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  1. Germanic Celt


    rgcotl said:
    well yea Lionstrong did a nice job with the helmet to bad it tooked so much of his time but i hope that he will became faster with the time

    oh and my first
    Ah, that's unfortunate, but yeah he should get faster and better with time. Good to see he's already doing well.

    :grin: Nice! That's brilliant! Nice interpretation of the statue. Looks a lot more armour like than the one made by CA. This armour actually looks like the leather would do something to protect you.
  2. Germanic Celt


    Seek n Destroy said:
    Made by LionStrong.

    While I don't deem it practical in any way, there are a bunch of archaeological evidence such as the painting in Nola:
    :grin: That's a helmet I've been excited to see for a while. Looks like Lionstrong did a great job of making that helmet, especially with the details on the 'horns'.
  3. Germanic Celt


    rgcotl said:
    well new factions going to look like this
    celts clone 1 (+ beards )
    celtss clone 2 (+ hairs)
    celtss clone 3 (+ beards and hairs)

    oscans clone 1 (unique shields)
    oscans clone 2 (unique helmets)
    oscans clone 3 (unique shields and clothe patterns)

    something like that

    Ah, so some generally minor things to differentiate the factions within a culture, makes sense. Good idea for it actually, otherwise I'd imagine a battle between the Insubres and the Boii very confusing due to similar appearances.
  4. Germanic Celt


    Seek n Destroy said:
    Not this year  :lol:

    We're pretty much rebuilding the Singleplayer for the next release, Rgcotl is working on a new map for the mod which isn't as vast as the current one but much more focused and detailed. Initial focus will be on Italy and Greece (possibly part of Anatolia too) and just with that it's a lot of work, we're splitting most of the factions and adding new things to them and updating some of the old items like the Aspis. There isn't much to show now as it is all in a rough state and most of what we are working on keeps changing but hopefully we can have some parts of the new map to show in a couple of weeks.
    It will be much different from the current version and not as empty, I'm almost worried that it's too crowded now  :ohdear:

    So the new year eve's kiss won't be with RaW 2.6?  :lol:

    Nice to see how much progress you're making towards creating a great single player. What new factions can we expect from the new splitting of old factions?
  5. Germanic Celt

    Rome at War: Media

    nads said:
    Sorry my post got deleted while I tired to edit it :???: here it is again for anyone interested,
    Yes that is the ENBseries I used

    basically ENBseries has been around for years in various forms, a kind of forerunner of sweetfx it's mainly used to make older games look better by improving the lighting, other than that I have no other mods installed apart from what comes with Rome at war, some warband mods which are a bit basic to start with will possibly look worse with ENB, others which have better graphics to start with like polished landscapes will look better, also times of day makes a difference, all those pics are late afternoon or dusk, it's worth trying for screenshot purposes you can always enable/disable in game which is useful.

    Nice, thanks a lot. Those screenshots were seriously great, so I'll definitely need to try this out.
  6. Germanic Celt

    Rome at War: Media

    tenerife_boy said:
    Germanic Celt said:
    nads said:
    Wow, why are all of these so damn majestic?
    tenerife_boy said:
    I want to know if he uses a better environment graphic mod or something..."with added ENBseries." what is that means?

    Me too, the lighting looks a lot better than vanilla Warband on its highest settings... there definitely seems to have been mods. Not too sure, I think it's some sort of platform for graphical mods for games. I remember having used it for Skyrim once IIRC. http://www.moddb.com/mods/graphic-enhancer Found this for Warband pretty easily.
  7. Germanic Celt

    Rome at War: Media

    nads said:
    Wow, why are all of these so damn majestic?
  8. Germanic Celt


    Seek n Destroy said:
    A new celtic sword made by LionStrong:

    Good to see this sword finally added. Nice job to LionStrong.
  9. Germanic Celt

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    jacobhinds said:

    Man, I'm late. This correlates to my username and my deepest emotions.
  10. Germanic Celt


    Seek n Destroy said:
    New clothes for the celts:
    Just a small sample, we have 37 variants of the basic shirt.
    Small test of the tunics in-game, colors will be tweaked and the units overhauled.

