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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I could spend hours traveling and selling products. I like it. 😂
    Im curious what caused the error in this bots coding to output this buggy response. While it’s nice to see cleverbot put out an impeccable paragraph, it’s good to remember that AI is not yet sentient. We at least have a few more generations before computers take over.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    People are allowed to monetize certain aspects, but they can't put paywalls on specific content. They can charge entry fees, but they can't run a pay2win item scheme, for instance.
    The main issue I have with the policy is that it hurts servers that rely on donations which give in game gold in return, for example on PW/PK. This cut possible donations by 70%, leading to the deaths of multiple servers on the mod. I think the entry fee thing is kind of irrelevant since I’ve never heard of a server that actually did this successfully. Does anyone know of one? I know I wouldn’t pay an entry fee to play.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Or because the modders just did it for free...
    Not accepting any money is also a good way to ensure your own freedom in the develoment of your mod.
    Just look at this OP, speaking about a scam/grift just because TW decided to change/remove/abandon some features...
    Good luck with that, at least over here. TW won't even allow donations to servers that provide something in return, so this right here is an absolute pipe dream. Never really understood this policy by TW, aside from them not wishing for people to monetize their game.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Nice strawman and obfuscation and deflection. Maybe you should learn to talk like a normal human being. Cringe.
    You're the one talking. Seriously kid, where did you even come from?
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Everything else you right is a straw man complaining about how you dont like the game despite you being a privaleged white male living in AMERICA of all places. In the eastern bloc countries in east europe I dont ever hear them cry about "muh video games". Sure they have some other issues but all in all your main point is a logical fallacy because you don't realize your privalege.
    Learn to spell.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    At this point I think we are argueing for the arguements sake... :lol:

    First of all, advertisement isn't the only thing which matters obviously. Word of mouth is important too. And if a game does not do so well in reviews, people who come a bit later to buy it won't do so. If Bannerlord didn't release in EA people would have had less hope of the game getting better and much more would have refunded or given the game a bad review early. This would have breaked sales significantly.

    Secondly a complex game is harder to programm than a simple one. Regurgitating a tried and tested formula is easier than creating a new one.
    The game will be cheaper in developement and less bug / balancing intensive if you make it simpler.

    If you can make a simple game cheaper and it sells better because it is liked more by the majority. Doing so is a no-brainer.
    There was an article about Victoria 2 on its steam page (before they make them look horrible) about mass production vs complicated games, and that they aren't mutually exclusive. I can't find it, but it went into good detail about why this doesn't have to be true. The key, they argued, is to put the complicated parts as extensions/non necessary parts. What I mean by that is that, the game should be simple to learn, but the nitty-gritty details can be mastered by those who understand the game well. I think a good example of this is division templates in Hearts of Iron IV. It's pretty simple to make a 7 infantry / 2 artillery unit with a recon company, and for most purposes, that'll get the job done for the standard infantry unit. However, mixing in various types of specific anti-tank, SP artillery, tank destroyers, etc. and understanding exactly the differences between soft/hard attack, org regain, morale etc. can give you that extra boost to top the other players/AI. It's that kind of thing that Taleworlds should be focusing on to keep its veterans happy, while allowing the game to be easily accessible to all.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I feel that calling someone stupid stops being a valid discussion technique once you get out of elementary school. I am also pretty sure that it goes against forum rules but hey, if you want to finally get this thread locked randomly insulting everyone posting in it is probably a good way to go about it.
    See, here’s the thing. When you don’t have anything to argue against, it’s difficult to argue. So, for example, someone may say “well, the earth is flat.” When you ask for proof, they come up with some gobbledegook and mellarky that makes no sense. There’s really no way to get around the fact that the person you are talking to just doesn’t know what they are talking about and, if they are convinced in their position, wont change. At some point we just have to attribute it to a mental failure, brainwashing or just a low intelligence. I’m not insulting him or the people who enjoy the game over warband per se, only that again, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Like someone who thinks the covid vaccines will magnetize you. It’s just unfortunate that there are people out there like that. And yes, I do believe preferring bannerlord to warband is roughly equivalent to the legitimacy of the flat earth arguments. They hold roughly the same weight.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    no one deserves to be insulted. You can, of course, criticize my opinion but in an appropriate way. "if you like this game then you are an idiot" is not a criticism.
    I wholeheartedly disagree. Again with the poop analogy (this guy and his poop memes, maybe he's got some scat fetish or something?? @DovahkiinNA), if you like poop, it is a fair criticism to call you an idiot. Now, is Bannerlord on the same level as liking to eat poop? No, not really, they aren't in the same ball park, but the logic still stands. Those who disagree with me are welcome to disagree, but it is a fair criticism to call them stupid when you have laid the obvious and apparent facts down and they still refuse to acknowledge why exactly they are wrong. All that being said, I do realize that I have violated your HIPAA rights, and do apologize for such.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Personally I think that even if Taleworlds had included everything they advertised, the game would still have been bad. The main issue isn't a nebulous "lack of content" or whatever, it's awful game design, horrible pacing, and a total lack of focus. Just adding more mechanics and features can't fix that.
    I think all the features they advertised/are in warband would help with some of the issues, but you are right to point out that these underlying problems would not yet have been addressed. TBH, if they were, I think the other stuff would have fallen into place, and people would not be complaining as much. Still complaining, just not to the same degree as the anger is now. It comes down to the management, which have clearly bungled the game, they would not have had a decade long development if this wasn't the case.

