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  1. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info Scene Editor Game will not load map if I edit it, this error appears:

    When I try and make any edit to the main map terrain or navmesh, I get an error message when you get to the training area and try to leave. I have tested this a few times, reverting to a backup version of my map fixed the issue but any edits to terrain bring this message up again:
  2. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info Scene Editor Custom map mains will not load in game anymore after update

    My custom main map crashes when I try to start a new campaign, usually this can be solved after an update by opening the editor and saving the map in an up to date version of the editor. I have done this and it still crashes. I can load the map in the editor and save it but now it just crashes...
  3. Lonewarrior

    Solved General Mod tools do not launch in version 1.5.4

    When the mod tools are launched after the 1.5.4 update an error occurrs saying it cant find the launcher. I have validated steam for the mod tools and the main bannerlord game and it still does not work Here is a screenshot of the messege:
  4. Lonewarrior

    BL 3D Art Game locking up with some items I’ve made with no pattern

    Some items I’ve made lock up the game in battle with no apparent pattern. For example one helm I made works fine with no issues, so I made a variation and removed a small part and now the game locks up randomly in battle. Both use the same textures (placeholders because spending days creating...
  5. Lonewarrior

    Add command to hide head (xml files)

    I’ve noticed you can use commands on an item in the .xml armors to hide hands and hide body etc, this allows for great freedom of creating armors without having to worry about clipping issues and allows for the creation of some cool armors. However using the command “hides_head” on an item...
  6. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info General Xml files not working correctly for some people

    This is going to sound impossible and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would also think it was impossible. Let’s say I make a new map, when the map saves it auto changes the settlements file. Someone then installs my mod, they start a new game and the settlements appears as vanilla game...
  7. Lonewarrior

    BL 3D Art New to modelling, armor Is invisible in game

    I have generated the Tpac files etc in the editor After opening and exporting from blender, but my armor appears invisible in game? Not really sure what I’m doing wrong, I’ve tried a few times, even tried just exporting armor to blender from the game and importing it back and the same thing...
  8. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening Some objects in scene editor can’t be moved.

    Some of the objects in sieges (mainly bettering rams and siege towers) can’t be moved in the scene editor, they snap back to where they were located when you tried to move them. Deleting them just crashes the game when you enter a siege, locking and unlocking them in the editor doesn’t have any...
  9. Lonewarrior

    BL Other How to export models or textures?

    Im sure there was an option in the resource browser before, I want to edit one of the in game textures but the option seems to have dissapeared.
  10. Lonewarrior

    Solved Scene Editor Cost for terrain has no effect on movement speed

    In the editor, changing the settings for the “cost” of terrain has no effect on the movement speed, this is under navmesh and mesh edit mode of :face I was under the impression that this would add to the movement speed, however if set to the maximum of 200, npcs and the player will try to avoid...
  11. Lonewarrior

    BL Other Vanilla assets still showing up in mod for some people after I deleted them.

    I don’t know why but a problem (and I’ve seen other modders pages report it to) with the base game files keeps appearing. So let’s say I change all the spclans names and banners. It doesn’t show up in some gamers games. Thing is I made my folders (for this reason) to overwrite the base game...
  12. Lonewarrior

    BL Other What happened to the resource editor?

    It used to have options to duplicate etc and now when I open it, there are only 2 options when right clicking on something and that is to go to the item or view it in explorer. Where have all the other options gone?
  13. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening Some of my towns have become unenterable

    A town and a single village can no longer be entered and I don’t know why. They are not located on any impassable navmesh, in fact no matter where I move them on the map nothing happens when you click on them and npcs just wait outside. I’ve tried all over the map so it must be something to do...
  14. Lonewarrior

    In Progress Scene Editor New update completely breaks the ability to load previous mod scenes in editor or start new campaign with scenes from mod

    So Ive ran into a MAJOR problem, i cant load my main_map in the editor anymore, it just crashes and it crashes on starting a new campaign. Any ideas on where to start? Making a new map isnt an option, ive spent far too long on it. This happens when trying to load scenes from 1.5.2, and i cant...
  15. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening Strange Visual glitch on Main_map that doesnt appear in the editor

    I have a really annoying glitch I cant figure out, in the editor it doesnt appear and no matter what kind of terrain I try and use to overwrite that area (even though I cant see the glitch in the editor), it still appears in game, but doesnt show in the editor. Heres some screenshots of the...
  16. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening How do you move settlements without crashing the game?

    I’ve been trying to find the source of my mod crashing and I’ve narrowed it down to when I moved settlements in game. It doesn’t matter where I put them, if I move a settlement anywhere at all, the game will crash when I load into the campaign, sometimes it does it immediately and sometimes it...
  17. Lonewarrior

    BL Scening Anyone know how to delete invisible barriers on the main map?

    There are blue lines where rivers are located on the main map and these are impassable in game, I want to delete some and create my own barriers but they are unselectable in every mode and tool. Does anyone know how to delete them and create your own?
  18. Lonewarrior

    Solved Scene Editor Renaming town in settlements file causes game to Crash if previous used mod tools to move towns

    If you move a town in the mod tools and then try to rename it In the settlements file after you have saved the file in the mod tools, the game crashes on startup of the campaign. Is there a way to rename a town in the mod tools as there doesn’t seem to be an option?
  19. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info Scene Editor Removing navmesh on main map causes crash on campaign start

    I can add my own navmesh fine, but if I delete a chunk let’s say over a body of water Like a new sea area where I have lowered the ground it causes game crashes. This crash occurs on campaign start after removing a large amount of navmesh from the main map even when that area isn’t in use.
  20. Lonewarrior

    In Progress Texture Editor Not sure if bug, new land texture templates not saving

    I’ve created a new layer for the land painting tool and got it to work, however when I save it “save as new template” it doesn’t appear in the game files at the location. For example it by default says “save to /modules/native but even searching the game files it is not located there. Does this...