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  1. ♛AXDER

    European Duel Tournament II 🏆 Round 2

    AXDER 7 - 2 Darius Gfs
  2. ♛AXDER

    [Poll] What do you want for Character Custumization?

    God, I want to spend my money like never ever before
  3. ♛AXDER

    S++ rank Bannerlord gamer feedback on beta

    I feel like throwing weapons are sh*t right now, It shouldn't deal 20 dmg into Sergeant's head... In my opinion throwing weapons should make more damage, but there should be less throwings. Just look at the Empire recruit he has 8 javelins and PILA (9) imo this is a joke and that's should be...
  4. ♛AXDER

    European Duel Tournament II 🏆 Round 2

    Name: AXDER the Strength Contact Information:
  5. ♛AXDER

    Im sexy

    Im sexy
  6. ♛AXDER

    [DM] Destiny Masters

    Indian and Inspire please God no. Not again🤢
  7. ♛AXDER

    Duel Server Information

    If somebody don't give a f*ck about the first and then the second ban, person like that should be banned permanently, of course with possibility of appeal :)
  8. ♛AXDER

    Beast #3 Sign up

    good luck
  9. ♛AXDER

    Shield Mechanic Broken just a bit

    I'm glad the changes are in the right way.
  10. ♛AXDER

    I tried playing MP again (giving it another chance)

    Guys but, i'm seriously getting bored on forum:sleep:
  11. ♛AXDER

    Polish forum zapraszam
  12. ♛AXDER

    Beast #3 Sign up

    nooo no no pls 🥺🥺
  13. ♛AXDER

    Beast #3 Sign up

    Team of gods join as well uhhh, so it's gonna be easy win for them, because @NIN3 and @Callum doing pretty well on Destiny Pick up's. Let's see whos gonna win BEAST3, but I've got my favorite I guess.
  14. ♛AXDER

    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    You're joking, right?
  15. ♛AXDER

    [RM] Risen Manifest [EU]

    Can I get more details of those matches like who exactly played in DM squad? I don't think RM has ever won against FULL DM1 squad :smile:
  16. ♛AXDER

    1.5 feedback from DM

    ^ Pure right