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  1. Danate

    This game is really bad

    Everything Warband had going for it is gone. come discord we are a pummel party competitive clan now
  2. Danate

    Team Danate

    Members: Me Applications: Closed
  3. Danate

    XP For Arena and Tournament

    Why is it not in the game?
  4. Danate


    What is the best way to improve relations with lords?
  5. Danate

    Need More Info Dragon Banners

    The quest where I have to clear two bandit camps to make the artifact is not registering me as completing it. I have completed it several times and nothing works.
  6. Danate

    Credits to Rake

  7. Danate


    Bring back Crossbowman please where did it go?
  8. Danate

    2019 Annual African Cup

    Hello and welcome to our fifth annual African Cup!!! Please sign up with your team down below! African Cup History! [spoiler] 2018: Aporta’s Mexicanos of Espana 9 - 8 Jeffrey’s Abs 2017: Apples of Torment 12 - 0 Aporta’s Mexicanos of Espana 2016: Jeffrey’s Abs 12 - 7 Apples of Torment 2015...
  9. Danate

  10. Danate

    When Heroes Collide [6v6 Captain Battle]

    When Heroes Collide [6v6 Captain Battle] Tournament Coming Soon May 24th 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Bracket: Deadlines Welcome! Welcome to the 6v6 Captain Battle! Lets see how many teams we can get! Might swap it to a 5v5/4v4 depending on the teams we can get. ARE YOU A TACTICAL MASTER...
  11. Danate

    2019 NA 3v3 Sword and Board Tournament

    2019 North American 3v3 Sword and Board 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Bracket: Deadlines Welcome! Sign up and we'll see if we can get this going. Information/Rules: 3v3 dueling tournament. If you have trouble scheduling a match with a opponent please let an admin know. Post results of the match on...
  12. Danate

    Taleworlds hear me!

    Tell me when release is or I’m calling my dad!
  13. Danate

    The Beginning

    It seems the beginning has begun when the end has ended and the present is past but the future is uncertain. It's odd when water becomes hot and fire becomes cold when all you have to do is where a muffin. I don't understand why scientists are smart but hobos are dumb when the circle of life is...
  14. Danate

    Disciples of VushLAMA

    You have entered a holy place.The resting place of the God King of Toes, VushLAMA Enjoy your stay and explore the wonders of the God King himself. Roster: VushLAMA the Unfeathered ser_aporta Jeffrey9792 OE_sinner OE_Nikkle_the_BrownBat tK_Tito brandingo Contact...
  15. Danate


    May NA Warband rest in peace.
  16. Danate

    2017 North American Dueling Tournament Platypus Victor!

    2017 North American Dueling Tournament 1st: Platypus 2nd: Peshmerga 3rd:Maximou Bracket: Deadlines Welcome! Took one year break from hosting tournies and helping others hosting (paying prize money) but i'm back with a new tournament that will hopefully be the...
  17. Danate

    Telvon's Chosen

    Telvon's Chosen My new warband clan. We are a NA clan looking to thrive in the NA competitive scene led by yours truly, Me. I will be recruiting players with no experience or little experience in the scene. Members: Apple stroodle Nerds Canadianbacon Toast Danate Plus-Minus Reaper of SOULZ...
  18. Danate

    Clan Victory Chants

    OE: LETS GO OE WOOOOOOOH!! Rest clans: Crickets...