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  1. Anthropoid

    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    It is already turning out to be a good one, at least in the sense of being entertaining if not edifying and reassuring . . . For example: Bernie Sanders running for president Deodorant doesn't kill people. It makes them hungry. Now let's play "Name that Politician!" Who said/wrote the...
  2. Anthropoid

    Stefan Molyneux

    The video of socialist Ed Sherridan (Scottish Solidarity) made me think of this video. I generally find this Molyneux guy to be pretty reasonable and intelligent. Have only caught him being an illogical dumbass once so far (his claims that Robin Williams committed suicide because he was so in...
  3. Anthropoid

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014

    Was watching one of DaSquirrel's Youtubes on Eurotruck simulator 2, and saw he had a couple videos on this game. Watched about 10 minutes worth and I was sold. Just now installing it. Anyone else got this?
  4. Anthropoid

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Surprised there wasn't already a thread for this one. . Got this at -75% last night. Pretty good, but very difficult to steer with WASD. Anyone here have any experience with this one?
  5. Anthropoid


    Just bought this this evening and played a bit with a buddy. Difficult game to get going with and not what I'd call an "easy" nor fast-paced game. But quite unique and fun. It is in fact, so unique, it is bound to have great promise for expansions and additions that add additional elements. For...
  6. Anthropoid

    HTML and CSS

    Lack of interest I guess  :(
  7. Anthropoid


    Any of you guys buy that yet? I did, and I have to say, I'm just a bit underwhelmed. Hard to judge but my machine doesn't seem sufficient to run it. Still, seems like a very promising game and I hope it will become all it can be.
  8. Anthropoid

    Propaganda? Are we all just Brain-washed Proles?

    I think you are drawing a bit of an artificial line there Mage, though since this is getting a bit off topic maybe we should start a new thread . . .  Propaganda? Are we all just Brain-washed Proles? Even without direct government "intervention" there are myriad subtle ways to interfere in...
  9. Anthropoid

    Video Streaming Problem (non-gaming general tech question)

    Been having this weird problem, and I would love to hear if any of you guys have any ideas what is causing it. I used IE for years, but recently switched to Firefox. I had been seeing more and more performance issues with IE and it finally just got too annoying. I'm using an old worn out MSI...
  10. Anthropoid

    Is this Mod in English or Chinese?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'd assume based on the volume of this board that it is in English, and presumably well-written, grammatical English. But what I'm seeing in the control window for the installer is concerning me a bit. The fonts are whacky and the text is largely unintelligible.
  11. Anthropoid

    Frozen Mouse Cursor After 1.153 Installation

    I have just installed 1.153 (previously had 1.151) and found that my mouse cursor was frozen. I could in fact move the area where the mouse was pointing and was able to navigate (blindly) through the menus to get the game shut off. But the cursor itself did not move and the area at which I moved...
  12. Anthropoid

    The Man that Must Change China (recent Economist essay) Curious to know what you guys views are on China's prospects over the next 10 years as it anoints is new National boss. Not sure how much of this is okay to quote...
  13. Anthropoid

    The Political Compass

    On the Eve of an historic and particularly NASTY U.S. Presidential Election, it is perhaps worth noting that . . . our respective ideologues might not be so ideologically distinctive as they might like us to think? Or something like that. This discussion got started in the thread about Disney...
  14. Anthropoid

    What Languages is M&B Coded In?

    What programming languages is M&B coded in? If one were to pursue training in languages that would apply to AI programming in M&B and similar games, what language would you guys suggest?
  15. Anthropoid

    Companion "Bodyguard" Bug

    I've been having this weird bug for some time now. I thought I had posted about it but now cannot find the thread. Any time I enter a settlement or other scene, and would normally be solo (for example, bounty missions, visit village or town, intercepted by assassins when I enter a town at...
  16. Anthropoid

    Dena Pirates: Superhuman Dark Age Special Forces?

    We all know that this mod is rather difficult, right? I don't know what you guys have done to make the AI far more potent, but it IS!  :mrgreen: and for the most part that is a very, very good thing. If mastering the game on Easiest difficulty is challening enough, then mastering it on Medium...
  17. Anthropoid

    Enemy of Factions Seemingly at Random

    I'm at day 131, level ~20, 260 renown, party of about 65. I have yet to be employed by or serve as a mercentary (much less vassal) to any Lord in the game. I have been recruited once by the East Seaxe but did not accept. Nonetheless, throughout my game at various points, I find when I approach...
  18. Anthropoid

    Troublesome Theows Quest: Any Suggestions?

    I've looked around on the boards for the vanilla equivalent of this quest "Troublesome Bandits" and founda  few threads but nothing that offers any definitive advice on how best to maximize your chances to finish this quest. I find it to be a rather annoying quest overall, especially the version...
  19. Anthropoid

    Productive Enterprises

    I'm back to playing the game after a long hiatus. I pretty much only play Brytenwalda, the only mod I've found that is sufficiently challenging and detailed that it keeps my atention; appreciate if anyone could recommend another one, as it is difficult at this point to sort through the myriad...
  20. Anthropoid


    I think I'm playing with 1.391, not 1.393. That was what I got when I DLed at the link in one of the stickies and it seems there is a patch due because of a recent Warband patch right? Anyway, I've read most of the trade threads that are stickied. Most of these seem to be a year or more old and...