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  1. The M&B MP 'feel' from a veteran

    As warband beta player I agree with everything above. I only really played battle mode on a regular basis and the individuality of characters is what made the community.
  2. [Poll] Co-op, why it's possible and why we should have it.

    Honestly, at this point it is kind of a waste to argue about it. There are a huge number of people who want it and it is completely possible in pretty much the same way Total War does co-op, but the case is one of three possibilities. 1. They decided it was too much work and are not including...
  3. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

    Playing with more than 4 players and full friendly-fire is like basically the situation from Starship Troopers. Everyone is madly shooting all over the place and you take more casualties from friendly fire than the enemy. And then when the parasites get you it truly goes insane.
  4. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Taleworlds has a hit and miss history? I have put more hours into MB and MB:WB each than any other game, I think the situation is similar for many others. I can pretty much count on Bannerlord being my main game to play for a couple years after its release.
  5. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Seconds 46-51 is the best thing I have ever heard. Please make more.
  6. Cossacks 3 Released!

    Haha, I guess that's cool.. What I don't understand is why they updated all the hard parts (graphics, 3d) but didn't bother to modify the combat with enhancements that were present in American Conquest and Cossacks 2.  :?
  7. Cossacks 3 Released!

    Just tried it as Ukraine, on my first try I didn't notice anything functionally different from the original game except for new campaigns. Exact same units, upgrades, etc. Kinda lame.
  8. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    If modder doesn't care if his weapon is craftable or not, I doubt it would need to be modeled in separate pieces.
  9. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I agree with Eaguul, you shouldn't be able to see anything your character can't see. If you need to scout, go scout.
  10. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I'm glad the castle is small. You know how total war games have massive castles and walled cities and you only fight on one small side of the fortress? It makes sense to have the fortress sized appropriately for the force strength that the game will depict.
  11. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I like how the AI retreated to the keep after losing the walls rather than just reserving like 5 men to hold the keep (as in warband). Still, it would be cool if it was a seemless transition between the walls and the keep.
  12. Great American Train Trip

    I had a 24 hr delay on the Amtrak once. So be prepared.
  13. Sui Generis

    Well, in the mean time, I am thoroughly enjoying every exanima update. The AI in this game is more interesting to fight than in any other swordfighting game I have played. If they ever add in LAN multiplayer the dueling alone would be a good game.
  14. Sui Generis "The focus of the next update is a huge new map for story mode, it's at least as big again as half of the current game, and everything in it is new. There's quite a few important new features and a lot of very nice...
  15. Sui Generis

    There is a big update confirmed for May 9th. I've finally equipped myself enough that I can face bands of the dead with impunity and I've even taken the proctor's sword  :P Weapons are of no use against this thing..
  16. Screenshot Mega Thread

    Anything I can use for protection: Not much left in the armory: In life he was my friend..
  17. Religion Thread

    What if suffering isn't actually bad.
  18. Screenshot Mega Thread

    Also, try not to fight at all. It rarely benefits you  :lol:
  19. Sui Generis

    This game has the best combat of any melee game I have played. Surprisingly the AI is okay too. I can't get past the fifth expert opponent. Unfortunately Exanima requires no combat to complete  :lol: Really excited for Sui Generis though. Also, for some great fun, take a two handed sword...
  20. Screenshot Mega Thread

    Yes, if I learn to crap, I'll try that too.