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    What I can say about obelix is that he isn't a bad guy, even if he is sometimes a bit toxic, it has to be said. It's up to you to judge if you trust him, what I can see is that he is invested in Bannerlord and I hope it will continue that way.

    You sound a bit like France just before WW2.
    Godwin's law set aside, you cannot just close your eyes on everything that has been proved and confirmed and use the "see for yourself" argument.

    Plus, what's all this "go back to NW" thing ? We all share the same games and all use Taleworlds, aren't we part of the same community in a way ?
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    Glad to see this thread has been made, Obelix finally hasn't changed.

    And his answer just made things worse :lol:
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    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Je voulais me lancer dans le modding sur Bannerlord, mais tout ça m'a bien refroidi Sernays.
    Très déçu de l'état global du jeu après tant d'attente, même si je me suis quand même amusé, je pense pas relancer le solo de si tôt.
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    14e Gaming -- Duché de Normandie --

    Première série de Skirmish en groupe, 9 wins d'affilé pour ce soir :party:
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    Will there be religion in bannerlord?

    It would likely just mean constant war bewteen certain factions, which would be severely annoying

    Religions well implemented in a fantasy universe don't have to look like real-life religions !
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    Dedicated servers

    true but I dont reply to calls, texts or emails about work when I'm home because I wish to function like a normal guy and be free when they arent paying me xD

    Same here ! And rightfully so.
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    Dedicated servers

    But who says the panel is working correctly?
    Who needs a panel when you can use a terminal ?

    Who says they have setup the required infrastructure or configuration for the servers to work?
    Me, because... we're currently playing the game on their servers ??

    They still need to share some documentation on how to setup the servers.
    having to update the files for each update and saying what changed is painfully annoying
    They're doing it already, it's not that big of a deal really.

    I'm just trying to understand why Taleworlds made this choice, from a technical point of view. And for now there has been no real reason given I believe ?
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    Dedicated servers

    I'll just quote Younes from the other topic.
    Early access is what it is. The game will update quiet often and having to update the server files for each minor update + having technical support for setting up the server is a waste of time.

    This argument is quite invalid. They will have to update their files anyway, released to public or not.
    They would simply need to provide a link to download the latest version. Setting a technical support to host a server is part of the process of making a game, and they probably have some internal documentation already.

    Not mentioning the crash reports are directly reported to taleworlds. It makes a lot more sense to have it only for taleworlds until the game is finished.

    We're in 2020, crash reports can be sent through a remote network.

    And as someone said somewhere else, the more users you have and the more you can fix the bugs and report strange behaviors. It would simply benefit everyone.
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    Dedicated servers

    Guess we'll have to wait a few more years to have some fun.
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    Private Servers?

    I don't exactly know what type of server hosting you're demanding. You want taleworlds to provide servers or do you want the files?

    Sharing the server files Taleworlds use already would allow anyone to host his own server with his specific settings.
    Unless a reason has been given already I don't see the point in not releasing them.
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    Private Servers?

    The fact is that from a technical point of view, taleworlds should first see if the servers are up to the task before releasing the server files. What's good about having a server if its constantly crashing.

    These server files would run on their own official servers. If their servers are constantly crashing, then what's good about having a multiplayer at all ?
    I thought the point of running a Beta was to test those servers first.
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    Thread title test

    sinpige is g word

    It's almost harvesting season
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