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  1. Jarl Anthony

    FPS Issue

    Few days ago I reinstalled Mb:Wb after upgrading my CPU , I noticed huge frame drops while playing even on very low my fps won't change however before I upgraded my CPU I was able to play on high without problems and after I replaced my old CPU with new one I started to experience huge frame...
  2. Jarl Anthony

    [WB][B] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Awesome looking mod! Hope to see it this or next year  :)
  3. Jarl Anthony

    On to the search of the Soundtrack!

    Luv the soundtracks in Perisno tho some soundtracks are techno/electonical music which breaks the immersion of the game  :(
  4. Jarl Anthony

    Perisno 0.6 Talk

    Amarna I think its somwhere in Hakkon Empire located also you took a quest Lyre of Yralis there.
  5. Jarl Anthony

    Is Taleworlds being tricksters?

    Haha I was wondering why is everyone saying ze  :lol:
  6. Jarl Anthony

    Best Set

    Here is my second character  :D
  7. Jarl Anthony

    Order of the Dark Pimpernel

    Haha in my game one of the lords made a knighthood chapter called Knights of the Dolphin  :lol:
  8. Jarl Anthony

    Best Set

    Anyway here is my character I love that weapon Kingslayer!
  9. Jarl Anthony

    story mods

    I think  Light & Darkness: Heroes of Calradia is the only one story mod out there sadly  :(
  10. Jarl Anthony

    Best Set

    I love perisno heavy armor tho I was only able to find chestplate but not other parts of the armor  :(
  11. Jarl Anthony

    How famous is the above player?

    Never heard of him neither did I saw him 8-) But he seems like a nice guy
  12. Jarl Anthony

    Shield bash?

    Haha few mods actually use shield bash BLOCK(right-click)+attack(left-click) and it works perfect!  :)
  13. Jarl Anthony

    Searching a full/total conversion mod with a viking faction

    Well Brytenwalda is based in Britain before king Arthur united whole Britain(at least I think)There were 100 kingdoms in Britain then,also Vikings would mostly sail to Britain to raid and pillage but I never heard that they established a Kingdom there...Maybe they did if they did most likely...
  14. Jarl Anthony

    Version 0.772 Released!

    Good job Michadr!Dwarves and their homeland both look awesome! Cant wait for 0.7  :mrgreen:
  15. Jarl Anthony

    Screenshots & Video topic

  16. Jarl Anthony

    Searching a full/total conversion mod with a viking faction

    There are not many viking mods out there I only know 2 mods Brtytenwalda which you already mentioned and Vikingr but thats only mp mod I think.So no there are not any other viking/scandinavian mods beside brytenwalda and vikingr.
  17. Jarl Anthony

    Perisno Song

    I like music in Perisno  :D
  18. Jarl Anthony

    Mod Suggestion

    Prophecy of Pendor tho I don't recommend the mod if you are newbie because its quite hard for newbies but really fun to play also Perisno is good mod,brytenwalda and clash of kings! Try all the mods if you want they are all great!  :D
  19. Jarl Anthony

    Being kicked

    Pirated version most likely! Go buy game on steam like i did its very cheap only 20$ you could buy it for around 10$ or less on summer sale or you can buy the game from taleworlds store