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  1. Pejot

    Need More Info [1.5.6] Unable to progress main quest because lords died

    I cannot progress the main quest cause I didn't manage to talk with 10 NPCs about battle of Pendraic. I talked with 9 and now all others are dead and I cannot progress.
  2. Pejot

    Only first character matters

    Ok so I had a long playthrough. Started in 1.5.0 continued till 1.5.6. My first character died of old age when he was 58 but up to that point I've built a decent clan. Vassals of Vlandia with 3 castles, town, 4 workshops and a caravan. My brother and sister died in battle but I managed to...
  3. Pejot

    Castles value

    Are there any plans to add any meaning to castles? Right now they are just useless markers for bound villages owning. They have no strategic or wealth meaning. You cannot sustain a basic low/mid tier garrison with profits from them not even talking about main party costs. I know there is a lot...
  4. Pejot

    Profit&Loss in clan menu

    Hi folks, Since all income info was summarised in mouse tooltip in current beta I think that adding a detailed balance sheet in clan menu would be nice. If someone (like me) likes to check detailed info on what and how is making a profit that option is a must have. What do You think?
  5. Pejot

    Children's marriage

    Was anyone able to arrange marriage for his kid. I can talk about it with leader of another clan and choose which of my kids I want to propose. Then he tells me who is suitable for marriage in his clan and sends me to this person but there's no dialog with potential spouse about it. Is it broken...
  6. Pejot

    Need More Info Defender food supplies info in siege menu

    The info in upper bar in siege menu showing how many days it will take before defender will start to starve is incorrect. In most cases it shows 0 while in settlement tooltip I can see they have food in granary for couple of days.
  7. Pejot

    Army composition at battle/siege start

    Does anyone know if things other then order in party menu are affecting how many units of given type will spawn at start of the battle if armies are bigger than battle limit? I recently fought in siege (2300 my army vs 1100 defenders) and no archers spawned for me, only infantry. If only the...
  8. Pejot

    Resolved Game freezes while fast turning camera in battle.

    As in the title while in battle game suddenly freezes while i'm moving camera fast near many enemy units. Theres no FPS drop or any signal that something is wrong. The game just freezes ouit of nowhere. The process is still normaly working (in task manager) so there's no crash or crash log. Game...
  9. Pejot

    Siege length

    I think that time it takes to besiege a castle/city and prepare assault is too short. Preparing everything in one in-game day is too easy and blocks any chance of getting to town with army to break the siege. My proposition is to change the time it takes to buil camp and equipment with link to...
  10. Pejot

    Battle loot nerf

    I want to propose changes in battle loot. 1. Only weapon and armors on T5 and above should be included in loot 2. All weapons and armors below T5 that contain iron should be transformed into iron ore. The ratio should be half of the iron ore used to produce the weapon with round down. This will...
  11. Pejot

    Siege duration.

    Ok so after some playing and many sieges I have some thoughts that You may or may not agree with. 1. Besieging a settlement takes too short. I think that on 0 lvl engeenering building camp shod take at least 3 in game days (it could be lowered to 1,5 day with max engeenering). 2. Building...
  12. Pejot

    Unresolved [Beta 1.1.0] AI Lords ignoring food problems

    As You can see in the video below AI armies never take food into account when deciding on their target. This army marched the whole map and started to starve halfway and decided to go back loosing troops (it was 1200 troops at start). After something like this Lords are usually captured by...
  13. Pejot

    Unresolved Units in Group VI spawn in different position then rest of troops.

    When i put my Infantry into group 6 (Heavy Infantry) on certain maps they spawn in different position then main army. For example when fighting in any village they spawn in the middle near enemy, in bandit hideouts they spawn on the other side of the map. This is causing losses especialy in...
  14. Pejot

    Unresolved Smoke above village won't dissapear until village is raided again.

    In some cases smoke showing that village was raided doesn't dissapear even when the village goes back to normal. It dissapears only if the village is raided again and goes back to normal again. See screens below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1frYAklYcVHWyIzK_POvHE0qpvNg3MFcf/view?usp=sharing...
  15. Pejot

    Unresolved Bugged info about income (showing decimals)

    You can see it in the screenshot below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FzgdG5KG0x4CmHI5RubD50Cc4tHL-hwU/view?usp=sharing
  16. Pejot


    Just tested 10 siege battles using custom battle and... Why the hell they work so different then campaign siges. Units are doing what they should using siege equipment firing at enemy and all. This applies for both sides. Also i found out that there is one weird thing about sieges. As soon as...
  17. Pejot

    Unit's grouping and equipments

    I would really love to see more default groups for units. I think that most needed would be: - spearmen (all troops from spearmen trees) - skirmishers (all light troops with ranged and throwing weapons that don't count as ranged) As for equipment why bother with creating separate spearmen...
  18. Pejot

    Troop tree and unit lvling

    There was one thing that I really hated in previous M&B and I don't like in Bannerlord. Access to culture specific troops. I think that player should be able to train troops depending on what culture he chooses. I don't like it that in order to train vlandians I need to run to vladia territory...
  19. Pejot

    Unfortunately butter is not a civilian outfit.

    It seems You cannot bring your butter into cieties xD. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17B5O8HfpeJxnSY-95eb3EcKYp-kg1bp2/view
  20. Pejot

    Resolved One step ahead perk doesn't work

    Summary: One step ahead perk in tactics that should let you place troops before battle when attacking doesn't work. I just start battle as usual. How to Reproduce: get one step ahead perk in tactics and attack other party. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version...
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