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  1. Fierce Headmaster

    Keyboard USB failure

    So I got a keyboard and mouse set for christmas, this one http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/products/keyboards/devastator/ The problem is, while the mouse works perfectly, the keyboard came with a faulty usb cable. Plugging it in only works for ~30 seconds at a time, then it shuts down for...
  2. Fierce Headmaster

    Need a bit of help working around overheating on CPU...

    ...starting from the fact I have negative money. I tried overcleaning, underclocking, reapplying thermal paste (and am down to the last few mililiters in my syringe). Nothing can bring it down from around 80ºC when I'm playing something. Tj. max is 83ºC, but the computer shuts down when it stays...
  3. Fierce Headmaster

    Links ending in ) aren't working properly

    Observed this today in two different posts: IIRC this was working fine until recently, though I don't trust my memory that much.
  4. Fierce Headmaster

    Tree of Savior

    I'm pretty hyped for this. I miss Ragnarok Online and playing this without being a kid irl will be interesting. Anyone missing 2.5d mmos? Also there's this huge collection of classes and they have the intention of going over 100 (the image repeats some of them, dunno why is that): For now it's...
  5. Fierce Headmaster

    Shaq Fu 2

    I mean, really? Shaq Fu for SNES was really bad, and it's universally known as so. I don't even.
  6. Fierce Headmaster

    The Stanley Parable

    Please buy it. It's the first art game I ever liked.
  7. Fierce Headmaster

    Star Wars-based avatars

    So, this escalated quickly. I just wanted to make an avatar for me that reflected Darth Celer, a character I made up to costume as in cons. Then I look at Hector and Wolfhead's similar avatars and decided to make Jedi that went along in the same vibe. Now lots of people expressed interest in...
  8. Fierce Headmaster

    Age of Wonders III

    Holy molassy, 11 years after AoW2 the best news I could ever get about it appear. A new game, with the AoW team and Overlord team in charge. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/02/06/age-of-wonders-iii3threeiii%C2%B3-announced/ Can't wait to play a good game with hexes again. I confess, the...
  9. Fierce Headmaster

    232 dead in brazilian Nightclub

    ****ing band shot flares at the ceiling, and the security was even more assholish. Two hundred people dead because of a few dumb people, way to go. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/01/27/brazil-nightclub-fire/1867777/ - english...
  10. Fierce Headmaster

    Baldur's Gate remake on the works

    http://baldursgate.com/ Includes secretive source-code messages that change sometimes. Can't wait to go for the eyes.
  11. Fierce Headmaster

    Chalmers scientists create light from vacuum

    http://www.chalmers.se/en/news/Pages/Chalmers-scientists-create-light-from-vacuum.aspx Is this completely new or just as the article said, "predicted over 40 years ago" and proving it isn't a big deal? I don't know much but the layman's terms for quantum physics, so I want to know what you...
  12. Fierce Headmaster

    Compiling and running C programs in Windows

    I have an exam tomorrow on basic C programming, some exercises to practice on and I just can't get any program to work. I do not want to put Linux on my desktop to do it (nor I have the time now), and the programs labeled for Windows aren't working for some reason. For the record, I tried...
  13. Fierce Headmaster

    "No signal" from monitor.

    Well, it happened just a couple hours ago. I was talking on skype with some pals and browsing the net and then everything starts to freeze. I tell them I'm restarting the computer (skype works even when the computer's on fire), then when it loads up again, another crash. Restarting again, it...
  14. Fierce Headmaster

    Berserk 320

    Gutts has gone Pinocchio in the sea god's ass http://www.mangareader.net/berserk/320
  15. Fierce Headmaster

    Age of Wonders

    A turn-based strategy game, with a hex map, that marked my childhood and yadda yadda. It's for 6 dollars on Steam, and damn it's worth it. Anyone ever played or is interested? I only played with another person twice in my life, it's ****ing hard to find people who like this kind of game...
  16. Fierce Headmaster

    Round orb-like HP meter?

    So, the Diablo mod will need orb HP (and mana) meters, is this possible? If possible, I'll start drawing them right away.
  17. Fierce Headmaster

    2010 Blizzard's Global Writing Contest!

    Guys, Blizzard is holding a writing contest, with the prize being an all-paid visit to their HQ plus a Frostmourne replica or a Diablo Overthrown statue. So if you know enough of any of Blizzard's 3 main franchises, Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft, give a try and write a story containing...
  18. Fierce Headmaster

    What's keeping you busy today?

    So, I searched through 15 pages of this board, and saw no similar thread. Got this idea while being busy. (d'oh) Then, what's keeping me busy is those backstories I'm writing for the Diablo classes for my mod. It's being somewhat difficult to come up with lore-compatible ideas but I'll finish...
  19. Fierce Headmaster

    (question) Spawning scene props in a battle

    It's possible to spawn a scene prop with collision mesh while in battle (with a command key)? I plan for a Bone Wall that is summoned blocking your enemy's passage. And better, spawning 10 of those in a straight line, would make them follow the terrain's shape, or would them clip over?
  20. Fierce Headmaster

    Lava and terrains question.

    There's any way to create lava in M&B? Not only making the water lava-like, but dealing damage to someone who tries to walk over it. Aaaaand, what do I need to add extra terrains? Instead of changing the standard ones? (yes, I'll create Hell in M&B)
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