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  1. Lord Bryggan

    [Poll] Cavalry in Siege mode

    I voted for this.
  2. Lord Bryggan

    Wishlist item: DeathCam

    +1 fer sher! For both educational and entertainment purposes.
  3. Lord Bryggan

    Why make it so difficult to close gates?

    I love dying to a stab in the back as I'm trying to find the door handle.
  4. Lord Bryggan

    Buff spears.

    Spears should be a lot more effective, especially when used in a group. The thrust should be a lot faster, and there it should push the enemy back a few feet to allow for a second stab. This would make it a very good defensive weapon, which it should be. This would really help at choke points...
  5. Lord Bryggan


    Does drastic battle mod change the AI like Realistic Battle Mod? What I like about RBM is that shielders will turtle up if they are in danger. It makes the battles last longer and and puts more emphasis on maneuvering (shields don't help when you get men behind them).
  6. Lord Bryggan

    What's the One Thing Now that would Reignite Your Passion and Interest in the Game?

    Best way to get a castle is to attack a Sturgian one. They are usually at war on 3 fronts so you are pretty safe. Even if they do try re-siege your castle, probably another faction will engage their tiny army before it reaches you. Then, you just have to hold it for a month or so until they...
  7. Lord Bryggan

    More Natural Maps (Nooks, Crannies & Alcoves)

    All the maps would make good CS:GO maps. I guess this makes sense for skirmish, but captain mode could use a few field maps. Armies never met in villages or towns since you need to be able to maneuver.
  8. Lord Bryggan

    Suggestion for voice chat

    I don't like the idea of team chat. Some people start having conversations about the weekend or the big game to their buddies and you end up missing important information. Most times all you need to hear is the guy next to you- he'll warn you if someone is behind you, or tell you where the...
  9. Lord Bryggan

    Jump into a game and I'm forced to play a peasant

    In Warband you could either spend money on weapons or armour. If you weren't a good fighter you'd spend on armour, then hope to pick up a good weapon. And if you saw a guy wearing top gear, you knew he was good and perhaps a strategic withdrawal was in order. I'm usually near the top in TDM...
  10. Lord Bryggan

    I hope TW won't give up on MP

    I'm a Warband veteran, and I still play it. In Warband I'm near the middle of the board if the regulars are playing, while in Bannerlord I'm consistently near the top... and I don't play cav because its ridiculously stupidly easy. It takes a few rounds to get used to the sluggishness of...
  11. Lord Bryggan

    I hope TW won't give up on MP

    The problem is is that they had made a good game, Warband, but instead of looking at it and seeing what worked and what didn't, they came up with a bunch of crazy new ideas that no one wanted. They refused to listen to their beta players, and now the game's a mess. I still play Warband mp, and...
  12. Lord Bryggan

    Jump into a game and I'm forced to play a peasant

    I just want to have better choice on my weapons. I prefer a 2 hander, and a pike for cavalry, and am not too worried about armour. Right now as rabble I usually get killed while looking for or picking up a weapon.
  13. Lord Bryggan

    Ideas on countering the Khuzaits

    As Guadamula said, they always charge on your left. Unfortunately, they don't give you much time to set up your men. But if you are lucky and your army spawns with a natural obstacle on your left you can sometimes trap them. I form my archers in a vertical line and put my infantry in a square...
  14. Lord Bryggan

    1.5.3 More RNG less skill

    Um, right. I forgot I was playing a multiplayer mod that did their own balancing. I wish they'd hurry up and release custom servers and just leave the MP to the modders since they have no clue what works in MP and should just give up trying and focus on single player.
  15. Lord Bryggan

    1.5.3 More RNG less skill

    There's a game I've been playing for years (and still play) called "Warband". It had Horse archers there too, and they had struck a decent balance. It is a real shame that none of the devs apparently played it.
  16. Lord Bryggan

    To those unhappy with the progress

    I am getting impatient, but that's my problem, not theirs. I understand that things take time, and that we can trust Taleworlds is doing all they can. After all, this is a passion project. But I will complain about the directions they took, at least in MultiPlayer. I enjoy Single player in...
  17. Lord Bryggan

    [POLL] Opinions About Current Multiplayer Speed

    I find everything too slow, but the thrust speeds are the worst. They make spears pretty useless in the game.
  18. Lord Bryggan

    Custom Servers should be Taleworlds only priority right now

    True, but we all still have the game. Once mods come out, we'll all come crawling back... whether it takes a month or two years.
  19. Lord Bryggan

    Custom Servers should be Taleworlds only priority right now

    I personally know about 40 people who aren't going to touch the game until custom servers come out. The MP player base won't be split, instead thousands of players will return to the mods they know they will like. And I personally will be bringing four people i convinced to buy Bannerlord who...
  20. Lord Bryggan

    Can everyone stop playing Team Deathmatch and jump on the Siege server instead?

    -5 You are wrong. Siege is running around chasing flags. TDM is a bit of retarded fun. I played siege in Warband, especially in cRpg strat, and there it was fun. There was one goal- stop the enemy. And whether it was pubs or an organized battle, it was a lot more fun than chasing flags.