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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    This is the beta branch, its in the drop down list. I'm downloading as we speak.
    I understand that it's beta, but 6 min before you post there were no beta in the drop menu, no green "update" button and no patch notes. 🤷‍♂️
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    • Peace and War declarations will now show the reasoning behind them in the kingdom decision screen.
    good, but still no patch on the steam
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    They have the worst archers in the game but the Horse Raiders are good against enemy cavalry and I've found the Axemen and Spearmen perform fine in my shield wall.
    yes, any top tier units are good with player assistance. the problem is to reach that tier, for example, to form a company of bucellarii was overwhelmingly easy comparing to sturgian top tier. Of course it possible to mitigate this with a lot of chores, but... why?
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    that's good advice, use it on yourself. i pretty much explained that the issue you experience has nothing to do with this or that kingdom, but it has everything to do with how auto-calc battles resolve.
    Of course it has some to do with this or that kingdom, but despite your returned advice you did not read yet.
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    300+ Charm ofc and 5 clan parties for the middle game. For the later game, AI lead armies can not take towns that previously have not been captured. Even 2000 units strong army will not attempt to besiege a town with an average defense force of 700 units, because at the very least they should have x4 advantage in numbers which is not going to happen ever.

    BL is not a WB, it is simply false to judge the strength of the kingdom based on auto-calc battles, especially sieges. not a single lord in the game have enough tactics to in one way or another mitigate fortification bonus, assuming that these perks actually work for AI parties.
    100 looters will kill any caravan in the game in auto-calc, when in the scene battle caravan will destroy these 100 looters with ease. The same goes basically every battle in the game. And yes, late-game of BL is a grind, it is constant battles and if you want it to end, you need to lead armies yourself and capture each and every town and castle in the game.

    Sturgia is hard to play because a) terrain (forests and snow) reaction time of Sturgian armies are horrible b) horrible development of villages and therefore poor output from workshops.
    Firstly, you can't ask other lords to bring "150 Heavy Axeman. 100 Veteran Bowmen, 100 DCs". You also still confuse Sturgia and yourself. In the last playthrough I united the empire in the campain and gave hell to Battania, Aserai and Horseaites simultaneously. Without any charm at all. So just believe, I know how to win even now. But I am talking about another thing which you don't want to read.

    At the moment it is very early game, I even did not get a fief, thus I am talkin about what I see, it's about the whole faction and not about how can I help them.
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    after thousand hours in WB it's just hard to do something wrong. ofc your recipe good for a) player b) middle-to-end game

    Please share how are you forcing allies lords to adopt your template.
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    technically speaking, yes, it can be considered normal on per case basis, but it's not normal while it is happening somewhere or sometimes. My last playthrough was to unite the empire, and I used Empire units, and it's completely different, whether it because of version or of nation, I don't know. But at the moment Sturgians refute the saying "harsh land breeds harsh people"
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    That's completely normal for an autocalc'ed siege assault if they are attacking Lvl 3 walls without many siege engines.
    these walls are not high, 3 meters I'd say. Seems not high level. By the way I participate in battle where 500 NE units destroyed near 800 Sturgians. I killed 35 or 40 but this meant nothing, Sturgia had 280 retreatees (wonder if there such a word).
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    You can hardly get in but when you do... The cold winter comes and your army dies.

    Emm, is there attrition feature enabled now? Never noticed this.

    A simple fix for the army thing would be to have armies only get called up within X distance of whomever Y l

    Simple fix is to remove all maluses from Sturgian troops in the core territory (which is punished by size itself). As sturgian proverbs say, at home even hay eatable and at home even walls spare you a hand.
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    Troops in Strurgia are very hard to gather, hard to improve, and easy to lose. First because of distance, forests and eternal snow, second because of it impossible to catch somebody, even looters. I formed a party leaded by my wife (ya know, to help her and improve relations), and shadowed her. She got few dozens of recruits and started to pursue all that bandits. Two or three months and no luck. May be this is the reason of swarms of bandits of all kinds.

    Third is about nothing good at the roster. Mediocre all around.

    Then we have two narrow passes divided by enormous reach. Somebody calls to arms in the middle of nowhere, and slooooooooowly moves to that passes, often to the farthest. Near Epicrotea warbands start to leave the army. WIN!
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    Sturgia needs a buff badly

    It seems, they still need a buff in 1.6. As an example, I saw how 1k Sturgian army lost 80% of troops when storming Diathma with 2 hundred militia, and while autocalc is much better, the logical conclusion is that playing as Sturgian vassal is very disappointing.
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    Resolved Small mistake in the unit name

    Hi @bFaceIII
    Thanks for answer!

    Of course I can imagine this, but it is not a bug, it does not require investigation, thus it's not time consuming.
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    Мод "Эпоха викингов I : Скандинавия и Балтийский регион"

    ПМСМ по первому посту было видно, что это все из ряда "можно грабить корованы" и дальше перекраски и переименования юнитов по сути ничего и не предполагалось.
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    Clan members death is a broken feature

    Just happened that in my current playthrough i set clan member death chance reduced by 100%, hence my family members shouldn't die in battle whatsoever.

    My "wife" was in charge of a party and was in my army when i engaged a massive battle.

    Result, i won and my wife died in battle.

    This feature is broken and i hope devs acknowledge that a new feature just introduced has problems.
    Lok at the bright side, if you marry second time - you will get second excellent weapons and armor set.
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