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  1. BlackTide

    All-Time Warband Tournament Statistics

    I really peaked in 2015 :D Thank you for the hard work!
  2. BlackTide

    Unsolved Screen Problem!

    Hi, My computer screen is pink and it won't go back to normal. It has done this with two previous monitors and I've just changed monitors and then it's been fine for 2 months or so before going pink again. It used to only happen when I was playing games but is now permanent. I've recently got a...
  3. BlackTide

    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    It's entirely legal, have no fear! It's very sad to see warband FINALLY dying, a solid 10 years of my life - my TEENS!! All heading for the digital scrapheap :((((
  4. BlackTide

    Court of Reveran

  5. BlackTide

    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    I would like to play the University faction if you'll have me.
  6. BlackTide

    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Hoping to hop into teamspeak soon when I move house and get set up next week! Stay healthy men!
  7. BlackTide

    The Midnight Watchmen [TMW] - UNDEFEATED IN OVER 5 YEARS

    Why is forum weird, what happened to my name and where is my personal title????
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    Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

    This disappoints me
  9. BlackTide

    Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

    Is this still alive
  10. BlackTide

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    I keep getting dis, why!?
  11. BlackTide

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    i am ready to serve my country
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    Active Player List

  13. BlackTide

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Are you able to keep track of darts kills and if so who has the most now?
  14. BlackTide

    Fietta's Star Points Reimagined

    Can we just stay in 2015 pls
  15. BlackTide

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    Infantry (5): Rempica, Sifon, BloodyDeath, Gorn Archers (3): Rayden, Tirtl, Triati Cavalry (4): sickiottoman, Napoleon, RelaX, Crusader Loving the humility of people putting themselves on their own lists ?
  16. BlackTide

    Top 100 Warband Players (A Spectator's List)

    Thank you for collating my career highlights
  17. BlackTide

    Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

    Too much sour milk has fuzzled me
  18. BlackTide

    Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

    Apologies for holding everyone up, I have no excuse other than poor diary management, but my orders are finally in! I’d like to thank Alma for her patience and for using ‘while’ instead of ‘whilst’ in her reports.
  19. BlackTide

    United Kingdom & Ireland Regional 5v5 Cup

    Rip didn’t get picked I’m a baddy