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  1. tansvanio

    Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord

    Sprite Sheet Packer for Bannerlord is a little tool I have made that other modders who are working with the user interface might find interesting. Essentially this is a fork of the original Sprite Sheet Packer made by Nick Gravelyn and turned into a tool for Mount & Blade Bannerlord modding...
  2. tansvanio

    SP Native Entrepreneur - Dark Age Real Estate!

    Entrepreneur is a Bannerlord modification for adquiring and managing property in settlements. Current features: All villages now have a random number of acres where some will be vacant and others will be occupied by the village. Each acre has a value that is calculated by the production of...
  3. tansvanio

    The Siege: West Seaxe Foragers

    Greetings. I am having a problem with this quest. Bjorn Ragnarson told me to find and kill these foragers but I cant find them anywhere, I cant progress in the main quest becouse of this. What should I do?
  4. tansvanio

    Pagan Kingdoms in England?

    Can anyone tell me wich are the pagan kingdoms in England and Ireland? I thought Alt Clut was pagan but it turns out to be christian... I would like to know wich ones have my religion so I can know wich way to expand my enterprises.
  5. tansvanio

    Main quest stuck at Odins cave.

    When you are given the mission to retrive the letter and you enter the cave, after you kill all hostile troops, Bodo will follow you but not talk to you, your only option is to leave the scene and after that you dont have any option to come back and the quest remains uncompleted. This buggie...
  6. tansvanio

    How to kill the king?

    Has anyone managed to kill the king in the main storyline? How did you do it?
  7. tansvanio

    Trading unstable and non-reliable?

    Hello, First I would like to start off by saying this is a great module with very interesting features I am looking forward to try out, so, cheers to you guys for doing this! However, I started my first character (a merchant) and quickly discovered that trading is a no go. After checking...
  8. tansvanio

    Doom/Black Metal Album for Sale

    Hey there guys, I just released the first record of my metal album. Its entitled "The Rapture", from my project "ESPECTRO". You can hear it here and purchase if you like it --> Thank you very mucho!  8)
  9. tansvanio

    ESPECTRO - Doom/Back Experimental Metal - EP Teaser

    Hails there folks, some of you might remember me from my old messy black metal project I posted here a while ago. Well I have improved my sound and I am about to release an EP of doom/black metal mixing it up with a lot of different genres. I will drop the teaser bellow and you can tell me what...
  10. tansvanio

    How to get former confederate troops?

    The title says it all. Any one know how?
  11. tansvanio

    Fight Simulator on Visual Basic 2010 made by Tansvanio

    Hey there folks! I am currently having a introduction to programming class in my school and we were all assigned to make a program using the skills we learned. While everyone is making calculators and "Hello World" programs I decided to make a fight simulator sorta game. I am still very fresh on...
  12. tansvanio

    Constantly Crashing

    I am running this on windows 7 and I have constant crashes, while saving and doing other things. Any suggestions?
  13. tansvanio

    Trying to change court but not finding fine cloth

    Yes, anyone knows where I can find fine cloth? I cant find it anywhere
  14. tansvanio

    Game freezing at nightfall

    So basicly I have 200 and something days of gameplay, a 300 hundred men party and I have this savegame I load it up and everytime the time reaches nightfall I hear the wolf howl and warband freezes and the only way I have to stop this is to shut down the process. I cant keep up my play. Any...
  15. tansvanio

    How do I leave a faction stealing a fief?

    Thats right. Can anyone explain me how I leave a faction and steal the fiefs I had with me? possibly taking some lords to my side?
  16. tansvanio

    Pros and Cons of having positive or negative honor rating

    Title says all. Please explain :P
  17. tansvanio

    [WB][S] The Northern Fray - A singleplayer viking mod

    The Northern Fray Welcome, people of taleworlds to my last project I have been working on for the last couple weeks. I dont wanna spend a big deal making a pretty and nice thread about the mod until I have finished it but I decided to release some information to get your hopes up and release...
  18. tansvanio

    Two problems with models in-game - seeking help.

    So yeah, currently I have a couple items I wanna try out ingame (Axes, Spears and Helmets). I have the textures in the texture folder of my mod, the brfs are in the resources folder.  When I open the brfs all the materials and textures are there, I can see the models have the proper texture and...
  19. tansvanio

    Baltic Sea OSP Map - is there any?

    So right now I am trying to develop a viking SP project for warband and I am of course trying to get a new map. I already failed miserably a couple times trying to make one so I decided to come here and look for one. After searching on the boards and finding any I decided to ask you guys if you...
  20. tansvanio

    How much computer power would take to run M&B with Total War numbers?

    The title says it all. How far are computers from running mount and blade with 20000 men in the same battlefield? What would be the specs? And your opinion on the subject.