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  1. SkyTime

    So Let's make a list of what features are missing from this "early access"

    Companion inventory management

    You can manage companions gear from for example directly in the trade menu. It's just not super obvious and different than it was in Warband
  2. SkyTime

    Night attacks are insanely dark

    Have you... tried fixing the brightness settings? It's perfectly fine for me.
  3. SkyTime

    TW Hearts of Iron III Multiplayer Campaign Thread

    Have you lot tried using Doodle to set **** up?

    I just pop in once a month to stalk, don't know what you do but posting dates in a thread seems very painful
  4. SkyTime

    Smartphone recommendations?

    I had a Sony Xperia Z2 and it survived a year in the army and I quite liked it, then I buggered it when I was drunk so I got me a Sony XZs which I've liked well enough so far. It's a pretty phone and feels good in my hand, as to how good it actually is I've no idea.
  5. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    ****'s ****ed, you're right, the GPU is almost certainly borked at this point.

    Judging by some anger-fueled googling my old'ish motherboard and outdated bios version could have something to do with it but in all honesty I just can't be arsed to go that route, I'll probably end up bricking the whole thing.

    I'll just wait till' I have some money to get a display port monitor and if even that doesn't work I'll throw everything against a wall or something.

    Thanks though.
  6. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    Well I can get to bios with both the 144hz and the 60hz monitor so I don't really know about that.

    I'm pretty reluctant to get a refund because it's always such a huge pain in the ass so I'll wait until I get to reinstall windows.

    Thanks for the help though, I'll get back to this if **** fixes itself or some such.
  7. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    I bought a Benq XL2411 and I strongly believe the port isn't broken because I get signal until desktop, like it shows the windows loading part, and I even got into bios with it :-d But yes, otherwise it works fine on HDMI.

    I've still some things I could try out and if none of them work I'll just try reinstalling windows (because I really ought to do that regardless of the issue xd) and see if something is ****ed in that end.

    e: I tried plugging in all the other **** I had on my last setup but it didn't make any difference. I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point, the next thing I'll probably do is reinstall everything, most likely some time next week as I have a bunch of free time.
  8. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    I tried the DVI-D dual link cable that came with my new monitor and the DVI-D single link cable I had on my old monitor on my old setup, both cables on both monitors, no good.

    If I plug a monitor with the DVI cable as a second monitor it just shows no signal and windows doesn't recognise it so I can't change any settings either  ._.
  9. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    It's only 1080p.

    I've a couple of things to try out to combat this no signal issue but I also have a bunch of tests this week so I can't be arsed right now, I'll get back to this later this week. Hope in the future this might be of use to someone :-d

    E: Well I decided to try something out after all. I unplugged all my SSD's and HDD's and the thing went to BIOS just fine, so the card can't be broken, the resolution in bios was pretty ****ed, like a fourth of the screen was missing. I replugged everything and it was just fine, again, until entering the desktop. Had the loading screen etc, though again the resolution wasn't right. This time I didn't lose DVI signal but just had a black screen on desktop and couldn't do anything.

    I did have two 1080p monitors and a 4k TV on my last card, could that have translated badly with the card change? If I plug in my second monitor with DVI while using my main with HDMI it doesn't even recognise the DVI monitor at all so I can't go there and change the resolution D:
  10. SkyTime

    DVI-D No Signal

    Aight guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle and you've helped me out before >.> I recently upgraded my PC I built back in 2013 with a fancy GTX 1080. I also bought a new 144hz monitor. The thing is, my GPU doesn't give out a DVI-D signal, or rather it loses it as soon as Windows boots, I get to the...
  11. SkyTime

    Kickstarter: Rimworld

    Oh I should try out that zombie stuff, looks pretty neat. I'm also running loads of mods, just waiting for Rimatomics to get updated
  12. SkyTime

    I can no longer play on a server

    A bud of mine also bought a CD key from G2A, activated it in GOG and all the normal jazz and has exactly the same "problem".

