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  1. Random crashes to selection menu during multiplayer game

    When I'm playing on a online server, the game will randomly direct me back to the character selection menu at some point. No error messages come up.
  2. Lords Renown modding

    I'm just wondering how to edit the renown of the lords/AI, consequently giving them more troops, and greater battles.
  3. Crafu?

    Just wondering what's the historical base for the kingdom of Crafu and it's ruler. I'm pretty sure it's South Rheged, but after checking this list of rulers I didn't find compatibility with the names in game.
  4. Mod of the Year 2013 Top 100 - M&B:W 1257 AD!

    The 12th Annual Mod of the Year Awards is a celebration of the years finest mods chosen by the gamers. You have up until the 21st of December to place your votes! Vote for 1257 AD here:
  5. Cavalry without horses

    So, the Militia Cavalry Seargent unit doesn't use horses. Only some guys. I tried to edit using Morghs but everytime result in a error like "Run-Time error 9"; i guess the problem is on mod, since i use Morghs in others mods and work as well.
  6. Prisoners and Lords...

    There's a way to find out where are located the lords imprisoned? My majesty has been captured and i want to save him.
  7. About ammo.... Firearms ammo...

    I was exploring the 'cheatmenu world' when i saw some muskets/pistols. I bought one. But i can't use it. I don't have ammo. No one place sells it. So... Help?
  8. Cheatmenu

    Do cheatmenu open in this mod? I tried Ctrl+~ but didn't work...
  9. Crossbowmen

    Recently i started a game as Rhodok, and trained some crossbowmen, to highest tier. But in battle, i don't see a great difference. The nord's axes kill more  :? I use them in mountains, their crossbow skill is +300, they carry badass crossbow, they carry a huge shield, and aren't very cheap, so...
  10. Soundtrack?

    There is a list of all sounds/musics in currently version? "En nome de padre, amen..." it's my preferred  :)
  11. About F.A.Q

    I found this in F.A.Q, but it still working in newest version? Because i can't find the option of build a monastery in fortified manor.
  12. Tactics against Mongols

    I really hate to fight mongols. Every battle takes a long time, because i have to pursuit the idiot skirmishers.. And the most part of my army is heavy knights.. I need a light cavalry. Some idea?
  13. List the wars happening in your europe(1.02)

    I saw a thread like that in TWC, so.. Here will go  :mrgreen: Northern Crusades Crusaders: Kingdom of Navarre Teutonic Order Kingdom of Sweden Kingdom of Denmark Kingdom of Scotland Ghelphs Republic of Venice Infidels: Baltic Tribes Kingdom of Lithuania Novgorod Republic Polish claim for...
  14. AI making crusades

    In early game i saw the venetians declared a holy war on lithuanians. So... Did the AI need to pay 100K denars to make crusade, like the player?
  15. Welsh...

    I really want the badass welsh bowmen, but i can't recruit them. In welsh capitol i can recruit only spearmen. In the nearby villages i can recruit about 3-5 archers. What happened? The damn english( destroyed welsh also) recruited all archers?  :x
  16. My enemy but not my enemy

    I started my game as a vassal of Teutonic order, and i got the fief of Wesenberg, in Livonia. I asked for the grandmaster to be a crusader. He accepted, and i went to holy land... I was fighting some mamluks, when i recieved the message of my "village is under attack"; 1st: I'm in Middle East...
  17. Lights?

    Why some character are "lighted" in the newest version?
  18. Best troops

    Who are the best troops in game? Balkans? German? Russian? Mongol? What's your opinion?
  19. Banners

    Many lords of some factions, have the same banner of the king. There is a way to change it?
  20. 1H Maul/Morningstar

    I normally use a sword with a shield. Never 2H, because against archers or axe throwers isn't a good idea. I'm thinking to test maul. 1H, to use with shield. What's your opinion about it?