    Now those are some Celtic looking Celts (?). Torcs on their necks, colourful clothing and cloaks, varied intricate patterns, scabbards on the right, colourful shields.. Fantastic work, though. Those are some really great looking textures, and the models look very realistic. Nice to see how well the Celts are progressing. Also nice to see how they look like they're made from a thicker fabric than the clothes of the Etruscans due to their living more farther north.

    Edit: Will the cloak that goes over the chest in a diagonal fashion offer more protection than the cloak that hangs over the back like a cape? I remember watching in a documentary about the Napoleonic Wars (I don't know how much I should trust it, but anyway) and it said that, IIRC, the English cavalryman had a similar cloak to the one the Celts are wearing over their chest and it offered a fair amount of protection to slashes.
  11. Germanic Celt


    Track sounds great, can't wait to experience it fully. At the time he posted that my internet was being dodgy so I couldn't afford to listen  :oops:
    New scene also looks amazing: a fort?
  12. Germanic Celt


    rgcotl said:
    well in total we already have 24 variations of with 14 are pattern based ones

    :shock: Wow, that's impressive
  13. Germanic Celt


    Seek n Destroy said:
    New Celtic pants:

    Wow, the fabric looks really good, as do the patterns. Torc suits him well. The new shoes also look great. Also just noticed the scabbard has been put in its proper place, with a holder now as well. You guys have been doing a lot it seems.
  14. Germanic Celt

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Johan_Stormcloak said:
    mike56 said:
    Wasn't the Bannerlord world supposed to be Calradia? This image of the map does not remind me to any warband place.
    Don't forget that the game is set earlier, so things might be slightly different.
    (Like where the cities/towns are on the map.)

    Dyktator said:
    Maybe it will be Calradia + other lands.
    Or this.

    I have a strong feeling it's the latter, as as far as I remember  the Nords (Sturgians) weren't in Calradia around the time of Bannerlord.
  15. Germanic Celt

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Armaury said:
    More than 200 000 vues on Youtube for the gameplay video and always no officials news from Taleworlds !!! :dead:

    Nothing on Facebook, nothing on the Bannelord page at Taleworlds.com. I'd imagine they'll add everything once Gamescom is done.
  16. Germanic Celt

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Armaury said:

    Wouldn't that be nice? Hopefully we see something
  17. Germanic Celt

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    TheOnlyObjective said:
    The biggest thing i hated about warband was the character customization and it looks like it has been completely overhauled so i am happy  :grin:

    Indeed, I'm especially excited about what appears to be the ability to customise your own voice.
  18. Germanic Celt

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I seem late... Doesn't change anything: I DESPERATELY WANT THIS GAME!
  19. Germanic Celt

    The Academy, Discussion, Suggestions, Ideas, whatever you like!

    Antonis said:
    There are a couple of helmets, you can see the elite troops and the lords wearing them, but little. I would really love to  find some reliable source and add some more.

    Thanks, I'll look out for those. Good luck with that. Unfortunately it does seem like there's very little from that period. Most of the helmets seem to come with the Parthians, then the Sassanids etc.
  20. Germanic Celt

    The Academy, Discussion, Suggestions, Ideas, whatever you like!

    Antonis said:
    Correct again.  :smile:
    Carthage is currently the biggest faction on the same spot as Seleucids, followed by the Ptolemies. Then, at about the same size, we have the Thracians, Dacians, then the Gallic and Germanic tribes, then the Britons and the Samnites, then Macedon, Pergamon and the Hellenic City States, Iberia etc. The Scythian tribes, although they have a largy map portion, above the Black Sea and having many steppes, they have not so many settlements, being a Nomadic people.  :smile:

    Now, yes, the items aren't culture specific. As for the Persian helmets, they do depend on caps and hoods(kidaris) more than actual helmets. I tried to find reference of actual helmets, not caps, but I haven't come up with anything solid.

    Ah, that makes sense. Playing as the Scythians should hopefully be interesting, then.

    That's unfortunate. Maybe I'll try go for a Persian cap, then.
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