakobvanBicke

    A petition to reintroduce friendly fire

    I'm quite certain that they will reintroduce it once they find out what caused the crashes.

    For TDM and siege I would highly prefer self damage over foreign damage for friendly fire.With a random matchup an chaotic circumstances the damage should be taken by the one who caused it so that he learns to be careful without making innocent teammates suffer.
    that's the approach they took and will take again I assume. Rn it's just a spam-fest
  4. JakobvanBicke

    [BEAST#3] Suggestions

    TW offers badges for BEAST which is very interesting. So first I have a remark about that and then a suggestion.

    The badges better not be only for the top team in A (aka DM) or something like that.

    So the suggestion, the community is quite divided on the class restriction part. What if we start without class restrictions and have another vote in 2/3 weeks? This gives everyone at least a taste of the tournament without class limits and then can be decided if it is there to stay or not for the rest of the tournament.
    Before you kill me, yes I know that this isn't competitive as you cannot compare the matches then anymore. But this tournament is called early access, the game is early access and I play for fun.
    The reason I want class limits in Beast is because I don't want to be stuck for 7 matches if it sucks balls thus my suggestion to revisit after 1 2 or 3 weeks.
    @Ikea Knight would such a thing be possible tournament wise?

    @Hairless @TheBard would such a thing be more agreeable on than no class limits at all?
    I know you didn't ask for my opinion specifically, but that is probably something that me and my guys could work with. Most of us are already aware that a "no class-restriction" tournament will be an absolute ****show for Inf players, but if that's what it takes to show TW that Cav & Archers just outmatch Inf in every regard rn we can work with that.
  5. JakobvanBicke

    European Duel Tournament II 🏆 WINNER - PACEMAKER

    Would be an even greater tournament if the administration didn't actually participate in the tournament. Because no matter if you actually believe that Guru was "cheating", or if you just removed him to make sure only your chosen friends can make the finals, it certainly does look sketchy to remove a participant on the base of "cheating" without providing proper evidence.
    So maybe you should think about reorganizing your admin team. Just to make sure noone can claim there's self-interest in admin actions.
  6. JakobvanBicke

    Ban skirmish troll pls

    How about combining the current report system and kick polls?

    Like reporting a player in-game starts a poll with the given report. When the majority of the lobby can confirm that incident, the culprit gets kicked from the server and only then will the ban request be passed on to you.

    I think that would actually solve multiple issues:
    • Lobby can finally get rid of wrongdoers instantly
    • Less false accusations (and less falsely banned people :wink: )
    • Less ban requests for you to handle (and more time to spend on more important things :wink: )
    AND you wouldn't even have to change that much of your current system.
    Good idea. 1 small problem you might have to watch out for in a system like that is groups of trolls / people abusing the system. If this troll has 2 friends playing / trolling with him he won't get kicked and therefore TW doesn't receive the complaint. I think reports should be handled individually even if only 1 person reports. But the way things are getting checked rn is just suboptimal. A replay system that records the video of the situation where the report occurred would be so much clearer than "we checked the logs". Cause logs can't tell you everything
  7. JakobvanBicke

    mute for the win

    Nah man. I'm comparing gaming to real life cause it's the same. If you insult me online it's no different from insulting me irl.
    If I was admin (which I'm also glad I'm not cause I'd have to deal with people like you) I'd ban you and give you some time to think about how you're interacting with other human beings, yeah.
    I'm well aware that there are different people with different kind of personalities. I also know that some people can take insults better than others. For some people, however, some small insults online can be the final straw that makes them snap.
    And I focus on the mute part cause that's the main focus of your post.
    Lastly I wanna ask you what your definition of opinion is. Cause insulting people is not an opinion.
  8. JakobvanBicke

    mute for the win

    thats exactly what im talking about, you guys are stilll getting hurt by being called trash, for real adults right? behave like an adult yet you adults get hurt like children, the funny thing is im trashtalking everyone but yet some of those ppl who i trashtalked are on my friendlist right now, whats the change of heart? there are some players that are trashtalking some less some more, being hurt by every word is being an adult? you cant say behave like an adult when you are a child - does this hurt you aswell?

    (oh p.s is this being toxic?)
    Reporting someone breaking the law (or in this case the code of conduct) is a very adult move. What kids would do, is to get mad and start insulting back. If someone insults me irl I tell them to stop. If they don't I might just take the case to the authorities (the police). That's the adult thing to do.

    And yes. Even adults can get hurt by words. Both men and women. Your "man up argument" is stupid and a prime example of toxic masculinity. So ye. Your post right here is toxic as well.

