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  1. Nameless Warrior

    Character creation has a mind of it's own

    I am having a major issue with character creation at the moment and I am at a loss as to the cause. If anyone can help me solve this I will be extremely grateful. I have created a character creation tree for each of the factions in the mod rather than one for all and the problem is that the...
  2. Nameless Warrior

    Siege preparation times not what they state

    I am sieging a castle and I have engineer 8 building the equipment. When I choose to build equipment it says 34 hours to build yet 5+ days later nothing has happened but a couple of events. It is the same in another attempted siege, I chose to do something which was supposed to take only 14...
  3. Nameless Warrior

    What is the most Roman faction?

    I am a Roman character and have taken the quest to take back Londinium but that is far in the future. My next step is to join a mercenary company for a faction to keep my wages paid and get into good loot fights. I am wondering which faction or factions are the most Roman or at least Roman...
  4. Nameless Warrior

    Python compiled but getting error during game load

    I have made some changes to and and the module compiled with no errors but when I load the mod I get the C++ Error when the start up bar hits "loading settings data". Any idea what could be the problem?
  5. Nameless Warrior

    Module constants, character backgrounds number

    In module constants in the character backgrounds you have the tag with a number next to it like this Does anyone know what the numbers mean? They don't at first glance seem to have obvious meaning. If I added more is the number of the first one important?
  6. Nameless Warrior

    Kings Bounty platinum or the Witcher Enhanced?

    I have seen 2 class deals this weekend on gamersgate and gamesplanet. One is for Kings Bounty Platinum which is for the first game and the second game with the expansion (£7.49). The other is for The Witcher Enhanced edition (£6.49). Has anyone played both games, which one would you recommend...
  7. Nameless Warrior

    Question about taleworlds warband download

    I bought warband direct from taleworlds and installed it onto my PC. I want to use my laptop for modding however so I am wondering if the taleworlds download will allow me to have the game installed on 2 computers or if I am restricted to just one. Does anyone know?
  8. Nameless Warrior

    Great turns of fortune

    Currently in my game I am a vassal of the Empire and we have Sarleon, Laria and Avendor (although they were taken before I was a member) but since the start things have fallen flat for the Empire and this is because of the snake cult. Up until 30 minutes ago they had 3 massive snake cult armies...
  9. Nameless Warrior

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Mod download and more info on Warsword Conquest (1.168 required) Greetings Warsword Fans We are happy to be able to release the next update of warsword conquest. Much has changed from the last version and we hope you enjoy the changes and keep an...
  10. Nameless Warrior

    My python files keep corrupting, any idea why?

    This is the thrid time now I have spent hours on a file, compiled and then when I go back into edit and the file is corrupted and won't open when I click "edit with Idle". It just happened now with my after loads of work. Feeling pretty demoralised right now, anyone know why this...
  11. Nameless Warrior

    Are booksellers exempt from city relation and trade skill modifiers?

    Anyone know of the top off their heads if they suffer the same trade penaltys with them you do with town merchants?
  12. Nameless Warrior

    Question about kingdom reinforcements and lords' troop upgrades

    From searching for and reading the few threads on the subjects I gather that the AI lords do not benefit from their training skill but their troops do upgrade themselves after battle. Can anyone confirm for sure that is correct? Also I am wondering if anyone knows how the AI chooses the...
  13. Nameless Warrior

    Is one health point the same value as one armour point?

    In terms of the engine calculating damage is one health point equal to one armour point?
  14. Nameless Warrior

    Campaign AI question

    The search button hasn't helped me get the answer to this and weirdly my version of the warband manual (if there is more than 1) has left out the description of the Campaign AI options... So could someone tell me what exactly it affects? I am guessing AI strategy and maybe how quickly they take...
  15. Nameless Warrior

    Companion morality type and morality values

    I am trying to make sense of what the morality types and values signify in the scripts PY so I can fine tune new companions likes and dislikes. I have figured out that -1 is a like of something but I am confused about the dislikes. Deshavi is supposed to dislike hunger, heavy casualties...
  16. Nameless Warrior

    Question about modding companions?

    I have searched alot but couldn't find the answer so I need some advice. I am creating new companions and I am overwriting the old companions so that the new companion likes and dislikes of others are in the correct place straight away. The trouble is that whilst the companion likes and...
  17. Nameless Warrior

    Extra morale

    At the moment in my game it says that Swadian troops get extra morale. I have looked through the rulebook and it doesn't seem to mention why. Does anyone know?
  18. Nameless Warrior

    When does a ping become bad?

    As the title says, where is the reasonable ping cut off point? Best I am getting at the moment is about 90
  19. Nameless Warrior

    How many people are alive who remember WW1?

    It came into my mind recently that we must be coming to a point in time where there is noone left alive who remembers the great war. Obviously we cannot know for sure but how close do you think we to that moment when noone alive remembers? There surely cannot be anyone alive who fought in it as...
  20. Nameless Warrior

    Can't decide between EU3 collections and HOI2 DD?

    I want to get one of the two paradox games Europa Universalis 3 collections or Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday for my laptop (HOI 3 won't run) and I am not sure which one to get. I am interested in both timelines equally so that is not an issue. I know EU3 is over a much longer timeline but I am...