    That being said though, what is the solution? Do we really believe that after 10 years they can fix what they've done? Obviously Bannerlord is a sinking ship with thousands of holes that need to be patched up, but even if they can, will they even be able to right the course? TBH, I don't know, but I'm not sure it is possible. If they have been on the path of terrible direction for 10+ years, I don't know if they can fix it now, or are even willing. They think, because of the financial success of the game, that they are doing it well. Even if they don't, I don't know if they are capable of pulling themselves together to get a good game plan together. It just seems unlikely to me, but we can still have hope and keep complaining in the hope that they will do so.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    EDIT: After scrolling up and reading a bit more again, I see that there is thought that I think that people who have played Warband and like Bannerlord are stupid. I did not make this argument, but I do agree with it. People who prefer Bannerlord to Warband are dumb and I will argue to the death about why they are stupid. @Roy1012

    You cannot call people stupid just because they liked a game. Shame on you. You have the right to not like the game and me to like it. We can share our views and maybe came to a conclusion. However, you cannot insult people just because of their thoughts about a simple toy (video game). Warband was the first game that I actually paid and I enjoyed playing bannerlord (not as much as I expected though). I am really sad that you can easily insult people, shame on you.
    I can do whatever the hell I want, so long as it doesn’t break the ToS of the website/forum. The shame is on you for preferring an inferior product. You are free to go against the grain of what everyone else in your situation believes, as far as I know you live in a free country. However, when everybody around you is crazy, maybe you are the crazy one. It is just leaving me dumbfounded that people could enjoy bannerlord after knowing what warband is. You are entitled to your opinion, sure, but that doesn’t mean you are free from the criticism you deserve. Like, you are welcome to enjoy poop flavored ice cream, that doesn’t mean we won’t **** on you (pun intended) for doing so.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I am on my phone in bed and thus unable/unwilling to do the exact quotes when I’m responding to everything.

    Whether or not you like the term untaught or ignorant, it still talks about the objective reality of people not knowing what warband has to offer. Whether you want to denote that (very large) group of people ignorant, untaught, unaware or tomatoes doesn’t change the fact that group exists.

    You mention calling my poll the “old guard” as if that helps your argument. That’s kinda exactly what I’ve been trying to say this entire time: people who have played and experienced pretty much everything warband has to offer do not like bannerlord. I didn’t claim it Represented the entirety of the Mount and blade community, only that it represented those people. Obviously there are groups/factions/blocs of players, the veterans, tomatoes (ignorants) and brainlits (people who play warband and then enjoy bannerlord) being the main three, though the latter, as I pointed out, is far smaller.

    I do have a bias towards warband, I think throughout the 34 pages of the thread I’ve made that abdundantly clear. Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, I did not say you weren’t. My point is that people who have experienced warband and prefer bannerlord don’t know what is of good value in a game, the primary, IN MY OPINION (I know you hate when people give their opinions and don’t point out that it is their opinion, so I spelled it out for you, as if my comment isn’t already my opinion), being the gameplay. Obviously other things like music and graphics are vital, but things like the settings menu UI are obviously IN MY OPINION less relevant.