    I get the feeling you lack something very important, something very human. That thing is called empathy.

    great job really good mute TW i respect you all so much, whats next, mute in the forums?
    Would be a great thing to happen to the forum 🙃
  9. JakobvanBicke

    mute for the win

    yikes man. Even within my clan (and I got a bunch of toxic guys in that one) you're well known to be one of the most toxic players in Bannerlord as of right now. Maybe get your **** together and behave like an adult. Most people play this game for fun. If you find your fun in harassing other players and insulting them I guess you should find some masochists who enjoy that as well and play with them.

    no i wont make a message if this was a first mute, but these last few days ive been careful with the words that i wrote, therefore using mostly trash, i understood and got the last mute which is fine legit toxic player wont type for a while okay sure no problem, but right now like srsly 2 days that i've been able to type and insta mute, like srsly it's "trash", what's the harm when fighting someone and calling them trash, thats my way of dying of losing, "sore loser" sure thing call me that, but i think that it's becoming more of report due to hating me rather than me using words
    I could go into detail of the actual harm you can cause by constantly insulting people, but I guess you're not really interested in that.
    The only thing I can say is:
    these mutes are 100% deserved and you're lucky you're not banned (yet). No one wants toxic people like you in their community.
  10. JakobvanBicke

    ⚔ EVENT: Massacre in Druimmor Forest (December, 19th)

    Great event. We had lots of fun. The feedback from my guys was even better than I anticipated.
    Would love to see more events like this in the future (*wink at TW*) maybe with custom servers / battle mode 🙃
    Videos about it from our view might go online in the near future
  11. JakobvanBicke

    [BEAST#3] Suggestions

    I suggest to delete khuzaits from rotation in next tournaments. There is nearly impossible to win playing as them against equal or even slightly worse team. There is a lot of draws because of them.
    @hoonii from my clan would definitely back you up on that one.
    I, personally, want to see how 1.5.5 impacts Khuzait and then make my call. As of right now they're just bad, though. If they don't improve by quite a bit it's actually fair to ban them from the tournament, as playing with them is basically a 100% secure loss.
  12. JakobvanBicke

    [BEAST#3] Divison C Weekly Match Results

    Match confirmed.
    roster updated, op updated, main C thread updated

    thanks for the screens - please take teh time to post the round score as well

    Hess 5 (1) - (3) 10 Res

    can confirm the sweatiness of round 4 🙃
  13. JakobvanBicke

    ⚔ EVENT: Massacre in Druimmor Forest (December, 19th)

    One of my boys will stream from our perspective.

    edit: seems like bb code doesn't like linking twitch streams that aren't running rn. Click here if the one above doesn't work
  14. JakobvanBicke

    Are there players playing multiplayer "right now"?

    Ok I tried 1.5.4 and there are people playing it
    yeah. Most people play on 1.5.4 if you wanna play on the beta branch you better get a bunch of friends to queue up with you cause you won't find any matches on there
  15. JakobvanBicke

    ⚔ EVENT: Massacre in Druimmor Forest (December, 19th)

    Hopefully this encourages TW to release the 1-life gamemode soon, the NA community wants to be active we are just waiting for the elements we need to create an event
    The sole fact that the 120 slots for the event were gone after 3 hours of this thread being online should send quite a message to TW. People wanna play together like this in epic battles. Skirmish is nice and all, but the large scale battles are what got me into Warband multiplayer in the first place and same goes for most of my guys. We're "only" bringing 20 men cause most of my guys are still skeptical about the current state of the game. As soon as there's custom servers (and hopefully a 1-life-battle-mode) there'll be quite a bunch of players coming back from their current break on this game.
  16. JakobvanBicke

    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: House-Hessian
    Clan tag: Hess
    Clan region: EU
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link: Group
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): Steam | Steam Group | TaleWorlds
    please update clan tag (due to restrictions by the ingame system to 4 characters)
  17. JakobvanBicke

    ⚔ EVENT: Massacre in Druimmor Forest (December, 19th)

    Clan Name: House-Hessian
    Leader Steam: Duke Jakob van Bicke
    Number of people who will attend: I'd say about 15-20 for now. I'll update the numbers when I got more feedback from my boys
    We have read and agreed with the rules: Yes
    Looks more like we'll be 20-25 right now. Got 20 signups from my guys and some who don't know if they can make it. Hope that's no issue
  18. JakobvanBicke

    Current ban distribution system

    Need a system like CS:GO
    An overwatch system you mean? Dunno if M&B has enough people to actually pull that off. It needs like 3-4 people judging every single case (at least if the CS system is still how I remember it from 4 years ago)
  19. JakobvanBicke

    Current ban distribution system

    @MArdA TaleWorlds there's been quite a lot of posts like this recently. Would you guys mind explaining the banning system / method in more detail? Cause as of right now people don't get enough information what they're actually being banned for. You mentioned in another thread that 9 teamhits in 30 seconds is considered intentional teamhitting. Now what if it was just a very unlucky situation? For example when you're in a 5v5 melee and you don't know how to handle your swings properly? It often happens to me as well that I hit my teammates in fights cause I swinged sideways. Maybe that player is new to the game and hits his teammates on accident quite a few times and they, angry about having a noob in their team, report him.
    In general you guys should probably look at your current system and see what you can improve, as it seems to not work the way you intended it to work.
    One thing you should definitely give people is the exact time and reason for the report. Just a few sentences like:
    "You were reported for teamkilling on 10.12.2020 04:20 GMT. After reviewing the logs of the game we decided to ban you for x amount of hours / days. Further details can be obtained by contacting (insert the person they should DM) via direct message on the forum."
    This would solve 90% of the issues people have with the current banning system. You got the exact reason, time, and contact you need to understand the ban.
  20. JakobvanBicke


    kinda cringe to start your own hashtag about yourself cause noone else would.
    I don't know the exact circumstances under which you have been banned, but I assume that it was breaking the code of conduct and therefore the ban is ok. I do, however, strongly agree that there has to be a kick function, as just waiting for people to kill you is not the best approach to take, but until it's there we'll have to put up with trolls and toxic people
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