    It's most certainly due to G2A selling stolen or just dubious keys in general and someone else is trying to play with the same CD key as you. It always kicks the player currently playing on the key when someone else tries to join.

    Do you get kicked every time or does it sometimes work? If it works randomly then this is the answer.
  13. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    That new premium tank is complete bollocks though, just as Foch said in his video.

    ****ing terrible.

    E: Don't particularly like how Sterling didn't even mention what kind of a ****ty childish video Foch made though, he had great points there but it was a crap way of bringing it out.
  14. SkyTime

    Do any other people here just hate working?

    This thread helped a little.

  15. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    This is just miserable.

    I'm definitely losing way more games than I am winning, and since I'm playing mostly tier 8 half the time I'm facing tier 9 light tanks which is terrible. Maybe I should take a break for like a month ._.
  16. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    Well I tend to bunch all my heavies and mediums up so I don't switch up too much, and I usually don't switch vehicles until I've actually won a round.

    I've also a few tanks I don't play all that often so I've absolutely no clue what I'm doing half the time when playing them :lol:

    E: Same trend continues except I'm getting a lot of tier 9 games with 3 light tanks at the top and it's terrible. It's surprising how badly an invincible autoloader can lock down routes in many of the maps, hnngh.
  17. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    Aye, been playing long enough to figure that out.

    Had a way better day than yesterday, won 5 or 6 out of 12 games, lost count. The matches I had were ****ing terrible though >.> Didn't get a win with every tank yet so will have to continue later.

    I've found I usually lack the patience to play with players who are way too cautious and I'll constantly initiate pushes and try yoloing with varying degrees of success, trying to do a lot less of that during good events like this but matches on crap maps like fiery salient just bore me my tits off.

    Wasn't too bad.
  18. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    I don't feel like being a big contributing factor to most of the losses though, else I'd actively not be at the top of the scoreboard, like I did with my E50 when I racked nearly 10k xp from losses.

    Then again that might just be me blaming everyone else  :lol: There's always room for improvement. I'm going to have a got at the x5's now, full zen no rage, let's see what happens.
  19. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    Lux said:
    I'm gonna be a **** and say, get better. Statistically speaking, the enemy team is just as braindead as yours in a large enough sample of games, the only constant is you. That being said, even a run of zero wins in 30-40 wouldn't be significant in the larger scheme of things, I doubt your w/r is lower than 49%, even bots manage around 47-48%. You just notice bad sessions more than good ones because the frustration leaves a slightly longer lasting impression.

    That's fair enough, statistically I'm something I'd consider average but funnily enough by WoT standards I'm quite good. Still, not good enough to really carry games that end up 5 against 13 or something along those lines, I can pull off mad **** sometimes but miracles are just out of my reach. What bothers me is that the games you get seems to not be balanced at all, I can easily get a week worth of games where I just can't seem to win at all and then when I platoon up with my two mates to get carried or even just solo sometimes I/we win 20 games in a row. You'd really think you got a balanced amount of both wins and losses daily and that wouldn't be such a bother as it seems to be right now. The last part is true as well, a loss streak of 20 is much more annoying than the joy you get from winning 20 in a row, which is why I'd wish these kind of streaks just wouldn't happen all the time  :lol:

    Cyborg Eastern European said:
    If you're used to aggressive gameplay, the overly cautious approach of weekenders and folks just back for the x5 bonus may just be getting you killed early.

    That I've noticed, and yeah I've thrown a few rounds away just by playing like I'm used to but most of the time I perform just as well as before, but the enemy team simply outperforms me and my own team by a lot so there's usually not even the slightest chance of winning.

    I will continue my research into this later today.
  20. SkyTime

    World of Tankcraft

    Does anyone have a theory on just constantly losing like every battle  :lol:

    Played 30-40 games today for my x5's and barely managed to win like 7, I didn't even do too bad in half of them. Got like 10k xp for my E50 just from defeats >.>

    It's atrocious, the games I've been getting. Just had a match with some guy from Kazna and he had similar feelings.
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