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  1. MP_Erik

    An open letter to the competitive community

    Actually that's not what I meant. Technically speaking a class being picked is not an indicator of how good it is but of how good it is perceived to be. For the latter we don't need games but we can just look at the forum. That's more like what I meant. If we were only interested in information...
  2. MP_Erik

    An open letter to the competitive community

    If Infantry shows up in no composition then we will indeed not have any information gain on how it is balanced compared to the other classes. Enforcing strict class limits on the other hand will also not help because then we have no clue how different compositions perform. The kills of a unit...
  3. MP_Erik

    State of Shield Infantry in 1.5.5

    Let's just hope that the update next week will make some of our points obsolete. Until then: -Make inf spears more effective in melee so they become dangerous to a stopped horse. -Let melee hits on the horse affect the rider too as we had it in Warband. This would prevent cav from using their...
  4. MP_Erik

    1.5.5 Balance and Further Changes

    I think they didn't have anything else to give to the Empire as a twohanded option. Maybe would be more immersive TW implemented an alternative swing animation with a smaller arc that is believable for a long polearm.
  5. MP_Erik

    1.5.5 Balance and Further Changes

    Talking about non competitive play: I would also like to see how the different factions are balanced in TDM or Siege. The most hated class in TDM at the moment is currently Menavlion Cavalry and while it is not really viable in competitive skirmish I think it would be short sighted to attribute...
  6. MP_Erik

    Archers with 2H weapons

    Do you want to make a survey? I think it's fitting for some elite archers but the possibility should be balanced by other factors. It's probably quite difficult to give archers a 2handed weapon option while not making it OP compared to the other perks an archer could choose.
  7. MP_Erik

    Captain mode AI targeting ideas

    I played a few rounds of captain yesterday and was indeed satisfied with the performance of archers. Vlandian crossbowmen against a full Sturgian rabble rush even made top kills. As soon as shields come into play the stats of archers worsen rather quickly but I think they still made an impact...
  8. MP_Erik

    Captain mode AI targeting ideas

    @Moton: There's Clan matches going on in Captain? I'll certainly give Bows another try the next rounds I play. My point still remains that archers should be just as competent in selecting their targets as a troop of real players would be if you were commanding them and I see cheese mostly on...
  9. MP_Erik

    Captain mode AI targeting ideas

    I'm all for a prioritization that lets AI archers choose the most viable targes just as a human would do. A purely range based prioritization causes serious balance issues because a single shield unit in front makes your whole army essentially immune to archer fire. In most strategy you the...
  10. MP_Erik

    [Captain Mode][Debate area-poll] Who should decide which weapon the bots use, the player or the AI?

    Player should always have the last word but AI should have a solid grasp on what weapons are appropriate in what situation. In captain I see shockinfantry using pikes in melee far too often.
  11. MP_Erik


    I've thought a little and I think it's also a problem that melee engagements resolve incredibly quickly compared to the other modes of combat. A slower resolving melee would lead to things like flanking maneuvers and missile support to become more important. TW have tried to make melee AI more...
  12. MP_Erik

    I came back after 3 months.... What happened

    It's certainly annoying to get used to and for "hold fire" I would really wish to have a one key command as the correct timing is sometimes quite important and movement/attack commands usually require and additional "hold fire" if you don't want your archers to slow down and shoot.
  13. MP_Erik

    Idea about how Battle mode would look like.

    About the gold for staying alive aspect: In most one life modes I have encountered so far each match sees one team completely dead and the other team near completely dead. From a roleplaying perspective I think most people wouldn't sign up for a battle if the survival rate was that low. Do you...
  14. MP_Erik


    How about each of us starts saying what gamemode they mean when talking about troop balance? These regular misunderstandings are becoming annoying. Talking about captain balance: We have skirmishers, shock troops, shields, archers and cav each in al light and heavy variant. The balance I...
  15. MP_Erik

    Idea about how Battle mode would look like.

    What we all expect from Battle Mode is a single life per round and a Large amount of players. Class selection could work by letting each player choose priorities for his classes and then assigning players to classes based on these priorities under the constraint that the overall faction budget...
  16. MP_Erik

    New Badge??Give votes!

    +1, I find Skirmish nearly unplayable at the moment from a Badge perspective. Yup. If you want to sink the time to get 1000+ victories and actually enjoy it then more power to you. On the other hand there are enough people with a real life playing this game. Compelling these players to sink...
  17. MP_Erik

    It's 3:30 am I'm bored here is a big post

    @Mabons really good post and sums up a lot of the points I hope to see in multiplayer especially concerning Menanv Cav. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the damage that throwables do now and think they are in a spot where I just won't bother with them (although they were quite OP before the nerf)...
  18. MP_Erik

    Playing Infantry still feels like ****

    Yes, Spears are still completely useless unless you have a big speed bonus. Playing Spear aginst 2handed cav and getting only glances while the enemy just onehits you is incredibly frustrating. Playing any swinging weapon against 2handed cav to get stuck on the horse and get one hit is also...
  19. MP_Erik

    What's wrong with the servers?

    Also noticed that TDM and Siege run very choppy for me at the moment. Seems to correlate with the maps though this is highly subjective (Crashing Castle, Port of Ovsk and Tsagaan Castle seem worst).
  20. MP_Erik

    Could a bandit faction work in multiplayer?

    Was it? Personally I would like a civilian faction/civilian outfits for each faction too. A more ragtag Bandit faction would certainly be cool, howerver thereis a multitude of different bandit cultures that would have to be considered.