    I argue that warband in its current state is leagues better than bannerlord in its current state. That’s my opinion and we are having a conversation and dialogue about it right now. Like we have for the past five pages. And no I am not content to leave such convo at “you like wb I like bannerlord. Agree to disagree”. I would like to present my case as to why warband is simply a better game in their current states. You are more than welcome to agree, disagree or not comment, just like anyone else. If you disagree, I’m going to explain to you why I think you’re wrong though. That is, after all, the dialogue you want, yes?
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    While yes, the ignorant part is less insulting, it stills kinda gives people a chance to feel superior.
    I suppose the specific phrasing is problematic. After having googled synonyms for ignorant, if you prefer "untaught" we can use that from now on.
    I also really don’t think that the second someone plays WB they will think that BL sucks. I think that this viewpoint is coming from a very heavy bias, due to the fact that a majority of forum users are M&B veterans that have spent thousands of hours in WB, so it makes sense to think that people will immediately prefer WB which I just don’t think is the case.
    I don't think if you've played warband for 10 hours you will immediately hate Bannerlord, but the vast majority (I would say 90-95%) of people who have played more than 100 hours on warband and actually understand how it works will prefer Warband to Bannerlord. I know it is simply anecdotal (though some could consider it a survey), but seeing as I have had a clan on Persistent World in Warband with 100-150 people at any given time, I have quite a bit of a following, and know many people who play warband. Of the over 300 on my friends list who I have encountered on Warband, I have talked about Bannerlord to just about every one of them since the Closed Beta, and I have yet to find one of them who prefers Bannerlord. Other clan leaders I have talked to have done similar tactics and yielded similar results. I believe the total that prefer Bannerlord to Warband was 5, out of over 500 people. Barely any of them play Bannerlord at all (and if they do, it is on Bannerlord Online), and those that are on Mount and Blade are joining me in Siege Night on the GK server. Not because I asked, but because Bannerlord just doesn't have that yet.
    There are reasons to prefer BL over WB, like its graphical improvements, clan system, character deaths, and other things. The game still needs work, but there are more reasons then just ignorance to prefer BL.
    There are some aspects in which Bannerlord is superior to Warband, however, most of those are largely irrelevant to the overall gameplay and feel of the game. Things like Clan Systems and character families aren't going to be the make-or-break features that you care about. It would take a seriously dishonest or mentally deficient person to argue that the experience in Bannerlord is more enjoyable than Warband. Sure, its reasonable to say that your experience in Bannerlord is enjoyable, but more than Warband, if you have met the above criteria and know what you're talking about? No.
    And after taking a philosophy course and college, please don’t bring philosophy into this. I swear if I hear “allegory of the cave” one more time I might die.
    Fine, I'll substitute it for THX 1138, the worst film ever made.

    Deleted his post. Not sure why. Though it lives forever in memoriam in this post.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    This is genuinely one of the most insulting things that I have seen. Lumping together those who like this game as being either incompetent or ignorant really just puts down people who don't think you way.

    As for why people review the game well, it is because they actually like the game.
    Well, they are ignorant of why it is bad. Like I mentioned, when you are ignorant (lacking the knowledge) of the fact of something better (in this case Warband), it is not an insult to say you are ignorant, it is just a statement of fact. I will agree that incompetent is a bit over the line, however, it was just a hyperbolic way of extending my point of them not having any idea about why the game is bad, just enjoying their time with the blinders on. Think Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

    EDIT: After scrolling up and reading a bit more again, I see that there is thought that I think that people who have played Warband and like Bannerlord are stupid. I did not make this argument, but I do agree with it. People who prefer Bannerlord to Warband are dumb and I will argue to the death about why they are stupid.

    You meant the Master (OP) and his 'opponent' counterpart apprentice...
    I cannot confirm nor deny that Phantom425 is controlled opposition.

    The OP is keeping it alive through subtle bumping that borders on spam. We are just puppets in his scheme to feed the thread through controversy.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    If you're going to sell the game for triple-a price, you ought to have triple-a content.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I do! Yet another thing people can have different views on, isn't the world wonderful?

    I absolutely despise Bannerlord. I was a big proponent of the "let them work" line of thought at EA launch day, disappointed as I was with the state of the day, but it seems to me that they are not going to accomplish much at this point.

    With that said, there's plenty of people who for some unfathomable reason like this game. Just take a look at Steam reviews. You can make the argument that they did not play very long, you can say that they are just shallow people, they don't know any better, you can make all sorts of excuses and I will even agree with you on most of them. But it is a fact that this game was generally well received by the people who bought it.

    Bannerlord is not an objectively terrible game. There are some games for which that might hold true (if we were talking about movies I would bring up Eragon but I can't think of any game I played that was quite that bad), this is not one of them. I think the closest approximation that would match reality would be saying that it is an objectively mediocre game.
    I completely agree with what you have to say. I thought you meant to say that there is no point in debating anything because people have different viewpoints. A misunderstanding.

    I think it is a good question as to why people review the game well. Mainly it is incompetence/ignorance, they don't know what they are playing and why it is bad. If you don't have anything to compare to, what you get seems pretty alright. I've made this comparison many times on this forum (and perhaps on this thread, I can't exactly remember), but seeing Seasons 8-9 of The Office (US) is really good, unless you have the full context of the series as a whole. Once you see the episodes with Michael Scott, those last seasons just aren't really that good. Still watchable, but now that you have something to compare it to, its just not at the same level as it once was.
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