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  1. Trooper5445

    Haven and Hearth

    Weird sort of Sandbox Indie RPG thing. Free anyways and amusing. Like a free version of Wurm if you will. Anyone want to try to figure this out?
  2. Trooper5445

    State of the Union Address

    Surely someone besides me cares about this? Couple of quick observations 1. Gays in the military situation worked out 2. No mention of Healthcare really 3. A lot of veiled references 4. He properly castigated the Supreme Court 5. Iraq done by August? Hell yeah! Pretty much it
  3. Trooper5445

    Axis and Allies (Regular)

    Oh wouldst thee men of ye olde taleworlds forums entertain a wishe to play the game of Axis and Allies? Step forth ye, and choseth your nations and states: USSR: Trooper Germany: Russik UK: Ellenmare Japan: Temuzu US: Quail Lover
  4. Trooper5445

    Call of Cthulhu Vent Game

    Been talking with some people on IRC (namely Gherkin, and Crazyeyes) and I decided we should try and start a game. Except it's CoC so it sort of requires atmosphere and people actually talking. Hence I figured a vent based game seeing as Instago's sever as far as I know and I never see anyone on...
  5. Trooper5445

    Strange Food Habits

    I can't be the only one who eats certain foods by themselves for example. Inspired because I'm sitting here drinking the juice that some hot peppers were pickled in. I mean do any of you do things like that?
  6. Trooper5445

    What just happend? (Sever Downtime on January 3rd)

    Why the huge extended downtime with no warning?
  7. Trooper5445

    Does anyone Deserve Death/What is the Value of Life

    Sort of a strange question but we are all told by our parents at some point that nobody deserves "x." Do you agree? Or do some people really deserve a penalty of their life?
  8. Trooper5445

    Obama's Speech

    What did you think? It seemed a little short to me but it was good. General thoughts on having a new president?
  9. Trooper5445

    Screenshot Program

    Can someone recommend a quick and fast screenshot program? I remember one being discussed but **** if I can remember the name and the new search is useless.
  10. Trooper5445

    CD Keys

    Why can they never put the key in the mother****ing manual! Why do they (game distributors) feel the need to include it on a seperate, slim, sheet of paper?
  11. Trooper5445

    Personality Change

    Got into a debate with someone over this and I could see both sides of the argument. Does personality change? Or do different circumstances just reveal characteristics that already existed?
  12. Trooper5445

    Pioneers Guild Spam

    I saw the new message. Did it really get that bad? Other than that nice job.
  13. Trooper5445

    Pioneers Guild Clutter

    Suggestion: Create a stickied thread for people to request mods or ask if there are any mods that meet certain criteria. I don't really have a problem with them doing it but with tons of new threads for nothing being created all day it is becoming cluttered. One stickied thread would suffice and...
  14. Trooper5445

    Map Projection

    Your favorite? Why? Comments on the supposed "racism" of the Mercator projection. Stupidity of the Gall-Peters. I'm sure Arch has something he wants to say.
  15. Trooper5445

    Macromedia Flash

    I hate it.
  16. Trooper5445

    Computer/Game Problems

    Wasn't exactly sure were to put this but this will work. Anyhow I was messing around with mods for MTWII today. I'm not good at that and in the end I got really frustrated with all the crap that wasn't working and so on so I decided to delete the mod folder I created. Then I went to the main...
  17. Trooper5445


    When? I'm ****ing tired of all this new stuff.
  18. Trooper5445


    Penis. Why are people so damn immature and have to always have a problem with what they have? You are what size you are and it isn't going to change. ****ing idiots.
  19. Trooper5445

    Death to Mr. Green

    He is way overused and should be eliminated. He just refuses to conform to the yellow standard. No he has to stand out and be all different. Thus I can't just auto skip him when I go through a post. So I propose we ban Mr. Green.
  20. Trooper5445

    Down Time

    What just happened with the forum being down for so long?