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  1. AI needs better combat footworks

    +1. Jesus man, where do you get these gems from?
  2. Just my opinion

    Maybe if you are owner of the castle, and very friendly with the notable too, they will provide you with troops to add to the defense. it could work both ways.
  3. Security and Loyalty improvements.

    All this information needs to be explain to the player (not so much verbiage, more summarized) in the game. I don't think it is a good idea right at the beginning of the game, but for sure once you acquire your first fief.
  4. AI needs better combat footworks

    Nice. Yep. Perception is key.
  5. Just my opinion

    Really like your second point. Hope TW has something like this waiting to be implemented.
  6. Playerbase shrinking rapidly -10% in the last month

    Lol, eat a kit kat bro, and chill. Yall need to. Get into another game while we wait for an update. I am pretty sure TW is working hard on executing all the feedback we give em.
  7. Playerbase shrinking rapidly -10% in the last month

    Y'all need to chill out, and get a life. This is a VIDEO GAME we are talking about here.
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    Chill bro. Take it easy. Its just a video game.
  9. Playerbase shrinking rapidly -10% in the last month

    Did not skip it, duly noted. Just presenting my findings.
  10. Playerbase shrinking rapidly -10% in the last month

    I am actually seeing more players being online starting from 3 weeks ago. European servers regularly hit cap on siege server (120) people and then have 40 or 50 on tdm. On NA servers I am seeing 40 to 50 players consistently. 2 or 3 months ago we were hitting barely 20 to 30.
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    Dope, thanks for all your testing Bloody Grpyphon. You and Terco_Viejo are truly working hard to provide meaningful feedback and test features. I really appreciate it and mad respect from one fan of BL to another.
  12. Opinion on world map and factions

    @Callum Could you please give your attention to this post, and to Blood Gryphon's post as well. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance.
  13. Creating your own unique troops for clans

    Agree. I would really to see custom troop tree be a feature of the game. It should be integrated with the other parts of the game, like policies, companions, economy, culture, etc.
  14. Make the empire roman again!

    No from me. I like the byzantine look more in bannerlord rather than late imperial armor. But the mod is very good quality work. Props to the author.
  15. Opinion on world map and factions

    @Terco_Viejo has a very good map suggestion. I think it is a better version than current bannerlord map. Terco, could you please post the link here? I tried finding it on suggestions but could not find it. Gracias
  16. Map screenshots of all my campain

    I am very perplexed why TW keeps walking the path of hardest resistance. Change it to another horse related bonus, like cav troop upkeep decrease, etc. I know it is forcing developers (cough mexxico cough) to really dig deep into the code and "innovate", but dam, is it necessary to climb that...
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    That would be dope, to marry a companion. Is that not already available? I haven't playing singleplayer in some time.
  18. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    She is avoiding you bro. Get another chick.