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  1. Jezze

    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Haha, true. Ik ben nog net geen casual gamer op dit punt :P.
  2. Jezze

    Bannerlord Tops & Flops

    Om heel eerlijk te zijn, het voelt op dit punt als Warband 1.5. De gameplay verrast dusverre nog niet, wat ik stiekem wel gehoopt had. Het ziet er goed uit en speelt soepeler. Alleen ik betwijfel of ik hier net zoveel uren als in Warband pomp. Komt wss omdat dit nog in 'Early Access' is.
  3. Jezze

    Need More Info Game crash when you trying to start dialog with anyone

    I have got the same problem... Game crash when talking to any NPC when you took the quest. EDIT: uploaded the crash files:
  4. Jezze

    Need More Info Dialog bug

    I have the same error, but then with the family feud quest. EDIT: uploaded the crash files:
  5. Jezze

    Worried for this games future

    My 2 cents (after 4 hours of playing - didn't try MP yet): Combat appears to be more challenging/realistic compared to Warband. I consider it a good thing and it takes a bit getting used to, coming from Warband. It takes me quite some effort to actually hit a looter from a horse :razz:. It's...
  6. Jezze

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Hear, hear! Good ol'times. The forum was already quite alive back then. Modding scene was big too. I haven't played Bannerlord yet. Either way, I am looking forward to it! Maybe wait a bit before playing, so most of the bugs are fixed :P.
  7. Jezze

    MP Native [Update 1] Persistent Realms - Bannerlord Role-Play.

    RP on Bannerlord, Wop Wop! Sounds cool. I will be watching this  :shifty:.
  8. Jezze

    Zijn we terug?

    Is het al tijd voor Sinterklaas  :shock:
  9. Jezze

    De Orde van de Lage Landen - Clan Topic - *Recruiting*

    :shock: Als Bannerlord ooit komt....
  10. Jezze

    Going waaaay back here

    You are not far off, as far as I know. It was before my time, but here seems a kind of speculation when that was:,30480.msg1350125.html#msg1350125 If you ever want to play an old version again, you can find them here...
  11. Jezze

    MP Native Krenn Roleplay

    Wop wop, Warband roleplay. Colour me interested :D.
  12. Jezze

    Welkom bij Taleworlds!

    TLD alleen geprobeerd recentelijk. Niet lang volgehouden trouwens.
  13. Jezze

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Does anyone have exeprience working with the following INI settings? Will it generate a pop-up or message when the version does not match with the save game or server? module_version = 0 #can be used for multiplayer and single player (saved game) module versioning compatible_module_version = 0...
  14. Jezze

    [Co-op] Full Invasion: Osiris

    :shock: Signing up for beta.
  15. Jezze

    Bannerlord DLC

    If the Bannerlord DLC is comparable to the DLC for Warband (Viking Conquest and Napoleonic Wars), then sure. Although TW never made the DLC/Expansions, other studios did it for them :P.
  16. Jezze

    [Stream] Belendor streaming Warband modding!

    Sweet :D. I just missed your earlier stream this evening, but I will keep an eye out when you go live again.
  17. Jezze

    [Stream] Belendor streaming Warband modding!

    It might not be spectacular to watch, but personally I find it interesting to see how people work (workflows, tools, etc.). Can you share more about the project you are working on?