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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Great. One of the few things people add into their mods is endgame content. Not content that ends the game, but stuff to do when you are maxxed with kitted out companions beating the regular AI into submission. Hopefully with great rewards and a tough challenge when we are ready for it.
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    Currently working on...

    Wow my favorite mod gets an update and I wasn't aware! You are both awesome, him for allowing you to continue this. And you for putting all the time in! The only thing I wanted extra after playing this is more of it lol. More end game parties that stay neutral (so they don't die off) and the...
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    concept of ambush and bandit faction

    Bandits were a sometimes done one in mods of the previous game, as a minor they work quite well when they occasionally rise up in larger groups. Whether they become a faction or not, it was more the challenge of facing large bands of them which was fun.
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    Please retain 'sexism' in M&B 2 Bannerlord.

    Which is exactly why it worked well. It wasn't in your face over and over, but instead a bias, and sometimes a reason to fight a lord. Its like being a non noble, I always played a non noble and often a female to give myself the hardest starts, usually a mod too ;).
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    Any way to increase the number of companions.

    Thank you for this! Works like a charm.
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    Any way to increase the number of companions.

    Hey all, I understand you can get about 5 companions without a fief. As I mostly play without a fief it limits me a lot, and I was wondering if there is a way to tweak the number of companions that a mercenary can have? Even if there is a gamey tactic for this, I am all ears.
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    a posibly crazzy idea for yall to chew on

    I prefer the native factions in. It's one of the only mods that expands on native rather than utterly replaces it. Though I wouldn't be against some monster race rising up with a claimant that the player can champion ;) if we wanted to keep the number of factions static. Naga in the desert for...
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    START HERE: Beginner's Guide and Reference Book (2014 version)

    First off let me say its appalling how that other poster thinks he's entitled to anything. He's not paid money, he's not a customer, he should be humbly grateful for all the hard work you've put in till this point  for all our benefit, and if you take anything away from that nonesense, take away...
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    Should always leave a couple of unmarried daughters if possible, if marriage is going to have any effect on gameplay anyway. Maybe a quest to win someone's hand or some such.
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    The Awoken Immortals

    Thanks :), loved the fact this challenge was available at the end game, like a late game boss, I do think any mod would benefit from having that as like a last goodbye to the character. That's why I hope they introduce another couple of bosses, slowly increasing in challenge. Regarding them...
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    New skills and powers

    There are a few armors that don't negate (but don't add much) to magical ability, check here, under Enhanced Magic:,276440.0.html There are also some with a middle ground, mail shirts, I agree we could use a few more armor types though just for...
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    What do I need to tweak in a troop file to make it evil and not hate undead?

    Oh I am confused how the poster made vampires then??? :), perhaps it was pre the script being introduced. My mistake, carry on ladies and gents.
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    The Awoken Immortals

    They are neutral to all (I think, i've never seen them fight anyone) so even if they only spawn once, you won't need to fight it till you randomly come across the group eventually. As someone posted, they have a lot of armor, so couching damage boosts and magic are the ways I brought them down...
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    What do I need to tweak in a troop file to make it evil and not hate undead?

    What do I need to tweak in a troop file to make it evil and not hate undead? I am looking at the immortal troop file and wanting to tweak it to not care about undead units, I know someone made vampires and I was wondering how he/she made a troop that was considered evil. What is the different...
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    Cleric Characters: What can they do?

    Apologies I wasn't clear on that, I am unclear how much magic power you'd need to make it effective however if you were just going for the combo. Even without haste it's a decent combo, but haste makes the bonuses count for even more, as you get more swings in before they run out, in short elite...